Top 9 Best Blue Hair Dye For Dark Hair

It is a fact that appearing good is essential. Also, dyeing one’s hair is one of those ways to look good. I’m sure you’re asking yourself right now, what is blue hair, right? Well, blue hair does not mean anything in particular.


Although some people link it to feminism, among other things, the most important thing about it is feeling comfortable, free, and being adventurous with blue dyed hair. Although blue hair dyes are good, a lot of people due to misinformation and sometimes ignorance go for blue hair dyes that bleed quickly and have ammonia.

By these, lots of hair that should have been bouncy and shiny have become severely damaged because of the harmful substances in those substandard blue hair dyes. Also, it is important to note that blue dyes have different variants; this is why we shall take you through a journey of the best blue hair dyes that are available. Stay tuned


1. Splat Hair Chalk

SPLAT Hair Chalk, Silver Moon

In case you are looking for a blue hair dye that will give you a strip or dip-dye of color and is economical, the splat hair chalk is the best bet for you. Also, it is the best blue hair dye to go for, for those that need a dye that will wash off in no time.

In typifying its efficiency, the chalk slides on dry and instantly adds just the right touch of hue to your hair.


On one’s hand. That’s not all; the handling and application are absolutely seamless. The seamless styling and application process results in the production of color that is one can comb, curl, or style after applying the dye in a stress-free manner.



On the flip side, the product could smear your clothing. Also, it is hard to apply it on layers of hair.

2. Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream

Manic Panic Semi-permanent Hair Color Cream, Bad Boy Blue

If you are looking for a permanent blue hair dye that is vibrant and is efficient, then you have found the best hair dye. The manic panic semi-permanent hair color cream is one of a kind.

Typically, it comes in a baby blue color, which is vibrant. This vibrant color is best applied to hair that has been bleached before the dye is used. Also, it has a unique vegan formula colors and conditions hair.

In addition, after application, the blue hair dye leaves hue that is similar to the color of denim. This hue is a rage among everyone these days. Also, it is free from harmful substances like ammonia, among others. Furthermore, the blue hair dye cream evenly smears on one’s hair without a developer.



On the flips side, applying the dye on hair that is very coarse could be tricky. Consequently, the color might drain faster.


3. Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye

Arctic Fox Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye - Poseidon (Blue) 4 Fl. Ounce / 118 mL

In case you are not interested in keeping blue hair dye on your hair for an extended period, this intense and colorful blue hair dye, which is free from toxic and allergy-triggering ingredients, is the best bet for you.

In showing its efficacy and its originality, it is very mild on one’s curls. The effect of this is that it leaves the curls shiny, bouncy, and moisturized at the end. That’s not all; the blue hair dye also has reparative effects as it repairs the sections of one’s hair that have been damaged and roughened. It is made from ammonia, making it perfect for all hair types.

Also, this blue hair dye lasts long. You can go for eight weeks without redoing your hair. In that period, your hair will change to a blend of beautiful bluish-colors. It also restores the natural balance of one’s hair.



On the flip side, the hair color has a bold scent that might put people that cannot stand perfume off.


4. Joico Intensity Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Joico Intensity Semi-Permanent Hair Color, Sapphire Blue, 4 Ounce

If you are looking for a semi-permanent hair dye that lives up to its hype and is top-quality, then Joico intensity semi-permanent hair color is the best bet form you

In exemplifying that it is in a class apart from other blue hair dyes, it has a unique sapphire blue shade, which can highlight brown and hazel eyes.

In addition, the shade is smooth and soft. The soft tone makes the feel it leaves on the hair after application, one of a kind. That’s not all; it protects the hair from being dry, brittle, and from breaking. Also, the mild formula conditions your tresses.

However, the major highlight of this blue hair dye color is the intensity of its color. The color is superbly, bold, and bright. When it begins to fade, the intense blue takes a lovely elaborate hue. Also, it can be applied on hair that is naturally light and does not contain irritants

ConsOn the flip side, in the process of applying the color, your skin and shower booth could be blemished. However, this can be easily cleaned by using warm water.

5. Special Effects Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Blue Mayhem

Special Effects SFX Hair Color Hair Dye Blue Mayhem

Have you been looking for a dazzling blur hair dye, and you’ve not found? Search no more as the special effects semi-permanent blue hair dye is here for you.

In showing its uniqueness, the beautiful blue dye has been a favorite for those that love rainbow hair. It comes with high pigment concentration that makes the color bright and prevents it from fading for up to six weeks. In fact, if applied correctly, it could last up to eight weeks

Also, it has a thick texture and comes with a formula that prevents dripping. This makes the process of applying it to be easy. In addition, it is also free from harmful chemicals like ammonia.

Furthermore, the fantastic color makes the hair continually moisturized and reduces the side effects of bleaching the hair considerably. Although, in the first few days of application the color might drain, it stops after a period of ten days producing an elaborate shade that has a shiny tone


The color drains pretty quickly and turns into an elaborate shade. Although some might love it, most people don’t.


6. Ion Sky Blue Semi Permanent Hair Color Sky Blue

Ion Sky Blue Semi Permanent Hair Color Sky Blue

Have you been looking for a blue hair dye that is dynamic in its effects? Maybe in your case, you’ve been looking for a blue hair dye that is top quality. You don’t have to wait any longer; the ion sky blue semi-permanent blue hair dye is here.

In typical fashion, it shows its uniqueness in that it not only changes the hue of one’s hair to blue, but it also has the ability to give some interesting effects by reflecting light directly. Also, in case you are looking for dramatic blue color, this is the best for you. In fact, although the product is supposed to give one’s hair a sky blue effect, the hue gives some shades darker.

However, if your interest is in sky blue, the dye can be mixed with a hair conditioner. The positives of this dye do not end there; it is one of the most versatile blue hair dyes. This is because it affords you the opportunity of customizing the intensity of the hue to suit your aura.

Furthermore, in showing its authenticity, the color of the dye does not bleed even after washing it thrice; rather, afterward, the color will gradually fade into a fresh and groovy pool water blue. If you want to save yourself the hassle of touching up every alternate week, use a dry shampoo. It is essential to add that because the hair dye is free of ammonia, it gives the hair a bouncy feel and makes it healthy.

ConsOn the flip side, the dye has a paste-like consistency. This makes it a little bit difficult to color all the strands of hair evenly.

7. Sparks Long Lasting Bright Hair Color, Electric Blue

Sparks Long Lasting Bright Hair Color, Electric Blue, 3 Ounce

Have you been looking for a blue hair dye that does not bleed easily? The days of your search are over as sparks long-lasting bright hair color is here!

In showing its distinction and positives, the blue hair dye neither bleeds nor smears one’s clothes as it is with other dyes. It is so efficient that after rinsing it continuously, it does not lose its vibrant hue. Instead, the colors are entirely saturated, making it slowly change to a shade of soft blue. Although it is strongly advised against, if you wash your hair every single day, the color will not vary.

For those who have a busy schedule, this hair dye is the best as the processing period is approximately twenty-five minutes. However, in order to produce an effect that is more dramatic and elaborate, you can leave it for a more extended period of time. In addition, if you subscribe to the idea of combining the dye with a hair conditioner, it would be fantastic.

This is because, in addition to dyeing the hair in the shade you want, it will also add pastel shades to the hair. That’s not all; it is free from ammonia and gives your hair a refreshing and bouncy look when applied.

ConsIn products of top-quality as these, one can barely find a fault. The only noticeable downside to this blue hair dye is its packaging; its tube is exceptionally delicate and could get perforated if not handled with extreme care.

8. Peacock Blue Hair Color – dark blue hair dye brands

Deep Purple Hair Color, Demi-Permanent 4 oz by RAW. Veggie-Based, Scented, Long-Lasting Temporary Hair Dye that Lasts 3 to 6 Weeks. Never Tested on Animals

The RAW Peacock Blue Demi-Permanent Hair Color has no PPD. This is a demi-permanent hair dye which will last from three to six weeks.

There is no cruelty in it. To get most vibrant color, we suggest lightening your hair to a level from nine to ten. It will normally give a subtle tone result for the dark hair as bleaching is not for you.

This is very dark so far. Some like the bluish purple. It is up to the section from where you like to start coloring your hair.

9. Garnier Hair Color Creme

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Nourishing Hair Color Creme, IN1 Dark Intense Indigo (Packaging May Vary), 1 Count

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color is mainly ensuring booster and bold color which nourishes the hair.

Select from the 5 shades families: Ultra Intense Burgundies for deep, Ultra Intense Reds for fiery red tones, Ultra lighten Browns to get dark hair up to 3/4 shades lighter except the brassiness, cool tones, Ultra Reflective Blacks to change even the darkest hair along with shiny and vivid tones and Ultra lighten Blondes to lighten soft basis up to 4 stages for luminous, lively shades.

Nutrisse Ultra Color Nourishing Color Crème is made for the women who like to have boosted color, bold texture and the darkest bases.

It has color-based technology that can lift up four levels by just 1 step- except bleaching.

This is by Nutrisse; Ultra Color nourishes when it comes with a different ampoule of grapeseed oils. To see vibrant, shiny, dramatic color, nourished hair and silky hair with 1 step, you have to move forward.

How to Choose Best Blue Hair Dye

Have you been choosing blue hair dyes, and they’ve been bleeding quickly? Yours might be that you want long-lasting blue hair dye. Whichever situation yours is, you have to know how to choose the blue hair dye that is best for you. In selecting a blue hair dye, some things must be considered. Those things are:

1.Fading Effect and Color Bleeding

In choosing the best blue hair dye, this is a crucial thing to consider. You’re wondering why right? It is because temporary colors tend to fade after a few weeks as the pigment deposits only on the surface of the hair. Obviously, you don’t want to waste money on a dye that fades away after washing it a couple of times. This is why it is essential to know about how quickly the color you want to get can fade before getting it.

2.Gentle FormulaChoosing a hair dye that has elements that hydrate the hair is recommended for people that plan to dye their hair often. This is because, in general, hair dyes have strong chemical content that can rid the hair of its moisture. This is why hair dyes that have hydrating elements are recommended. It is equally important to get hair dyes that are free from ammonia and paraben.

3.Ease of ApplicationFor those that love dyeing their hair themselves, it is recommended that they get a color cream instead of a watery dye. This is because a watery dye can easily smear anything, thereby causing a mess.Hair colors that are consistent to a more considerable extent prevent dripping give even coverage. By this, if by accident you smear the dye on your clothes, you can take it out with soapy water.

How to get the stunning blue look

As you have an intention to dive at the end of the hair color spectrum, you need to consider the maintenance to keep the hair colorful, bright and shiny.

Celebrities like to get armies of stylists all times to top up the hair color and preserve condition. The hair of them looks effortlessly beautiful for weeks on end. You have to work more to keep your looking for the same way as you need to dye it a wacky color.

How to get the stunning blue look

Blue hair like the bright tones we see on Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. They are full on the look and would work for you if you have faith in pulling it off. You will get the effect of it as you use it in the party but difficult to get the shades on a lasting basis.

Since you are really blonde, your hair must be bleached for the blue color to present your locks. The wondering thigh is that blue will seem very faint on black or brown hair as a tinge which you will see in the light.

If you like to get bright, you must bleach the hair before you like to use the blue dye. You have to condition your hair so that in tip top condition, it can damage the hair greatly.

How to use blue hair dye

There are lots of brands in the market to produce shades which may give you shade for your blue hair. But one thing is very common for the entire brand that is all of them are semi-permanent dyes.

how to use blue hair dye

It means that the user style of the product is same as the other brands on the market. The making procedure is the same. But the only difference is that how long the manufacturer suggests to keep it on the hair.

This is not adjusted to the stone and the color may remain for as long as you hope before rinsing as semi-permanent color are non-damaging and conditioning.

As you have lightened your hair with the blue hair dye, it is better to rinse immediately the lightener to get most vibrant and long lasting result.

The reason is that the hair bleach much more porous and quickly soaks up the color you use, extend the results and slow down the fading process.

It is great for treating the dryness which is the result of bleaching. Dye moisturizes the hairs and corrects both pH and the dryness. It contains a conditioning base, allowing it to regain from the lightning more readily. All of them ensure wonderful blue hair.

As your lock is light more for blue hair color, you have to bleach it first. You can start the dying application by using shampoo on your hair. The task of the shampoo is to open the cuticles and permits the color to go into the deep of your hair.

Wash your hair with shampoo after rinsing out all lightener and move to the same location. For any case, do lightly towel-dry your lock after shampooing to eliminate some more water from hair.

It is up to the consistency of the dye you like to use. It may seem very easy and simple to use the dye by your hand or by brush. As you are using streaks of any type, anything which needs precision. It is better to use a tinting brush for the consistency.

For the blue hair, do not be afraid to use your hands though it is easier for doing. Use gloves or you can step out of the shower by the hands which match the locks. Blue dye is, infamous for coloring your skin, floor, and walls of your house.

After using the dye, softly comb it through to ensure smooth application as well as massage it for having a good result. Why will you do it?

Attempt to massage your hair from the root to the end in the same direction. Doing it may spread the dye out and finish the area that you have missed and lessened the staining which may happen on your scalp as you massage it on your hair like the conditioner.

How to Remove Blue Hair Dye?

There is only 1 way to do it. The very common ones like using: shaving cream, peroxide, cooking oil, head and shoulders shampoo and rubbing alcohol. The other option to use the color is Baking soda.

Baking soda is a normal bleaching agent. Therefore adding it with the shampoo may increase the color stripping system quicker.

How to Color Your Hair – DIY Blue Hair

Best Blue Hair Dye For Dark Hair  (FAQs)

Does blue hair dye bleed quickly?It is important to stress that blue hair dyes vary in types. There are some that bleed quickly while there are some that do not. However, the one you get depends on your preference and economic capacity.

Does blue hair dye cause harm to the hair?There are various kinds of blue hair dyes. However, it is recommended that in order to prevent any harm from coming to your hair, buy blue hair dyes that are free from ammonia

In order to apply blue hair dye, will I bleach my hair?Of course! It is a normal thing to do. In fact, before you apply any type of dye to your hair, you have to bleach your hair.

Must I always use a hair conditioner when dyeing my hair?No! You don’t have to use a hair conditioner every time you dye your hair. However, a hair conditioner, when used, could help you create elegant colors.

Do all blue hair dyes need developers?No! not all blue hair dyes need developers

Final Words and Recommendations

There are many types of blue hair dyes available. However, for the safety of one’s hair, it best to get blue hair dyes that are free of ammonia. Also, in case you don’t want a blue hair dye that can bleed quickly, the Ion sky blue semi-permanent hair color sky blues is recommended for you in comparison to the sparks long-lasting hair color that drains a lot