Top 8 Best Cortex International Flat Iron Reviews

Flat irons or hair straighteners are a necessity in every girl’s life.

For those of you who are not familiar with this device, a flat iron is a device that consists of two ironing beds at the ends of A-shaped metal rods. Its function is to straighten hair and give it a smooth and natural finish.

However, finding the right flat iron is tough since there are so many options to choose from, but I think everyone is familiar with the brand name Cortex.

We have brought to you the Cortex International Flat Iron Reviews. This is one of the best brands for electronics and flat irons.

It also has a lot of series of models in the market, and we have personally hand-picked the top eight of their brands and reviewed them for you.

Our Picks for Best Cortex International Flat Iron Reviews

Let’s look into the best eight of the Cortex in detail, with listed pros and cons to help you in your decision. So, without any further ado, let us begin.

1. Cortex International Black Series Professional Flat Iron (Blue Metallic)

Cortex International Black Series Gemstone Infused Tourmaline Ceramic Plates 1.25 Inch Professional Flat Iron (Blue Metallic)

The black series has a platinum picked model from their collection, and this model is the platinum pick from this series due to several reasons; firstly, for their design of ceramic plates. The shiny, metallic blue iron heats the ironing beds on ceramic coated plates that are infused with gemstone tourmaline.

Ceramic coating is a protective feature of a flat iron. It straightens your hair with heat from the iron, while minimizing damage from the heat. Each plate is 1.25 inches wide and can hold a thick strand of hair, so it speeds up the ironing process.

Additionally, the professional flat iron can heat up to its maximum temperature very rapidly. This also adds to speeding up the process. The maximum temperature of this iron is 230 degrees Celsius or 145 degrees Fahrenheit which can be attained by rotating the temperature wheel clockwise.

It is straightforward to use since it works on a simple on and off button and has a manual temperature adjusting wheel. Once you are done using the straightener, you can simply hang it on the rack. It has an end hook for this purpose.

Features of Cortex International Flat Iron (Blue Metallic)

  • Non-slip grip
  • End hook to hang the hot iron
  • Ceramic coated
  • Affordable
  • Easy to operate

2. Cortex International Black Series Professional Flat Iron (Blush Pink)

Cortex International Black Series Gemstone Infused Tourmaline Ceramic Plates 1.25 Inch Professional Flat Iron (Blush Pink)

As you can see from its title, this is a professional flat iron in pink. Girls always want something vibrant to add color to their dressing table, so what better than a cute, pink hair straightener that is also great at its job. This black series of iron is known for its work efficiency and premium quality.

It promises to give your hair a sexy, smooth look while minimizing any hair damage from the heat. This was made possible because of its ceramic iron plates and the iconic technology that it uses to fade out the parts of the heat.

So, when you run out of heat protectant spray, you will have nothing to worry about if you go for this flat iron.

However, maintaining the professional black series iron is also very easy as its cord is tangle-free and swivel. If you want, you can also hang the iron by its end and leave it to cool down. Now you can say goodbye to messy dressers once and for all.

Features of Cortex International Flat Iron (Blush Pink)

  • It has a comfortable non-slip grip
  • There is an end hook for hanging the iron
  • Heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It is pink!

3. Cortex International Black Series 1.25-inch Ceramic Flat Iron Blue

Cortex International Black Series 1.25-inch Ceramic Flat Iron Blue

As you can tell by now, the Cortex flat iron series offers its products in a lot of vibrant colors and texture. This flat iron model is blue, and its surface is not smooth. If it had a smooth surface, there would have been chances of the iron slipping out of your hand while you are using it.

Therefore, as an additional safety feature, the surface is designed with patterns to avoid grip slip. Thus, two iron plates of 1.25 inches are more than enough for styling your hair like a pro. Likewise, it can work with any type of hair, whether it’s flat, curly, frizzy, or even straight! It's highly functional and efficient.

Apart from that, this model especially has a microprocessor built-in on each of the plates that are used to distribute the heat evenly throughout the plates. At the same time, it locks in moisture and natural oils to avoid bringing any damage to the hair.

Features of Cortex International 1.25-inch Ceramic Flat Iron Blue

  • Built-in microprocessor to control even heat distribution
  • 1.25 inches flat ironing surface
  • Works on all kinds of hair
  • Smooth performance

4. Cortex International Ultra-Light Infrared Flat Irons (Black and Silver)

Cortex International Ultra Light 1.5 Inch Ceramic Ionic Infrared Flat Irons

This is known as the saloon quality flat iron of Cortex. One of the reasons behind this title is that you will get a smooth, sleek hair look with one pass of the iron through a strand hair. Next, you do not need to repeatedly heat and iron the same strand of hair multiple times.

Accordingly, this way, you reduce hair damage and get a nice hairdo at the same time. As the title suggests, this model is ultra-light, which can add to your portability feature, and you can take it with you at a slumber party or even on vacations.

There is another reason for what makes it a sleek model. It has a stylish, patterned exterior body that will give you a good grip of the iron and at the same time, gives the product a nice look.

All these features come in a colorful option. Although it has a black and silver color combination, you can choose from the different color combinations which one would go best with your personality or your dresser.

Features of Cortex International Ultra-Light Infrared Flat Irons

  • Gemstone infused ceramic coat
  • Can be used for curling as well
  • Variable temperature adjustment
  • Suitable for colored hair as well

5. Cortex International Black Series Professional Ultra-Thin Iron - Slim Collection (Blush Pink)

Cortex International Black Series 1 Inch Titanium Plated Professional Ultra Thin Straightening Iron - Slim Collection Ultra Light Flat Iron Pearlescent Colors

The ultra-slim model with ultra-thin heats up very quickly and is also ultra-easy to use. Push the “on” switch in the other direction and rotate the temperature wheel clockwise to reach your desired temperature. It can heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a lot for a thin iron plate as this.

And the cute, blush pink flat iron’s plates heat up very rapidly since the plates are thin. Thus, they also make sure that the heat is being evenly distributed consistently so that no hair straightening goes wrong with this straightener. It will also do its job without harming or damaging your hair.

Similarly, it keeps your hair damage to a minimum as its 1-inch iron plates are coated with titanium. You can use this straightener on chemically treated hair as well, which will bring no damage to your hair color.

Features of Cortex International Ultra-Thin Iron

  • Ultra-light
  • Ultra-slim model
  • The iron plates made of titanium
  • Infra-red technology
  • Non-slip grip

6. Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Straightener

Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Straightener

The Cortex Solo 450 is a lightweight iron. It has nano titanium technology to offer a hard and soothe surface that gives for heat distribution.

The Titanium plates are great and offer negative ions as well as far-infrared heat, emits fizz and shut off the cuticle to make hair shiny, gorgeous and smooth.

The iron is made for keeping moisture on the hair shaft and leaves less damage on the hair than the other irons in the market. I like the stroller very much.

The Cortex Solo 450 is super smooth iron and does not pull my hair. The iron does great work on my hair. I like the stroller very much as it takes less than six seconds to heat up.

Features of Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Straightener

  • Warranty lifetime
  • Made of hundred percent solid Titanium plates
  • Expert salon great model
  • Far-infrared technology for well heat distribution up to 450 degrees F
  • Ionized technology for smoother and silkier hair

7. Cortex Duo Mini And Large Flat Iron Set

Cortex Duo Mini And Large Flat Iron Set, Zebra Print

The Cortex Duo Mini is the perfect flat iron for the conscious women for hairstyle during night and day. And even for a time to go out.

The iron gives home style. Moreover, it has more features. But the mini is well touch up where you do not matter.

The both make zebra print and a fun of hair that catches the eyes. The iron comes with the hair clip, to get more precision of the styles. The iron is great for fine hairs.

Features of Cortex Duo Mini And Large Flat Iron Set

8. Cortex Solo Digital Analog Ceramic Flat Iron

Cortex Solo Digital Analog Ceramic Flat Iron, Black, 1 Inch, 24 Ounce

It has all the features that are perfect for your budget. The Cortex Solo is a very expensive flat iron of the list.

The iron offers traditional black finish which gives perfect style to your home or professional salon. It gives lots of features. A bright pink color of the flat iron is also seen in the market.

The flat iron comes with one and one point five-inch plate. So you can make your desired style with the iron.

It has a touchscreen digital display that is mentionable. With the same price, it is difficult to find such technology.

You need not guess the temperature of your iron. The iron can lock temperature according to your need, so no risk of burning.

Features of Cortex Solo Digital Analog Ceramic Flat Iron

  • Reaches to the top temperature quickly
  • Black color professional iron along with ergonomic, sleek, non-slip for more comfort
  • Floating plates speeds up styling efficiently
  • Eleven-inch long swivel cord resists tangling looped end for simple storage
  • Voltage 110-240V/60Hz, temperature 310-450 F 150-232C, 37 watts

Cortex International Flat Iron Buying Guide

You will need a buying guide to get the right Cortex flat iron because there are so many choices! We want you to have the best flat iron that suits your personality and meets all your requirements at the same time. So, let’s begin with the basics of a flat iron. These are the following features that you should be looking for in any flat iron.

Temperature Settings

First of all, there are two kinds of temperature settings in iron. One you can read manually and the other one you can read digitally. That, of course, does not make a difference in how efficiently the iron heats up. That is an important factor.

However, you should check the maximum temperature of the iron. You must also see how that particular model’s temperatures can be changed. Based on that, you can decide what kind of temperature settings you would prefer.

Plate Size

Usually, most people do not pay much attention to this detail. They check whether the plates are made from the ceramic coating or titanium coating, which are equally crucial to the size of the plate.

Then again, the wider the iron plates, the faster the ironing process. Likewise, the thickness of the plates is also subject to questioning. Thick plates take time to heat up; on the other hand, slimmer plates speed up the process.

Auto Switch off

This is a significant factor for any hair styling item. We all know that girls take a lot of time to get dressed, and yet there is never enough time.

Hence, they leave their ironing devices on and burn their sheets, beds in a rush. We all have that one friend with that story, I am sure.

In that sense, you should get a flat iron that has the auto switch-off feature, which can turn the iron off itself after 80 minutes.

What is Cortex flat iron hair products?

What is Cortex flat iron hair products

Cortex Flatiron is made by the experts for the women to present hair. The iron is fit for you if you like to go out for morning or night. The irons come with two important accessories.

The large or big iron and the mini iron. You can use the large iron for your hairstyle, and the mini iron for occasional touch ups the hair anywhere.

It has a hair clip to keep the style of hair to its place and perfect style that you like. We have made a lot of research on large flat iron set and Cortex Duo Mini iron to offer you comprehensive reviews of the brands.

Comparing Titanium and Ceramic Flat Irons

Titanium hair straighteners are comparatively expensive irons. But there are differences between materials.

The Ceramic iron takes more time to heat up than the Titanium one. But ceramic plates distribute heat evenly all parts of the hair.

The irons also retain heat for a long time so you can go through all of your hair. The main attraction of the titanium is that it receives heat quickly. The heating is quite even though you are using the top brand’s irons on the market.

Titanium is very strong and last for a long time. You can use it for several years. So this is a good investment who like to straighten hair on a regular basis.

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Cortex International Flat Iron Reviews  (FAQs)

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Cortex flat irons:

1. What should be my budget for a flat iron?

Since all the Cortex flat irons are very affordable, you don't have to worry about your budget.

2. Are the Cortex fat irons safe to travel with?

Yes, absolutely. There are also models of this brand that are very light in weight, which makes them portable.

3. What is the ideal plate size of flat iron?

Flat iron plates start at 1 inch wide. They go up to only 2.5 inches in very rare cases. However, the ideal size, in my opinion, should be 1.5 inches. This is the most commonly used and preferred size.

4. What is the ideal temperature of a flat iron to use?

Always stick to the range of 300 - 400 degrees Celsius temperature. Below this range, the process will take longer, and above this, it will cause rapid damage to your hair.

5. How to clean and maintain a flat iron?

Just use a furniture cleaner or any other cleaning spray on the surface and wipe it off with a Kleenex.

6. Is using a heat protectant always necessary?

Most of the Cortex’s irons have ceramic coated iron plates, which reduces the necessity to use a heat protectant. However, it is always better to have an extra layer of protection. So, I’d say yes, always use a heat protectant for extra safety.

Final Words and Recommendations

When you are buying a flat iron, you know that it’s not just for you. There will be more users of this ironing machine, such as your mother, sister, and friends, for example. So you need to make sure that you are buying the one that is suitable for all hair types and all hair lengths.

I would recommend you the Cortex International Ultra-Light Infrared Flat iron for many reasons, as mentioned above. Nevertheless, compared to the other Cortex models discussed here, this one is the slimmest model, which also has an ultra-slim iron plate.

To sum up, this is the all-in-one kind of deal at an affordable price. I can think of no other option that will make a better pick.

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