Top 11 Best Extensions For Very Short Hair – Buyer’s Guide

The age-old question of “what should I do with my hair?” can never be answered. For instance, you decided to cut your hair into a bob or a pixie cut but ended up not liking your appearance afterward. Sounds like the worst nightmare, doesn’t it?

Top 11 Best Extensions for Very Short Hair

Or perhaps due to some accident, you had to chop your locks off, and you want your long locks back, what are you going to do? You can always opt for the best extensions for short hair.

What if you are suffering from receding hair and in dire need of coverage? Also, pulling off short hair requires an insurmountable amount of confidence, and once the chopping procedure occurs, there is no going back.

You may find yourself searching for a way to get those locks back. Hence, this is where the best extensions for hair come to rescue.

Our Top Picks Best Extensions for Very Short Hair

What are the best hair extensions for short hair? Now you may have decided to purchase them but a friendly reminder; it is no easy task. There are plenty of options to choose from, considering the popularity of hair extensions for a pixie cut and all sorts of short hairdos.

Let’s cut to the chase. We have narrowed down the list to 11 of the best hair extension for short hair.


1. Remy Human Hair Extensions Full Head

Double Weft 100% Clip in Remy Human Hair Extensions #1 Jet Black 10''-22'' Grade 7A Quality Full Head Thick Thickened Short Soft Silky Straight 8pcs 18clips

Why is this product considered the best extensions for short hair? The answer lies in the features. The number one concern for most of the customers before making the purchase is the authenticity of the hair quality.

To eliminate your agitation, they use 100% human hair extension. It radiates the natural aura of human hair.

It is crucial to hide the balding spot while you are on a date or a party. Or maybe your new hairdo is a disaster. This product is regarded as the best Remy hair for a bob since one single pack is enough for an entire head.

By using these best hair extensions for short, thin hair, you will find yourself glowing with self-confidence and optimism.

Moreover, if you are worried about styling these extensions according to your preference, then do not worry, since you can either curl or straighten or even dye it to your liking.

However, keep in mind that the temperature must be less than 180 degrees. The extensions are available in 8 pieces, with 18 clips attached. Besides, they offer a range of sizes on the best clip in hair extensions for short hair.

As for the durability, the extensions last up to 12 months, depending on the utilization and handling of the product. Although if you find any faults in the first month, there is a 30 days return policy for your convenience. The best natural looking hair extensions are available in various hair colors to satisfy your needs.

Pros & Cons of Remy  Hair Extensions


  • 100% human hair
  • Affordable
  • You can style them to your taste


  • The hair is thinner in the clip-ins
  • Tangle easily

 2. 18″ Short Hair Extensions Clip in Human Hair

18" Short Hair Extensions Clip in Human Hair Brown to Blonde Highlights 70grams 7pcs Silky Straight Full Head Clip on Balayage Extensions

Perhaps your wedding is just around the corner, and you want to assemble a lustrous look with soft silky curls. These are the best hair extensions to get since they are made of human hair. It eliminates the artificial vibe.

You can opt for the elven appearance with its 18-inch length, or the other three types of lengths it offers.

What is the best kind of hair extensions to get? The kind that is soft and thick at the same time, the kind you can fashion according to your own choice without having to worry about its longevity.

You can wash, curl, or straighten these extensions just the way you want. And to garner the perfect length and volume, you will need 2-3 sets.

To hold the crown of the best hair extensions for short hair, it must be easy to use. The fitting of the extensions is a piece of cake. Even if you are a novice to hair extensions, you will figure it out in a jiffy.

Also, the clips play a massive role in the setting of extensions. These particular clips are satisfactory as the hair is thick on the top.

Furthermore, this is also considered as the best extensions for your hair due to its low maintenance. You can wash the hair extensions by making sure no conditioner or shampoo touch the clip region. Subsequently, it is obtainable in diverse colors, including brown to blonde highlights.

Pros & Cons of 18″ Short Hair Extensions Clip in Human Hair


  • Natural look through human hair
  • Four types of length
  • Low maintenance


  • Contains black fibers

3. 15 Inch Short Hair Extensions Remy Human Hair

15 Inch Short Hair Extensions Remy Human Hair Clip ins #613 Bleach Blonde Double Weft Straight Real 613 Extensions Clips on 70 Gram 7 Pieces

For those of you who are brand new to the bob hairdo and looking for a change, this best Remy hair for bobs is the perfect extension choice. The struggle is real when it comes to shopping for natural-looking extensions.

However, these best extensions for terse hair are all 100% real Remy human hair, meaning they can be fashioned and washed just like your natural hair.

If you are hoping to transform your short hairdo into 15-inch long locks, these hair extensions will serve you right. It is essential to acquire the best clip-in extensions for short hair. Clips are attached to the base and come ready-to-use. You can style your extensions by using straighteners and curlers.

Clipping the pieces to your natural hair on your own is the best way to put in extensions. It is a pretty easy procedure once you get the hang of it. Hair is a prominent part of our appearance and can be a huge factor contributing to our self-esteem. Extensions can help boost our confidence significantly.

Additionally, these extensions require minimal maintenance as you can wash it without having to worry about hair damage. Although make sure you are cleaning in a gentle manner, and the shampoo should be kept away from the clip-in area at all costs. It comes in a variety of colors, including beach blonde.

Pros & Cons of 15 Inch Short Hair Extensions Remy Human Hair


  • Comes with several clips on pieces
  • Soft texture
  • Easy to use


  • May get knotty

4. 10inch Clip in Human Hair Extensions Brazilian Virgin Hair Afro Kinky Curly

10inch Clip In Human Hair Extensions Brazilian Virgin Hair Afro Kinky Curly Clip in Hair Extensions Natural 4B 4C Kinky Curly Clip Ins 7pcs/lot,120gram/set

Who doesn’t like natural-looking curls? Curls give you a feisty appearance that uplifts your confidence. This product wins the race by a large margin, considering it is the best hair extensions for very short hair.

It does not use any artificial hair; it is made of complete human hair. The curl is much spicier than the classic flat curl.

It comes in a natural black color with a tang of brown in it. If you are selecting the 10-inch extensions, make sure you know the final length will be 5 inches at most. Before making the purchase, ensure your preferred length. It offers a range of lengths that gives you a diverse styling option.

What are the best clip-in extensions? This product is considered to be the best clip-in because the double hair weft has small toupee clips sewn onto them. It provides firmness and comfort all at the same time.

Moreover, it has an overall weight of 120g, including the clips. However, the weight can go up to 280g if the extension pieces are increased. Ultimately you are both secure and confident.

We all know how unnatural a wig looks; these clip-in extensions assure the natural image no matter what. You may want to dye the extensions or straighten it; you have the full freedom to do so. Its unprocessed virgin hair gives it the credibility to work as natural hair. It is the best extensions to get!

Pros & Cons of 10inch Clip Hair Extensions Brazilian Virgin


  • Well-crafted double wefts
  • 100% unprocessed virgin human hair
  • Various lengths


  • Smells a little off
  • The hair shedsThe hair sheds

5. OneDor 20″ Curly Synthetic Clip in Claw Drawstring Ponytail Hair Extension

OneDor 20" Curly Synthetic Clip In Claw Drawstring Ponytail Hair Extension Synthetic Hairpiece 190g with a jaw/claw clip

Are you suffering from hindered growth of your hair? Would you like to see longer locks accentuating your appearance? These extensions are here to deliver. They are made of synthetic fibers, which are high-quality Japanese Kanekalon.

Kanekalon is the best quality fiber available since it is both cost-effective and low maintenance.

Kanekalon is a higher-grade synthetic hair that typically looks pleasant. Moreover, to satisfy their customers, the best removable hair extensions offer two methods to put the hair extensions on.

You can either use the claw clip to acquire a firm clip-in or its incorporated drawstrings for comfy attire. You will look fabulous in a ponytail if you pick this one.With the weight being less than 200g, rest assured you will have a cozy time.

Besides, it has a length of 20 inches, which earns you the perfect goddess look.

Furthermore, there are plenty of colors available to choose from, which includes auburn and dark brown. Considering the length and volume it provides, you are in good hands.

What kind of hair extensions are best? The kind you wear to the party and get praised for. These extensions are pretty easy to use; you can put it on within seconds.

Also, when it comes to its maintenance, you can wash it with a slight amount of shampoo. Being reusable is one of its greatest qualities. Moreover, saving both time and money is its primary goal.

Pros & Cons of OneDor 20″ Curly Synthetic Hair Extension


  • Shiny like real human hair
  • Dual ways of wearing
  • Multiple colors available


  • Tangles quickly
  • The top of the ponytail is very light

6. s-nobility 10″-22″ Clip in Remy Human Hair Extensions

s-noilite 10"-22" Thick Double Weft 130-160g Grade 7A 100% Clip in Remy Human Hair Extensions Full Head 8 Piece

Do you want to add instant volume and elevate the healthy radiance of natural hair? Just get yourself these extensions, and you are good to go. They are manufactured with 100% Remy human hair. Talk about best hair extensions for thick hair; it is grade 7A quality, which makes these extensions thick and robust.

Additionally, as it is created with human hair, it provides you the natural aura and gives you silky, shiny, and smooth structure.

Also, you can style these extensions just like you would with your hair. Let the curler and straightener heat up; however, maintain the heat below 180 degrees since anything over this temperature can cause damage.

Why is it the best type of hair extensions for short hair? One of the reasons is its availability in multiple colors. The range of color includes golden brown, light auburn, jet black, and many more.

Furthermore, the 22-inch hairdo will surely give you space to style according to your choice, or you can opt for the elven semblance.

Which extensions are best? Those that offer double weft in their extensions as it provides more volume. Double weft hair extensions mean that there are two single wefts sewn together in one mesh of hair. This product gives you just that.

Also, the weight varies from 110g to 170g. Moreover, it comes with an extra 2 cm length to match with your hair length properly.

Pros & Cons of s-nobility 10″-22″ Remy Hair Extensions


  • Grade 7A quality
  • Double weft
  • Natural-looking


  • May smell bad
  • Split ends

7. SARLA 14″ Wavy Synthetic Short Halo Secret Hair Extensions

SARLA 14" Wavy Synthetic Short Halo Secret Hair Extensions Ash Blonde Balayage Natural Hairpieces No Clip No Glue No Tape 3.8oz M04&16H613

Ever wondered what would it be like to own halo hair extensions for short hair? They are the new generation of hair extensions, providing a greater volume and a thicker appearance by attaching itself to your real hair. What’s more interesting is it does not require any clip-ins. It is super easy to wear and remove, as well.

Moreover, it is considered to be the best hair extensions for short hair and long hair since it is made of 100% Synthetic Japan High-Temperature Fiber. It can withstand heat up to 180 degrees.

If you are dissatisfied with the 14-inch length, they offer two more lengths for your convenience. The approximate weight of the hair is about 120g, which is pretty lightweight compared to other products.

One of the most prominent reasons for this to be the best hair extensions for natural hair is its abundance of available colors. You can find Ombres such as black to gray and bleach blonde to pink, including the natural colors.

The manufacturer made sure that you keep up with the latest fashion trends with the added benefit of a boost in your social life.

As for its maintenance, it is pretty low in that department, unlike other hair extensions. However, you can’t treat it as natural hair since it requires a few steps of pampering.

To increase the longevity and hold out against tangles, you must condition it properly during the wash and use a detangling spray to obtain the glossy aura.

Pros & Cons of SARLA 14″ Wavy Synthetic Hair Extensions


  • Halo secret hair extensions
  • Consists of Ombres
  • Withstands high temperature


  • A little large for small heads
  • Does not go well with short hair

8. 13 inch 80g Clip in Remy Human Hair Extensions

13 inch 80g Clip in Remy Human Hair Extensions Full Head 8 Pieces Set Short length Straight Very Soft Style Real Silky for Beauty #4 Medium Brown

The hair extension is composed of hundred percent of Real Human Hair, so it is natural and beautiful. The extraordinary shine of the hair instantly catch the eyes. One pack is enough for a full head.

You can quickly and easily extend with other colors, except waiting for the growth of hair. This is the top solution for the embarrassing situation, quick repair for bad cut hair.

The procedures improved self-confidence and self-esteem. The extension is great for any occasion. You have the chance to return the defective product within 30 days, or you can get a full refund.

You can ask us any question freely. We are ready to answer all the issues instantly.

The color shows on the monitor of the PC, or the screen of PC and light source can be different from the real clip hair. We are ready to give full fund if you are not happy with the obtained color.

Features of 13 inch 80g Clip in Remy Human Hair Extensions

  • Six to twelve months
  • Hundred percent silky, soft straight and premium Remy human locks
  • Usage: Maybe curled, trimmed, washed and dyed. The very reasonable temperature is less than 180 degrees C for a short period

9. Ombre Colored Party Highlights Clip on in Hair Extensions

SWACC 12 Pcs Ombre Colored Party Highlights Clip on in Hair Extensions Multi-Colors Hair Streak Synthetic Hairpieces

They are truly wonderful. They are doubtlessly perfect as you draw your curling iron and would like to make some wave for your hair.

The composition and the color of the hair are very wonderful. This is nice to add some pop of colors, and you have to choose from.

Fine color and simple to take off or clip on. Surely, they are the expert’s real strands. The cost of the product is more than acceptable.

Features of Ombre Colored Party Highlights Clip on in Hair Extensions

  • Twelve pics in a set clip on or clip in colored hair extension, one piece with one clip add and simple to use
  • Made of hundred percent high-quality Synthetic fiber, this moves, looks and feels just like original hair with the reasonable price
  • Get instant highlight blend except for chemical treatment for your hair. Wonderful short term applying for regular hair beauty, theme party, birthday party, Halloween costume
  • For various PC monitor’s flashlight and color setting, the very small color difference will happen

10. SWACC Short Messy Curly Dish Hair Bun Extension

SWACC Short Messy Curly Dish Hair Bun Extension Easy Stretch hair Combs Clip in Ponytail Extension Scrunchie Chignon Tray Ponytail Hairpieces (Strawberry Blonde-27#)

The quality of the extension is very high in proportion to the price. Its clips are sturdy, and I feel comfortable to use it.

I have no tension at the time of getting down to the dancing floor. I have mousy brown hair, and ash brown is the greatest fitting one. People ask me many questions all the day what is the special occasion.

Under there is a picture, and you can see how my hair looks with this special type of hairpiece.

Features of SWACC Short Messy Curly Dish Hair Bun Extension

  • SWACC messy bun comes with EZ Stretch Hair Combs Double Clips, clips in is perfect for your ponytail
  • As made of hundred percent Synthetic fiber, it moves looks and feels like original locks with reasonable price
  • Great for fullness and volume to a ponytail or a bun and very simple to use
  • Notice: Messy Curly hair pieces and Expand Hair Combs are inseparable. For various computers’ monitor settings, the light color difference can happen

11. SWACC Short Cute Curly Claw Clip Ponytail Extension

SWACC Short Cute Curly Claw Clip Ponytail Extension Synthetic Clip in Ponytail Hairpiece Jaw Clip Hair Extension (Off Black-1B)

For synthetic the quality is very good. My gripe is one pound. I like to order Jett black rather than natural black.

My hair is dark, and you can tell the difference if you look it closely. Besides, it comes with a razor to the top to lighten it up as the hair is flat forward to the top. After all, I order it again.

Features of SWACC Short Cute Curly Claw Clip Ponytail Extension

  • For various computer monitors’ color setting, the only slight color difference can happen.
  • The synthetic ponytail features the innovative flat style claw clip. It clips well on your head for own ponytails
  • Possibly hundred percent top graded synthetic fiber. It moves, looks and feels like original hair with affordable price and very simple to use. There are lots of colors in it
  • This is fit for all head type. Added with crocodile clip or a claw with a drawstring that give comfort and security for all the day
  • Length: from 12 to 13 inch near about. Weight is having Claw Clip: 4 to 4.5 oz. (120-135 Grams)

How to Choose the Best Extensions for Very Short Hair

What are the best hair extensions? It is a tough question to answer since there are so many options. However, to make this task more comfortable for you, we have pointed out a few crucial aspects. It is best to be aware of these before purchasing.


If you are looking to get a change in color without having to damage your natural hair, extensions are a great choice. There is a diverse amount of colors available, including highlights and Ombres.


For instance, you may have short bobs with weave and facing difficulty in growing it out. You can always opt for the extensions to achieve the extra length. Moreover, it helps hide out your bald spots if you are suffering through it.


Thinning of hair is a real issue among us, and an added volume helps boost our confidence. Make sure you get the right amount of voluminous effect for your hair before purchasing extensions.


There are two types of materials; one is the virgin human hair, and the other is synthetic hair. Then again, the synthetic hair comes with a lot of variations. However, human hair provides a natural hue, whereas synthetic hair is more cost-effective.

What are the advantages of using hair extensions with short hair?

Hair is the part of our body, and we may get tired of the rapidness. Instead of stress about dying or cutting your hair, use hair extension as a rapid, easy method to breathe like to lift your mood.

You would like to grow out a shortcut, are very short and very long stage…hair extensions may aid mask the stages of the hair growth… as you got the length, you may not like to take them out.

Tips to keep in mind when using hair extensions on short hair

Your hair must be at least 3-4 inches long

The great hair extensions are added to your head applying sticky strips and clips that are little thicker than hair extensions.

Tips to keep in mind when using hair extensions on short hair

When your hair is less than three to 4 inches long, clips are visible through shorter hair… particularly on a windy day! Therefore, 3 to 4 inches hair is a must to cover the clips and keep your look chic.

As the hair is short, it is difficult to blend the hair extension. The shorter the hair, the shifting you turn out.

The extension must blend

It may seem a tad surely, but it is surprising matter that many extension users do not blend the extensions for their natural hair more to make an extension requires matching your natural hair color.

Keep in mind, the longer the difference in length between the hair extension and your natural hair; the harder would be to blend the hair extension. Do not use extension longer than 20 inches.

Don’t use synthetic hair

You can buy synthetic hair extensions with a reasonable cheaper price. Be sure the count of styling cost. As synthetic hair extensions are made of only plastic fibers, they may not be dyed. As a result, matching the extension with the hair is very important.

For plastic product used, most of the synthetic hair may not be styled applying heat and becomes damaged and matted if slept in.

On the contrary, extensions are made of the same procedure for the human hair react since the normal hair does to dying, curling, heating, and sleeping.

The synthetic extensions will last for six months, through human expansion will remain for a year and make them a smart outlay for extension users.

Style your tresses with the extension clipped in

You have got the right judgment to use human hair extensions. After that styling, the hair is a waft. The only thing you have to do is to use normal flat iron, hair dryer or curling iron to make a style for your hair.

Clips of the extensions are strong, and you can braid or style your hair according to your wish.

When you style your hair with extension clips, you transform hair in a natural look. It is not possible for the synthetic hair as the styling tools can harm the extension.

Layering your extension can be a great challenge if you possess short hair. As you add the extension wefts unevenly or crookedly, the consequence may be unnatural, lumpy looking locks… not a good appearance.

If you have a blunt cut like a one-length bob, the extension may be noticeable until professionally attached.

To be sure the hair ends up with looking beautiful and chic for complicated cuts, a good option will remain for your hairdresser and make a layer of your extension.

There will be a great difference between the extension and your natural hair. A professional cut can ensure right length and different layers to make a fuller or more natural and aid to blend the extension.

Best Extensions For Very Short Hair: Watch The How To Video

Best Extensions For Very Short Hair  (FAQs)

Let’s have a look at the most frequently asked questions related to hair extensions:

1. How to use hair extensions?

It is a pretty easy task. However, there are different types of hair extensions with different ways to wear, including clip-ins and secret halo ways. A simple YouTube tutorial should be sufficient to show you upfront on how to wear them if the manual guide isn’t enough for you.

2. How long do hair extensions last for?

On average, if you are taking proper care of the extensions, clip-ins last up to a year.

3. Can I wear clip-in extensions every day?

Of course, you can; many women wear it daily to obtain the length and volume.

4. Do hair extensions cause hair loss?

No, they are not capable of causing any bald spot or thinning of hair.

5. Can I sleep with clip-in extensions?

While it doesn’t matter if you wear hair extensions to bed, but they are not explicitly designed to do so.

Final Words and Recommendations

Overall, this article will assist you in making the ideal purchase. It consists of the best options available in the market for you.

However, if you ask us which one is the best extensions for very short hair, then it would be the 15 Inch Short Hair Extensions Remy Human Hair since it is made of human hair, and it is 100% natural. Plus, it is obtainable on a range of colors with minimal maintenance.