7 Ways To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Long and strong hair is something that a lot of women yearn for. However, due to factors like breakage and excessive shedding, more often than not the hair strands do not grow as fast as expected. These common hair problems hamper the growth of hair and ruin its overall looks. Fortunately, there are multiple ways that have proven to be effective in boosting hair growth. Here we have curated a list of effective ways to make your hair grow faster and help it become stronger. Give these tried-and-tested tips a try to create the best growth environment for your precious tresses.


Frequent Trims

Getting trims on a frequent basis is one of the best ways to encourage the growth of new hair and improve the overall appearance of the locks. By getting trims you will also be able to get rid of unsightly split ends that make your locks look frayed and rough. According to the experts, getting a trim after every 3 to 4 months can help your hair grow faster, say goodbye to split ends, and appear thicker.


Scalp Massage

Scalp massage with warm oil is a time-tested method to make hair grow long and enhance its natural beauty. Massaging the scalp with fingertips using natural oils like coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, etc., is considered to be beneficial for the condition of the scalp and hair strands. This traditional method promotes blood circulation and strengthens the hair follicles thereby warding off breakage. Try scalp massage at least twice a week to get gorgeous hair.


Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning

Deep conditioning is a valuable hair care step that works wonders on the health and looks of the hair. It helps soften rough hair strands, prevent breakage, and helps the hair become healthier. Include a hair product like a deep conditioner in your hair care routine and pamper your troubled tresses with it to get great results. This type of hair product revives hair and provides hydration. You can always buy this hair product from the store or just use natural ingredients like shea butter to provide deep conditioning treatment to the hair.


Growth-boosting Hair Serum

Using a store-bought hair product like hair serum for boosting the growth of hair is another excellent way to get flaunt-worthy long and shiny locks. A hair serum boasts an advanced formula that enables it to strengthen the hair strands from the root that further helps control hair fall. Pick the hair serum that features growth-boosting properties and treat your precious locks with it to get the kind of hair you desire. While using a hair serum, it is important to follow the instructions stated on the package and apply just a dollop of the liquid for effective results.


Hair Masks

When it comes to promoting the growth of hair and treating distressing hair problems like hair fall, rough hair, and dandruff, very few things work as effectively as hair masks. Whether you buy this hair product from the beauty stores or whisk it at home using all-natural ingredients, it is imperative to pamper the hair with masks or packs at least once a week for helping the hair become strong, long, shiny, and pretty. A wide array of natural ingredients like Amla oil, onion juice, fenugreek seeds, can be used for creating growth-boosting hair masks that not just encourage hair growth but also improve the texture of the hair and keep your hair free of dandruff.


Sleep on Silk Pillowcase


Time and again, hair care experts urge women to sleep on a silk pillowcase. That is because, unlike other materials, silk does not cause harm to the hair. By making a switch to a silk pillowcase, you will be able to prevent hair breakage and get soft and smooth tresses. While this tip does not directly contribute to hair growth, it does help control hair fall.


Protect your Hair

A lot of the factors that hamper the growth of your hair are avoidable. From bleaching to using heat styling tools, there are numerous ways in which you cause damage to the hair. Use of chemical-induced hair color products or tools like straighteners and curling irons adversely affect the health of your hair follicles, leading to hair loss, and make the hair appear dry and rough. If you want to make your hair grow longer then it is highly recommended to steer clear of these habits and protect your hair from these damaging products and tools. By doing so, you will be able to help your locks stay healthy, control hair fall, and promote natural hair growth.

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