Top 8 Best Human Hair For Tree Braids – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Something is empowering about wearing a tree braid that's hard to describe. It feels sturdy and expressive while also feeling protective. However, if you want to rock a tree braid, you'll need the right hair extensions.

There's no way you'll want to get artificial and cheap anywhere near your hair. They need to be smooth, silky, and perfect for all of your braiding needs. That’s why you need to invest in the best human hair for tree braids to make your hair pop.

Don't worry; we have got you covered. We’ve gathered the best human hair on the market and put them together in one list for you to choose from. So without further ado, let’s get stylin’!

We’ve comprised the 8 best human hair for tree braids to make your life easier. We’ve also created a human hair buying guide to help facilitate your decision.

Our Uppermost Picks Best Human Hair for Tree Braids

We went through countless options out there in the market. However, eight stood out as the best of the best. So, here are our top picks!

1. Hannah Deep Weave Bulk Braiding Hair

Hannah Deep Weave Bulk Braiding Hair, 100% Human Hair,Micro Braids,Hot Selling,Mixing length 50g Each Bundle

When you're going for the best hair for tree braids, it means there's no scope for poor quality. They have to be completely soft and silky and comfortable to comb and take care of. That is asking for a lot, but even then, this Hannah model not only meets the standards but exceeds them spectacularly.

This brand has a track record for offering some of the absolute smoothest and silkiest human hair in the market. They are 100% genuine, with absolutely no artificial elements to them. You can expect nothing short of premium quality and elegant results.

They have a smooth feel to them and stays in incredible condition if you maintain them properly. These are excellent for micro braids, giving each strand an oomph of character that results in something utterly gorgeous. However, this isn't a list for micro braids.

That's where we're happy to report that this makes superb tree braid styles with more than stellar results. There's just so much to love about the sheer brilliance each strand brings to the table.

Each pack offers about 50 grams. Buy accordingly, and you'll be able to make the hairstyle of your dreams. It's no wonder why it's the first entry on our list.

Features of Hannah Deep Weave Bulk Braiding Hair

  • 100% premium human hair
  • Jet black color
  • Long-lasting if properly maintained
  • Superb for micro braiding
  • Natural coloring

2. ZSF Hair Brazilian

ZSF Hair Brazilian body wave bulk Hair Brazilian human hair for braiding bulk no attachment 3pcs Brazilian braid hair in human bulk hair Mix Length 14”16”18”

Are you looking for hair with exquisite bulky waves? Do you want the feel of real Brazilian hair? Then ZSF’s got you covered with premium and soft hair you will never want to remove. This dynamic wavy hair is a fantastic option that can rival tree braids with Xpression hair.

ZSF offers the peak of premium condition hair. Each strand feels silky and smooth, and that feels nice. It's effortless to comb them up into whatever form you want. Tree braids come naturally as they blend incredibly to the roots of your hair. It’s very easy to attach and really makes your hair pop.

What makes this hair so special is that it is extremely dynamic in the things you can do with it. You can dye it, perm it, straighten it, and so on. It even offers multiple different sizes so that you can go a little crazy with your styles and come out with something extremely unique.

As such, you get so many options for tree braids styles that it’s simply astounding. Its natural and 100% virgin, so you get a guarantee of its quality. The moment you get them, you’ll have a field day styling your hair up to get the tree braids of your dreams.

Features of ZSF Hair Brazilian

  • Can be permed, straightened, dyed and more
  • Easy to maintain
  • Pristine natural coloring
  • A pack with multiple sizes for unique hairstyles
  • 100% virgin hair

3. SPANISH BULK Braiding Hair

SPANISH BULK Braiding Hair- Wet and Wavy, BEST Affordable Human Hair for Tree Braids KAALE- 18-20" Tangle Free

We’re all aware that human hair can cost a lot of money. So, we have to consider an affordable option for those who just want to wear tree braids for a short amount of time. For them, this Spanish bulk hair is top of the line for the price you pay.

Usually, high-quality hairs cost above $100, and even more. Those aren't a viable option if you're on a tight budget. However, hair under 100 dollars aren't usually that good in quality. This unit is exceptional in that regard. You're getting what you paid for and more.

Of course, it won't be as good as the milky way human hair for tree braids, but it’s outstanding for the price.

If you think the hair is a bit dry, all you have to do is add some moisturizer. There is no need to go through rigorous shampooing. It starts to ripple instantly without using water or mousse. Also, it feels nice to comb, and you can easily comb it into the style you want.

These are an extremely cheap alternative to get yourself great nice tree braids ponytail. It's easy to manage and easier to put on. Of course, as we mentioned, you are sacrificing some of the quality. However, the stellar price and relative quality more than make up for that.

Features of SPANISH BULK Braiding Hair

  • Easy to moisturize
  • Can be heat styled
  • Tangle-free
  • Follows a smooth ripple pattern
  • Easy maintenance

4. Addcolo Bulk Human Hair 4

addcolo Bulk Human Hair For Braiding #4 Medium Brown Color Real Human Hair Natural Wave&Medium Brown 100g/bundle

When you see some pictures of tree braids, it's natural to ask yourself just how they make their braids pop out so well. It takes a lot of styling, but you can't go anywhere without human hair that can make that style truly superb. To fulfill that purpose, we have our fourth entry on this list.

Addcolo always brings hair with unmatched texture and quality. All of their units are extremely well maintained and do not come out with the poor quality of any kind. You’re getting 100% genuine virgin human hair. Just from the natural waves, you can see how good quality and smooth this is.

You can use this in a lot of creative ways to get the style you want. It looks amazing, no matter what style you go for. If you want to try out awesome wavy Mohawk tree braids, this unit will have you covered. The natural locks are an absolute treasure that brings a much-needed spice to any hairstyle.

Moreover, you’re getting 100 grams for every bundle you buy. This is enough for a full head if you’re alright with a normal style. If you’re going for something thicker, get about 2 to 3 bundles, and you'll be set. There's just no doubt about it. If you're going for individual tree braids, there’s probably nothing better.

Features of Addcolo Bulk Human Hair 4

  • Exquisite brown coloring
  • Natural and smooth waves
  • Easy to maintain
  • Smooth and silky quality
  • One bundle is enough for a full head coverage

5. Yaki Bulk Braiding Hair

Yaki Bulk Braiding Hair, Human Hair Blend, Braids Hair Extensions for Twists, Hot Selling, Length 18"

So, we’ve all been a part of the infamous tree braids vs. crochet braids debate. Both are honestly really good styles that can turn out incredibly nice, depending on the type of hair you are using. However, a lot of people would want to try both styles and change between them.

Unfortunately, most hairs are not compatible with both styles. That’s why we’ve added this incredible unit for our final entry. There’s a lot to love about this hair. It makes incredible tree braids cornrows that’ll get all your friends talking about you.

Each strand is well maintained, smooth, and silky. It gives you a lot of room to improvise and make unique styles that can set you apart from the rest. So far, we've shown you either jet black or brown hair. That's pretty limiting if you really want to get creative with your hair.

And that's why this entry offers you hair that comes in a plethora of colors. There is no need to dye; you can simply get the color you want immediately. It also helps to try out styles and get that perfect cornrow tree braids photo.

To put it bluntly, it feels incredible. You can try many different styles and love every single one. It'll feel so great; you might even forget how to remove tree braids in the first place.

Features of Yaki Bulk Braiding Hair

  • Many colors to choose from
  • Natural human hair
  • 100 grams per stack
  • Is suitable for micro braids and tree braids
  • 18-inch length

6. Kinky Curly 100% Human Brazilian Bulk Hair For Tree Braids

Kinky Curly 100% Human Brazilian Bulk Hair For Tree Braids, Brazilian Knots, Braiding, Etc. 14" Dark Brown/2 Darker Shade Than Color 4 Dyeable 3 BUNDLES

Kinky Curly 100% Brazilian original human Remy hair extensions. For Brazilian knots, braiding all strand by strand styles. You like to purchase three bundles of kinky curly Brazillian hundred Remy hair extensions in bulk approx eleven oz.

You have to buy three bundles. This hair is very hard to come by so to do yourself a favor and purchase two orders at the Summer special price. All ladies who desire to get curly hair may wear it. Stretched length now is bonus two inches.

Maintenance: as you do not like to use shampoo on your new hair with sulfur product. Apply CoLyfeRaw argan oil for day or two days basis. Normally gather loose hair at night in a silk bonnet.

In the morning spray with conditioner and wash it away. Rearrange all hair with the fingers. You may mix CoLyfeRaw organic argan oil about four to five squirts from the spray bottle for a soft appearance.

Features of Kinky Curly 100% Human Brazilian Bulk Hair For Tree Braids

  • Tree Braids, Great 100% human hair for Fusions, braid styles, and Brazilian knots fusion
  • Kinky Curly 100% Virgin Brazilian Real Remy Lock extensions Bulk for braiding
  • Good type of conditioner perfect for this lock- CoLyfeRaw brand
  • Most and use a conditioner like the Argan oil with the help of the dropper
  • Removal Schedule: Damp, apply Argan oil to wash, the eliminate and prepare it for re-use
  • Removal time: moist and use Argan oil
  • To condition, wash, then eliminate, great to use it again
  • Great conditioner found for this type of hair

7. Loose Deep Bulk Braid Human Braiding Hair 18-20″

Loose Deep Bulk Braid Human Braiding Hair 18-20" Tangle Free Hair Great for Tree Braids

Deep volume human hair. The hair is soft, high-quality braiding hair. It separates simply so thanks. We give this nice hair for you. Please do not apply heavy conditioner on your hair.

To maintain well add light oils sheen each three to six days. Conditioner and rinse hair will transfer tips and hair quickly. Air dry. Bold dry. Almost dry sheen hair generously.

After three weeks, wash it well. Do not use diluted shampoo or other shampoos. Wash with just conditioner. Air dry. Bolt. Style with the fingers. Thanks for those ladies who like to get most affordable Treebraids. Clients like this new hair we have got this idea.

Features of Loose Deep Bulk Braid Human Braiding Hair 18-20″

  • Slack Deep bulk best human lock Dark brown
  • Waves last for a longer time with the help of a wide comb Organic Root Stimulator Sheen spray or some other comparable sheen spray only. Then add conditioner very sparingly with rubbing between the palms of hands before smoothing lightly over through hair to tips

8. Deep Bulk Braid Human Braiding Hair

Deep Bulk Braid Human Braiding Hair 18-20" Tangle Free Hair LIKE DEEP WAVE Great for Tree Braids

When you buy it from online, you will find that it is hundred percent human hair. It has very loose spiral curl and very nice to look at. If you leave it at the end, I get many compliments every day about it. It is not free from tangle and surely tangles less.

Buying is very lucrative. But keep in mind that you need to give order three days before as I think they order it from somewhere else.

Features of Deep Bulk Braid Human Braiding Hair

  • One client doctor in Philly obtained a close up of her cornrow tree braids with the deep bulk locks in color one pounds while manning flu question phones
  • Wow! 2 month is enough to grow strong… the secret lies in the conditioner, then comb with rat tail comb
  • Keep the conditioner in proper maintenance. To get thicker consistency and curlier tips keep in condition
  • Bulk human hair

Best Human Hair for Tree Braids Buying Guide

Now that you know about the different types, you still need to know a few things before you make your final purchase. After this, you'll be an expert on hair for tree braids, even if you used to ask, “what are tree braids?” before this guide.


The amount of hair a bundle provides is measured in grams. They range from 50 grams to 100 grams or even more. You will have to use this measurement to determine how much hair you need actually to get the size you want. Usually, 100 grams is enough for a full head.

For all of you who want thicker styles, you might want to invest in a few more. Furthermore, you have to pay attention to the length of the hair. Make sure you get the length you need. Of course, you still have the option to cut them short if you find that necessary.

Human Hair for Tree Braids Buying Guide


Low-quality hairs have issues where they cannot be easily maintained. No matter how well you shampoo them, they get rigid and unattractive. For that, you'll need to get hair that is maintainable easily. You don't want to end up spending too much time just maintaining your hair.

Furthermore, different types are maintained in different ways. Some need moisturizers, while others need shampooing. So, keep that in mind. If maintained properly, you can keep using the hair for more than a year.


This is probably the most vital aspect of the entire selection process. You'll need to make sure that the quality is in tip-top position. Or else, it'll reflect poorly on your hairstyle. Furthermore, the damage will be noticeable and will take away from your style.

So, you have to make sure whatever you’re getting has the right quality. Make sure it is 100% virgin hair for maximum quality. You should also make sure that the hair is smooth and silky the way you need it.

What are Tree Braids?

Tree braids are great for your natural hair to have a protective hairstyle. There are two types of hair braids. You can use it every day and for some special occasions. They are the cornrow tree braids and the personal tree braids.

Hi The desire to have the best two worlds? Tree braids are very natural hair. You may wear it for your hair. You can divide the hair into two parts. Tree braids are great for natural hair, ensures it time to feel relax.

Tree braids remain fresh from two to three months with proper care as well as maintenance. It will take less time than micro braids or long box braids. The hairstyle will give you a free-flowing appearance. You have a chance the expected length which you like. This is great for relaxed and natural hair.

What kind of Human hair to use for tree braids?

What kind of Human hair to use for tree braids

So far this is the number one question I have asked you. Before you have taken a decision, think more how much and how long will you like to buy.

  1. 1
    To have maximum length and fullness, I suggest you use 24-inch locks for the tree braids. The used hair must not be less than eighteen inches. Some braiders will recommend you to use 24 inches, but they use 18 inches. You can ask why you use such long hair. When finish tree braids the hair folds in half, so 24 inches end up being more like twelve to eighteen inches ends up very close to nine inches when the head is finished.
  2. 2
    You have to collect two packs of hair or 8 oz. if you have an intention to buy it from online, you will get 4 oz bundle. So you have to buy two boxes.
  3. 3
    Be sure that your lock is not on a weft. You like to get hair which is meant to be braiding. Therefore it must be loose. You have the possibility of reusing the hair after you have taken tree braids. Finally, I would not ask you to buy the most expensive hair which you may get as you may use it for one time.
  4. 4
    I am an online shopper. If you have a desire for me, I will suggest you visit for braiding hair of the left-hand panel. I suggest my clients have French Refined hair or European wave hair.
  5. 5
    Or if you have a desire to buy from local beauty supply store, I suggest you buy Milky Way hair our Outre hair. They will offer you the most bang for your money.

How To Do Tree Braids

The style is very simple, and even a cave dweller can use it. There are lots of pictures below, and you have to choose the right one for your attire and structure. If you are an expert one you can try different tree braids style to prepare tree braids. The system of making tree braids is stated below:

  1. 1
    Use a small lock of hair extension for the braid
  2. 2
    Divide your hair into 1.2 inches shorter sections straight to the hairline and use clip to the place. Start from the hairline and make tight cornrow braid.
  3. 3
    Do the same things for the other sections as well, begin along the line of hair?
  4. 4
    Begin to braid your original hair and go for the following step as long as the extension is attached well to the natural hair. The most of the extension can be unbraided along with flow freely.

Care and Maintenance of Tree Braids

Care and Maintenance of Tree Braids

The hard level of caring for tree braids style depends on whether you use an extension or not. It is very simple and simple to manage. As you have no intention to spend money for professional services, you can use tree braids at your home with some exact procedures. As the tree braids start falling out or become loose, begin to re-braiding instantly.

Cleaning Tips for Tree Braids

Rinsing the tree braids is very simple when you do it for human hair. You can use shampoo and condition your braids as you like to keep them clean and resist builds up. As you like to use hair extensions, you have to wash them at least one or two times a week.

Give more emphasis on braids and scalp at the time of cleaning tree braided hair. Vigorous scrubbing can make the braids undone and messy. Use waterless shampoo after each wash to rinse the braids.

Tree Braids Hairstyles for  Women

Best Human Hair For Tree Braids  (FAQs)

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding human hair for tree braids:

1. Can I dye the hair?

Usually yes. Most good quality human hair can be dyed. However, synthetic alternatives and non-virgin units cannot. So, keep that in mind before you make a decision.

2. Can I make a tree braid alone?

It's very hard to make a tree braid by yourself. Ideally, you'll need to get help from a salon, a trained professional, or just a friend to help you get your tree braid. You can try it alone, but it'll be really hard.

3. Can I curl the hair?

If you have 100% virgin hair, you can curl, dye, and so on with no restrictions. Hair with synthetic properties is more restrictive. You'll need to curl at the provided temperature to make sure you don't end up damaging the hair.

4. How many packs should I get for a full head?

Usually, you'll need 100 grams worth of packs. However, this can differ based on the length of the hair. So, it ultimately depends on the characteristics of each unit.

5. Can I use them for a perm?

Absolutely. Most, if not all, of our entries, can be permed to aid whatever hairstyle you want.

Finally of the best human hair for tree braids

Final Words and Recommendations

Now that we’re at the end of our list, you should know exactly which hair you’ll get.

In case you’re still not sure, we recommend our fourth entry, the Addcolo Bulk Human Hair, as the best human hair for tree braids. The quality is utterly smooth, and the texture is more than lovely. It's also 100% premium and virgin.

That is why we recommend this above all others. However, that doesn’t mean you have to choose this. Pick whatever suits you best and get the hairstyle of your dreams!