Laila Ali Soft Bonnet Dryer Review

There are simply some hair tools that one, especially a woman, can't do without. One of such tools is a bonnet dryer. Whether you have locks, relaxed hair, or natural hair, bonnet dryers are indispensable, and a must-have.

If you want to stop frequenting the saloon in the name of blow-drying your hair each time you make new hair, buying a bonnet dryer is ideal. We shall be looking at the best bonnet dryer in this Laila Ali soft bonnet dryer review.

With so many bonnet dryers in the market, it can be challenging to pick the best or the most suitable one. The likes of the hood and blow dryers are rampant in the market, and buyers are left perplexed as to which one is better to use. Fortunately, in this review, you have no reason to panic. We got you covered!

Having a bonnet dryer at home speaks convenience. It's one of the best investments you can make at home. If you want to keep up with schedules and appointments and you don't have time to wait for your hair to dry, Laila Ali hood dryer is the solution.

What Are Bonnet Dryers?

A bonnet dryer is a device in the shape of a hood that is used for drying hair. Bonnet dryers are mounted on the wall and work via electricity. Once you switch it on, it blows hot air and evenly distributes the heat over your entire hair. 


You know those movies where women will sit in a row reading magazines and gossiping with a giant hood over their heads in saloons – that hood is called a bonnet dryer.

Apart from drying hair, you can use a bonnet dryer to treat hair, perform deep hair conditioning, and create your desired hairstyle. It enhances your hair's curling effect, and this is one of the things that make people love this dryer.

Laila Ali Soft Bonnet Dryer Review

Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer, Purple with White Bonnet

Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

For your frizzy, wavy, and curly hair, the Laila soft bonnet dryer is up to the task. The power of creation simply lies in this bonnet dryer.


This bonnet dryer makes use of ionizer technology to dry your hair, saving you time quickly. Time is money, and the manufacturer of this bonnet dryer understands that.


Laila ionic soft bonnet dryer is perfect for brads, locks, and drying rollers. Besides that, the dryer can condition your hair and treat it, while retaining the moisture that will keep it looking fresh and healthy.

The bonnet dryer comes with three-speed settings, which gives you the power to dry and style your hair the way you want it. It comes in a purple and black adjustable case, which makes it convenient to carry around. It is portability defined. 


  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Comes in a purple case. 
  • Has a white bonnet for drying hair.
  • Comes with a power cord.

Pros & Cons of Laila Ali Soft Bonnet Dryer Review


  • Design is lightweight, which makes it easy for one to carry it about.
  • Has with a powerful motor.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • The device is well-designed to fit any hair size and does any hair type.
  • Comes with an easy-to-carry case.


  • If the setting is incorrect, the hose will turn off.
  • The hose may become hot, especially if you use it for a long time.
  • It may produce loud sound.

Buying Guide of Laila Ali Soft Bonnet Dryer

Design Features of Laila Ali Soft Bonnet Dryer

Ionizer Technology

The Laila bonnet dryer makes use of ionizer technology, which passes air into the hair effectively. There is no possibility of your scalp getting touched or the charged plate reducing your hair. This is what makes this product stand out amongst its counterparts.

With this technology, your natural hair gets the most amazing waves - no need for shampooing artificially or using chemical treatments on your hair. Just set it at an accurate speed and heat setting and leave the dryer to do its job.


Laila Ali bonnet dryer comes with a compact case that makes the machine easy to carry. The bag is handy, and you can put the machine and every other thing that is necessary for a single pack.


The product, though a little heavy, appears to be lightweight and easy to carry about. It comes with a compact design weighing about three and a half pounds. Despite the weight, this product is still lightweight when you compare it to other similar products in the market.

Powerful Motor

The efficiency of the motor makes the hair dry very quickly when compared to the effectiveness of other motors in similar dryers. When it comes to dryers, you would agree with me that people prefer power to any other feature. That is why the Laila Ali bonnet dryer is powered by 500 watts motor to create any style that you want quicker.

What to Look out for in a Bonnet Dryer 

What features do you consider if you want to buy a bonnet dryer? If you are new to the world of bonnet dryers, these features below are what you should consider before picking up a product. 


Most times, the thicker the hair, the higher the power or wattage that you need to speed up the process. If your hair is brittle, dries a lot, and is fizzy, the wattage of the dryer is essential and should be put into consideration. 

You should know the exact wattage you are going to purchase that would suit your hair – to prevent hair damages. 

Length of Cord

The longer the cord, the better. Due to the high power, the dryer is drawing up from the power source; the bonnet hair can cause the power to go out. If you are using a short cord, you might experience this issue often.

In essence, you should go for bonnet dryers with long cords. You can plug it to a large power outlet, and it will draw up power without going blank. You will have no issue with the Laila Ali Soft Bonnet Dryer because it comes with a long cord. 

Size of the Bonnet Dryer 

If you are constantly giving your locks or braids some amazing curls, it’s paramount that you get a bonnet dryer that is large enough to contain the rollers – while still having some space between the hood and your head.


The last thing you want from your machine is overheating – because overheat can damage your hair. In this case, a bonnet dryer with some sort of timer is ideal. The feature will maximize the safety of your hair. So when you are out there looking for a bonnet dryer, this feature should top your list. 

How to Use Laila Ali Soft Bonnet Dryer

Using a Laila Ali bonnet dryer is pretty simple. You do your part, and you allow the machine to work its magic on your hair.

Note that you can use a bonnet dryer on any hair type. You can also use it to create any style you want, provided it’s set the right way.

  1. Make sure the dryer is plugged and switched on.
  2. To create a curly, wavy, or frizzy hair, style your hair in braids or twist.
  3. Put your damp hair in the bonnet dryer and allow for 10 minutes to create your desired hairstyle.

How to Select the Right Laila Ali Soft Bonnet Dryer

There may be a lot of products out there that might bear the same resemblance as Laila Ali Soft Bonnet dryer. Some would go as far as claiming it's the same Laila, but the fact is it may not be the same. So you need to be up and doing and be extra vigilant.

Before you decide to purchase a product, check for any certifications around the product. It is the certification that would determine if the product is good or bad.

Many products out there are unauthentic, and many customers are falling as preys to this scam. Another way to this is by reviewing each product online and watching YouTube videos of the product. This way, you are sure you are buying the right product.

Maintenance of Laila Ali Soft Bonnet Dryer

Manufacturers take their time when designing these bonnet dryers to ensure safety is maximized. That is why they incorporate safety features so that you can feel safe while using a bonnet dryer on your hair.

Bonnet dryers are subject to spoilage if you don’t take care of it as it should. Also, you need to take some necessary precautions so that it doesn’t damage your hair. Your bonnet dryer would last for a very long time if you abide by the following tips.

  • First of all, exposing your dryer to water is the number one way of damaging it. Never submerge it in water.
  • Let your dryer cool before packing it up once you are done using it.
  • Store it in a cool, dry place
  • When you are not using it, turn it off.
  • Ensure that the plug or cord is not wet.
  • Keep the cord and power plug away from head d surfaces.
  • Don’t expose your hair to the dryer for a long time. The dryer could overheat and cause your hair problems.
  • If you notice any sign of damage in your bonnet dryer, replace it immediately.

To get the best out of your boney dryer and avoid styling mistakes, you need to take these safety precautions seriously.

Signs That Your Bonnet Dryer May be Damaged

The following is a sign that your bonnet dryer could be damaged.

  • It takes longer to blow your hair. You now spend 30 minutes under it instead of the 15 or 20 that you usually spend.
  • It makes loud, screeching noises when you are using it.
  • Airflow is obstructed. The obvious sign is the shaking of the dryer.

The best bonnet hair dryer for curly hair

This dryer is ionic dryer, so this makes the hair dry quickly, and there is roller set in this dryer to this has the power to process chemicals as well as gives conditioning treatment.

The ions help to resist breakage and give very shiny and silky hair. There are three heat settings and three-speed settings in this dryer so you can get your desired style of the hair using this device.

The best bonnet hair dryer for curly hair

The ions help to resist breakage and give very shiny and silky hair. There are three heat settings and three-speed settings in this dryer so you can get your desired style of the hair using this device.

A cold shot button which gives you the chance to fix your hair to the position. There is a good bonnet so you can get eh curl wavy and loose. There is a light box in which you can put the dryer and the power cord. So this is the best bonnet hair dryer for the people who like to get the natural and shiny and wavy hair.

Laila Ali Bonnet Dryer Review

Laila Ali Soft Bonnet Dryer Review (FAQs)

Is bonnet dryer bad for hair?

To an extent, they are not. But it depends on the dryer. There are two dryers to consider here - hood dryer and blow dryer. Hood dryer takes time before the hair can be thoroughly dried. Blow dryer takes a shorter time, but not as effective as hood dryers.

Where can I get the replacement parts?

You can get the replacement parts online either by communicating with the manufacturer or buying it on online stores.

How long should you stay under a hooded dryer? 

Typically, you shouldn’t stay more than 15 – 20 minutes under the dryer. That is if it’s in good condition. 

How does a Bonnet dryer work? 

A bonnet dryer relies on heat to function. It has a cap or a hood where your hair is being placed under, and a unit mounted on the wall. Once you switch it on, it blows hot hair into the hood and evenly distributed the heat over your hair strands. You can use the bonnet dryer to deep condition your hair, treat your hair, and style your rollers. 

Will a bonnet dryer kill lice? 

Lice hate heat and smell. If you use a bonnet dryer on your hair, it will kill lice and other hair-infested organisms. 

Final Words and Recommendations

There are not many bonnet dryers out there that are inexpensive and quality like Laila Ali Soft bonnet dryer. It's a product that I would recommend anytime. This product does the drying job perfectly and is quite versatile. It makes styling of hair smoother and deep conditions hair strands much quicker.

Overall, this product is quality over price - and this makes people love it.

We hope this Laila Ali Soft Bonnet Dryer Review has been informative and has given you all that you need to know about this wonderful product.

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