Top 9 Best Edge Control For Relaxed Hair

When beauties get their hair relaxed, a lot more happens. Now, you pay a lot of attention to how well you leave your edges when you style it. The edges of your hair crown your look and style whenever you step out. Your edges are the reasons your ponytail, your braids, your short and long hairstyles look firm and chic. Maintaining your edges, so they do not go off in the middle of your long day is important.

You do not want to experience that embarrassing ordeal. Imagine if the same hair you had styled for hours breaks away when you step out. That is not what you desire. To avoid your edges from breaking away is precisely why you need the best edge control out there. You have to get just the best edge control for your relaxed hair.

What Is Edge Control?

After a sound night rest, it is time to prepare for the day’s work. You have decided to spend a lot of time styling your hair to look good. But what you discover when you step out is how badly your hair edges have gone. The previously well-styled hair is now filled with flyaway all over it.

To prevent this from happening to you again, you have to begin to control those edges. Applying edge control products to have your edges laid down all day is what is meant by edge control.

What Are Edge Control Products?

Some products have been specially designed for your hair comfort. It so happens that a lot of people with relaxed hairs out there have to worry about their edges. It is tiresome to have that creepy crawlies falling out of place after you had taken hours to style your hair. To keep them in check, however, you just need the right material to do so. You just need a perfect hair edge control product.

In clear terms, hair edge control products are necessary products for women of color. They have to apply it to the borders of their hair to ensure it stays firm. It keeps them slaying all day long. Edge control for natural hair makes sure that naturalists have their edges glued even in moisture and humid conditions. The best edge control for relaxed hair on its side works more. It works its magic on those flyaways to keep them glued.

No matter your hair type, you need a good edge control product for your edges to stay glued all day.

Why Use Edge Control Products?

Take a quick look at this. You have taken enough time and money to get the hair styled. Whether it is a sleek braid style, a chic bun or a ponytail, it looks excellent upon immediate completion. In a short while, though, your hair edges frizz out, and the whole beauty is gone! This is outright, disappointing!

Those chic hairstyles like your ponytail, your braids, your curl, and others are not complete if the edges are wrong. Give as much time and attention you give to styling your hair to taking care of your hair edges. This is so because no matter the style you have on, your hair edges have to stay laid all day.

You do not have to worry for so long, however. With an excellent hair edge control product, those edges have to stay laid for as long as you want. Great!

A good edge control product under whatever temperature, humidity, or moist condition keeps those edges laid. They are essential products if you wish to have your hair looking chic and beautiful when you step out.

Apart from this, good edge control products also contain edge control ingredients that aid your hair’s natural growth. Now, imagine your hair growing well and your tresses looking their best always. That is what a good edge control product will do for you.

Top Best Edge Control For Relaxed Hair

There are a lot of edge controls out there that will work well on those relaxed tresses. You now have to know which one of these products is the best edge control for relaxed hair. We know getting the top best edge control for relaxed hair can be so much to worry about. Then, why not take a look at this hair edge control product and see why it is our top best?

1. Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control For Relaxed & Natural Hairs

Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control For Relaxed & Natural Hairs - 2.3 Oz

As the name implies, this hair edge control product has been the most essential all across the United States. It has proven to be a very reliable and trusted edge control product.

Whether you have had your hair relaxed or you still rock our natural hair, this product comes in handy. You cannot go wrong with your edges when you use the Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control.

This product has a lot of advantages to give to your hair edges, whether natural or relaxed. This is the exact reason the product is the best selling hair edge control in the United States of America. This hair edges gel tames your hair tresses throughout the day. The product gives zero flakes and/or buildup to your hair edges when you use the product.

This hair holding formula is not greasy at all. It gives your hair that moisturizing glow. While at this, it leaves no flake or builds up behind. So, when it is time for you to wash it off to get a new style, it becomes effortless. This product makes it easy to smoothen your hair even when you use a small brush or a little comb. It crowns your hairstyle up with that shine coming from its moisturizing effect.

With a dimension of 2.8 inches depth by 2.8 inches height by 1.2 inches width, this is a good buy. The size makes its way to ship the product internationally. You do not have to worry about the weight of the edge control product also. It comes in a perfect size as well as a comfortable weight.

The Design Essentials hair edge control product also contains several ingredients to aid your hair health and growth. Yes, alcohol can be a bad ingredient in a good edge control product. But it would not be if the product contains fatty alcohol instead. This situation is precisely the case with this product. It also contains castor oil to keep your hair edges the best all through the day with that glow and moisture.

This product also allows you the freedom to rock any hairstyle of your choice. Even at this, this hair edge control product still gives your hair the best glow whenever you step out. So, you have the liberty to try out that ponytail or curls you have always wanted and still look your best!

This product is also perfect for all hair types. It delivers the best edge control when used on natural hair just as it does on a relaxed one.  It is the best edge control product for 4c natural hair, for coarse hair and other hair types. This hair holding gel works well with them all.

Pros & Cons of Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control For Relaxed & Natural Hairs


  • Moisturizing effect and easy edges smoothening.
  • Perfect grip to hold down that creepy crawlies.
  • Well-polished shine to make your hairstyle both beautiful and alluring.
  • Your short styles now add additional texture.
  • A chic finish with a little comb or hairbrush. Easy!
  • Very soft and smooth touch on your hair edges.
  • Way to clean off even without having off sometimes.
  • Perfect fit for all types of hair.
  • Sweet and mild fragrance.


  • There is the risk of you losing your hair or it thinning off if misused.
  • It needs extra security if it is being shipped internationally.
  • It is a bit on the expensive side, but it is worth every cent.

2. Hicks Total Transformations Edges Styling Gels

Hicks Total Transformations Edges Styling Gels, 4 Ounce

Hicks Total Transformations, Hicks Edges keep hair firmly in its place with a super shine and without flakiness.


Keep edges feeling and looking and healthier than before. The genuine hair gel is non-sticky and non-flaky and rinses out simply.

Control nape back area and tapered cuts. Directions: use a few transformations Smooth Edges round edges and smooth by fingertips as long as hair remains in place or comb in an even by a comb.


  • Smoothes edges
  • Holds well
  • Non-greasy

3. Murray's Edgewax 100% Australian Beeswax

Murray's Edgewax 100% Australian Beeswax, 4 Ounce

Murray’s Edge wax mixes a premium gel along with holding; the force of Australian Beeswax gives maximum hold a high shine without any flaking.

The product is very helpful for the desired areas, though soft enough for simple use.

Use a small amount to the hairline edges or some other areas to get good looking hair. You can do it with brushes or fingers.


  • Top leveled control
  • Nonsticky feel and washed out simply, no flaking
  • Smooth move to use easily

4. SheaMoisture 4 oz Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen

SheaMoisture 4 oz Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Edge Treatment

Do not ruin or damage your beautiful hair. By using Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strength and Grow & Restore Edge Treatment from SheaMoisture your hair may be healthy looking as well as strong enough without taking any time.

SheaMoisture applies recipes handed down from the healer and offers it a modern curl.

They use the best ingredients of the world to give the best products to the customers.

The origin started in the year 1912 in Sierra Leone. They bring us products which have been using by generation after generation to have beautiful skin.


  • Gives a light and touchable hold
  • Resists the effects of humidity
  • Nutrient-rich formula aids to promote growth by conditioning and strengthening hair

5. ORS Olive Oil Edge Control Hair Gel

ORS Olive Oil Edge Control Hair Gel

The great news for you is that the product will give you a very beautiful edge for your hair.

The hair dries out after a short time, but it has a fix too since I saw this on YouTube.

After using the product to the edge of the hair, you have to use Gorilla snot hair gel as well as the combination does work well.


  • Well control for your edges
  • Gives shine as well moisture for the hair
  • More hold except for hardening hair
  • 2.25 ounces

6. Carols Daughter Moisture & Shine Edge Control

Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Edge Control Smoother For Dry Hair and Dull Hair

Do not remember sticky pomades, heavy waxes, and crunchy gels to maintain edges and flyaway.

The clear edge smoother uses not wet dry, so hair remains sleek while styling face framing frizziest to be smoothed out, flat and under total control.

Use fingertips to avoid face framing frizzes to use the product on styled, dry hair.

Flatten, sculpt, hold and smooth hair is indicated to be ready to have serious fierce hair.


  • Replenishes moisture, smoothes Edges and Adds shine
  • No Paraben, Petroleum also absence, No Mineral Oil, no Silicones and No artificial color
  • Dull Or Brittle hair, smooth Styling for dry

7. AVLON Keracare Edge Tamer

AVLON Keracare Edge Tamer, 4 Ounce

Karacare edge tamer remains down a wavy hair for the hair lines to ensure edges a silky smooth, touchable texture.

The gel has the super power to hold gel rapidly tame any tapered area avoiding the possibility of sudden reversion. You can use it on routine or relaxed hair. Nongreasy flakes free colorless.


  • The gel has great power to make any hair well tamed and tapered area with the sudden reversion.
  • Can be natural or relaxed hair
  • Non-greasy flake free colorless

8. Natural Honey & Shea Firmer Hold Edge Tamer

Design Essentials Natural Honey & Shea Edge Tamer Hair Gel, 2.3 Oz

We are in the same opinion that product builds up and the residue is a total no-go as applying the edge tamer.

Fortunately, Design Essentials come through in a clutch with Natural Honey & Shea Edge Tamer! Like some other control, the unique non-greasy procedure introduces with moisturizing.

Honey and Shea Butter elements give a fabulous shine except for any build up residue. It makes the process simple to restyle for a new get up or wash out as you like to have beautiful fresh curls.

Particularly for curly to oily locks textures our Natural Honey & Shea Edge Tamer gives a long remaining firm hold to risk-free lay down the tame and hairline unruly fly away. We advise using the collection to finish off any style for a polished look.


  • Natural elements of Honey and Shea Butter nourishment and polish except drying out the lock.
  • Good Formula risk-free natural and relaxed locks though give long lasting firm hold
  • The system leaves no flecking or builds up great for wonderful versatility.
  • Well for curly to an oily consistency ranging from 3A to 4C
  • Selected customer love and Winner of the 2015 CrulBOX Award

9. Jireh Edge Control Styling Hair Balm

Jireh Hair Care Products - Edge Control Styling Hair Balm - 2 Ounces

Jireh Edge Control Hair Balm ensures the hair desired definition you like the light hold. It gives a bright shine for your lock.

The alcohol-free and nongreasy formula mix natural elements of Castrol oil, aloe, glyceryl chocolate and plea Europaea which enter into your hair follicles and ensure softer, healthier shinier and softer hair. You may get a silky smooth look except all which build up.


  • Ensure the hair definition that you like with a slight shimmering and hold a shine
  • Jireh Edge control is added with nutrients which may fortify or styles your hair
  • Olea Europaea, castor oil, and Aloe enter hair shaft to ensure healthy scalp and hair
  • Makes silky smooth look except for build up
  • Color safe, nongreasy, alcohol-free and fragrance-free formula

What To Look For Before Buying The Edge Control Products?

It is very obvious to all how stressful it can be to find the best edge control product for your hair. Whenever you step out to get one or go online instead, watch out for all these.

The Ingredients 

The ingredients are essential parts of any good edge control product. It is important, therefore, to check the ingredients before getting any. You have to consider the fact that not all hair edges will give you the best. This rate of success or failure is dependent on the ingredients used in making these products. Ensure that these are amongst the ingredients. These ingredients will make the edge control gel give you the best quality.


The gel must contain a good amount of water. This ingredient makes your hair edges stick, stay moisturized, and hydrated all day long. It prevents the edges from getting too dry. This ingredient also does well to increase the flexibility of the hold.

Castor Oil

This oily extract is important in any good edge control product. It keeps the edges laid without them getting all dried up hard and kinky.

Formulations That Are Alcohol-Free
These kinds of formulations protect your edges and keep them laid.

Vitamins and Nutrients
Vitamins and nutrients like biotin and others preserve the scalp of your hair.

Flexible Hold Not Bondage 

Ensure that the hold you are providing for your hair edges is a flexible one. You do not need the hold to be too hard. That kind does no good!

The Protection It Offers

Check out for it the edge control gel you are using protects its hair edges and scalp in any way. It should shield your hair edges from tension and excessive manipulation, not add to it. The edge control should ensure that your hair does not break and keep your edges sleek.

Any good edge control product you are using MUST contain at least two of all the prerequisites mentioned above. If this is not the case, you have to rethink that option.

How to apply edge control

How To Apply Edge Control

You must have sufficient information on how to use edge control. This information will go a lot way to give you the best result after use. You also have to consider the different hair types when you are ready to apply edge control. There are peculiarities for the short hair type, the braided hair, and the long hair type.

  • When applying edge control products on short hair, you do not need too much. Just a little of the hair edge control gel would do. 
  • It is the other way round when applying the gel on a long hair type. For this type, you will need a lot more of the product. 
  • You should apply a lot of lesser amounts when using the product on braids. This helps to avoid the edges from flaking easily.

Applying Edge Control Products on Short Hair

  • Dry the hair using a nickel to the quarter quantity of the product. 
  • Wait for it to dry off before you make out your preferred style.

Applying Edge Control Products on Braided Hair

  • Add just a fingertip amount to the edges of the braids.
  • Get it smoothened out with a hairbrush or a tooth comb. This will make the finish chic and sleek. 
  • You can now style the hair in whatever way you wish to.

Applying Edge Control Products on Long Hair

  • Add the right amount of the edge control products to your edges. Be careful not to add too much to avoid flaking. 
  • Get an excellent hairbrush to smoothen the edges. 
  • You can then style it to your taste.

The process is the same for the different hair types. However, pay attention to the tips given before the directions. The amount added goes a long way in influencing the result you get.

Things To Keep In Mind When Using Edge Control

It does not end with seeing reasons to use a good edge control product. After taking cognizance of the need for you to apply edge control products, you will have to consider the following.

Your Hair Has Its Peculiar Product.

I discovered this fact the hard way. I had taken up a product to keep my edges laid because it worked well for my friend. Even though we both have the same hair types, I was surprised that this did not work for me. Instead, it damaged my hair edges even more. It was then I discovered the need to find the product that is best for my hair. I had to consider my hair texture, length, and style.

Do It Slow And Steady

You must be ready to give enough time and attention to why you are styling your edges. You cannot just rush through the whole process. Take your time to get it well laid, then dry it thoroughly before leaving your home.

You Can Use Some Water

Water comes in handy when you want to apply an edge control product on your hair. It is advisable to spritz some water on your hair edges before using the products. The water would enhance the stuck in of the edges. Sprits the water. Do not pour! Too much of the water will ruin it all.

Keep Your Hair, Edges Moist.

Ensure that you moisturize your hair ears as often as you can. Moisturizing the edges makes the edge control product more useful.

A Cold Blow Dryer Will Do

Try as much as you can to make use of a cold blow dryer when it is time to dry those edges. Heat can cause damage.

Mixing Two Products

Get two products. Use them both in small quantities. And you would discover how my help you have rendered to those edges.

Why Do Hair Textures Matter?

You have to pay attention to your hair texture. Whether you have a curly African 4c hair that is tough or a smooth and straight kind that is soft.

The texture goes a long way to determine the way that the hair edge control product works on your hair. The different textures need different types of hair edge control products. 

If indeed you want the best out of your edges, then consider the texture of your hair.

What Are You Doing Wrong With Your Edge Control Products?

Sometimes, you are the reason your edge control products are not working well. Check these questions out!

How long does your product hold last?
The longer it lasts, the more aggressive ingredients it contains.

How hard is the brush you use?
The tension is not what you need!

Do you go to bed with the product still on you without wearing a scarf or washing it off

Break it off every night before you go to bed with a comb or wash it off.

Do you apply another layer without washing up the previous one?

You are inviting buildups and causing damage.

How often do you repeat styles?

Alternate between styles to avoid breakage.

How To Make Your Edge Control More Effective

Use a mixture of good edge control and gel 

A mixture of these two in little quantities will deliver the best result to you.

Make use of the cold blow dryer

This will help it dry faster. Plus, using it cold is more advisable as a hot hairdryer can cause damages to your edges.

Keep your hair moist regularly

The moisturizing effect is the best way to help your hair stick more and leave that shiny look you want. This moisture also increases the flexibility of your hair edges

How To Grow Your Edges Again And Maintain Them

  • Avoid using extensions or styles that add tension to your edges.
  • Beware of hats and headbands.
  • Make use of bonnet or silk scarves to protect your hair edges when you go to bed.
  • Rub natural oils on your hair edges.
  • Limit the number of times you touch your edges to the lowest minimum.
  • Make use of a deep conditioner as often as practicable.
  • Moisturize your edges as much as you moisturize your hair.
  • Take enough vitamins and nutrients in your diet.
  • Avoid heat on your edges totally.
  • Be patient with the results you get. It takes some time to restore your edges.

Best Edge Control To Relaxed Hair Edges

Best Edge Control For Relaxed Hair (FAQs)

What are the edges?

They are simply the hair growing along your hairline. Baby hairs are also part of the edges.

Why are edges so important?

This part of our hair goes a long way in showing off our style. Your hair edges add that final telling touch to whatever style has on. This reason is why celebrities pay close attention to their edges.

Can cotton scarves affect my edges?

Sure they will. The friction they add whenever you use them will make your hair edges break quickly.

Is it necessary to always wash out your edge control product?

No, it is not. Some good edge control products break off themselves. And for some others, a comb will help in getting them to break off.

What other products can I use for my edge control?

You can also make use of natural oils, shea butter, and honey too. They all work well, especially the shea butter. 

Final Words and Recommendations

All you need to keep your hair looking good whenever you style it and step out are your edges. To have those edges in the best condition is equally important. This reason is why you have to get the best edge control out there for your hair edges.

The Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control For Relaxed & Natural Hairs is one of the best products out there. This edge control product delivers keeps your hair edges all laid throughout the day and shiny also. The product is expensive, yeah. But, it is equal value for your money. I recommend this product as the best edge control for relaxed hair.

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