Infiniti Pro Conair Curling Iron Reviews

It is a dream of most ladies to see that their hairs are tidy, attractive, stylish, and even to an extent, have some fabulous curls. Besides, these ladies would want it looking all-natural. For them to achieve this purpose, they need to use the best curling iron. That is what we intend to write in this Infiniti pro Conair iron review.

You should know that using the wrong curling iron could damage your hair root permanently and make your hair fall out often. Also, using it the wrong way is another disaster waiting to happen - not to mention that it could burn your fingers. If you are unknowledgeable about the type of curling iron to use and how to use it, how do you get the best out of your hair? How do you intend to make those dream curls on your hair?

Due to different types of curling irons in the market, it's increasingly difficult to find the most suitable curling iron for use. The abundance of curling irons has given women the power to transform their hairs to their preference without going to a saloon or hiring a hairstylist. Thanks to this review, you won't be having selection challenges because we will be reviewing the Infiniti pro curling iron.

What Is the Infiniti Pro Conair Curling Iron?

Infiniti pro Conair curling iron is a curling tool by Conair Corporation, an American Corporation headquartered in Stamford. The corporation specializes in the manufacture of personal care products, including hair tools and appliances.

The Infiniti pro gives your hair that extra smooth, flowy, and lovely curls, while using the most natural ions for natural, radiating hair shine. Whether you have straight, thick, short, or long hairs, Infiniti pro Conair is capable of making your hair look beautiful.

The Infiniti pro Conair nano tourmaline ceramic curling iron comes in 1 and 1.5-inch sizes for different hair lengths and sizes to maximize the result. As for the temperature heat-up, this Conair Infiniti pro ceramic curling iron takes between 10 - 30 seconds to heat up.

Design Features of Conair Curling Iron

Different Heating technology for Versatility

Conair curling iron heats up within 30 seconds and has five precision heat settings to ensure that you have the best curls on your hair. Not everyone has the same type of hair. Some hairs are thin, thick, or coarse - and would require different heat levels to achieve the best result. This hair curler allows you to set the required temperature for your hair and also enables you to monitor the temperature in the LED heat settings. 

Temperature Level

Type of Hair

Low power of 285 degrees Fahrenheit

Suitable for thin hair

Medium power of 310 degrees Fahrenheit

Ideal for average to thick hair

Medium-High of 330 degrees Fahrenheit

Suitable for thick hair

A high temperature of 360 - 400 degree Fahrenheit

Suitable for Coarse hair

Conair Offers Varieties of Barrel Material to Choose From

So as there are different temperature/heat settings to suit different hair types, so as Conair offers varieties of barrel material to choose from. Conair barrel materials can be made from ceramic, tourmaline, titanium, Teflon, and gold-plating.

The type of barrel material is crucial because it determines the kind of hair curls and is effective in reducing heat damage. Barrel material also contributes to how smooth the surface would be to avoid the chances of your hair getting fried.

Tourmaline and ceramic are the best when it comes to that and gives users ultimate control over the curling iron.

Infiniti Pro Conair Curling iron Review

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron, 1-inch Curling Iron

Infiniti Pro By Conair Nano Tourmaline Ceramic 1-inch Curling Iron

Designed with nanotechnology, this curler promises to create those long-lasting shiny curls that you dream of.

The 1-inch size is perfect for that short and thick hair of yours. It has an extra smooth tourmaline, infused with ceramic to create that smooth surface that will go easy on your hair. It takes less than 30 seconds to heat up, comfortable to turn on, and can heat-up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Forget about having hair frizz because this curling iron produces natural negative ions that neutralize frizz and eliminates hot spots. With these, your hair is likely to get damaged.

With 5-precision heat settings, you have the choice of which style or curl you want your hair to be like. This is the power of choice Conair has been talking about - creating the best style that the user wants. Whichever form, shape you want your hair to go, the Conair nano tourmaline ceramic 1-inch curling iron is there for you. The power is in your hands! Forgot to turn off your curling iron? Don't worry because the auto-off function will turn it off after minutes of no use.


  • Has nanotechnology that eliminates hot spots and reduces hair frizz.
  • Infiniti curling iron has 400 degrees Fahrenheit highest heat setting.
  • It has five precision heat settings.
  • Auto-off function.
  • Has a smooth tourmaline surface for enhanced performance
  • Includes a protective heat glove to prevent burns

Pros & Cons of FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Pro Styler


  • Conair curling iron heats up very fast.
  • Has 24 hour curl control, even in humid conditions
  • Designed to create long-lasting curls and hair waves
  • Has an excellent uniform heat recovery system
  • Has a clamp that holds the hair tightly as you make your curls


  • The cooling tip is small.
  • It doesn’t have dual voltage.

How to Choose Infiniti Pro Conair Curling Iron

There are certain features you ought to look out for before buying the Infiniti pro Conair iron. These features include;

Adjustable Temperature Control

Your Infiniti pro Conair hair tool should have a comfortable and adjustable temperature setting to make hair styling easier. The control settings should suit the type of hair that you have. For example, to make specific curls on your hair, you need to set your iron at a particular temperature. The temperature for making short curls on tight hairs is set differently to waves on straight hairs.

Barrel Size

Infiniti pro Conair comes in ½, ¾, 1, ¼, and 1.5-inch sizes to fit the length and thickness of your hair. The 1-inch size is suitable for those short and thick hairs, while 1.5 inches is suitable for long, thick hairs. Therefore, determine the type of hair that you have so that you can apply the right size of hair curler on it.

Auto-off function

In line with creating a safer environment, Conair made sure the auto-off function is incorporated in all of their products. Sometimes, you may jump into doing other things and forget to turn off your hair curler. This feature helps to turns-off the hair curling tool when not in use. It's that extra safety measure that you need. So make sure your device has the feature when buying.


Tourmaline is a black and transparent occurring mineral that can be ground into a smooth powder infused into ceramic plates. A high temperature s detrimental to your hair. If your hair is regularly exposed to this high temperature, it can damage it. That is why buying a curler with ceramic tourmaline plates will guarantee the safety of your hair, durability, and hardness of the curling iron. Ceramic tourmaline plates produce natural ions than normal curling iron would - and this makes your hair shine for longer hours.

Heat Safety

While most curling iron companies claim to provide cooling tips on these irons to avert burns, buying one with gloves will give you extra protection. If you would be using your curling tool for long hours, buying with extra heat gloves will make sure your hands don't get burnt during use.

30-Second Heat-up

For efficient time management, you need a curling tool that needn't waste your time. Any device that makes you wait for a longer time before it heats up is no excellent curling tool. This is the feature you need to look out for in a curling tool.

When it comes to heat-up, the Infiniti pro Conair is efficient. Within 30 seconds of being on, the curling iron is already hot for use on your hair. Awesome right? So in a few minutes, you must have gotten your hair done, which contributes to effective time management.

How To Use Infiniti Pro Conair

How to Use Infiniti Pro Conair

While you intend to use your curler for the first time, you must take the necessary precautions. Else, you risk damaging your hair and even damaging the curler.

The following steps will teach you how to use this curler to style your hair. 

  1. To avoid getting a burnt hair, spray your hair with a protectant.
  2. If your hair is wet, blow it under the dryer. Then divide into small portions for easy styling.
  3. Clamp the curler. Hold your hair and use the curler to make your desired curls. Avoid using your curler to touch your head.

Where to Find Infiniti Conair Curling Iron Replacement Parts

You can find all Infiniti Conair curling iron replacement parts on Conair.com and other online stores like Walmart, Amazon.

Maintenance of Infiniti Pro Conair Curling Iron

  • Don’t keep your curling iron on a flammable material for safety reasons.
  • Keep it in a safe place, out of the reach of children.
  • Use the right barrel size for your hair.
  • Never use the curling tool on wet hair. Blow the hair under the dryer before attempting to use the curler.
  • Don't use a curling iron with low voltage.
  • To clean your curling iron, use a cleaning agent to clean the surface plates. Use a clean cloth to wipe.

Cutting Edge Technology

The Conair 1 1/2 Inch Professional Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron possess Tourmaline Ceramic Technology which circulates natural ions to remove annoying frizz for healthy-looking and shiny hair. So you may expression the day having great sureness. Nanotechnology will give you some extra smooth for your lock and simply glide.

Tips And Tricks of Conair Infiniti Pro Curling Iron

  • As you possess wavy, dry and curly hair. Wash this type of hair with shampoo along with the conditioner and keep some conditioner on your hair to ensure more softness.
  • Do not use the hairspray to make curl the hair on the section of the hair. Aerosol spray cannot expose heat so do practice with caution. You may make your lock stick to the surface of the barrel and snag too. This may damage the outer coating of the hair. Now think of the damage that the curler leaves for your hair.
  • Apply heat to save the serum but do not on the scalp or the roots
  • Put together the curled part and bobby pin to make it cool down. Coarse and thick hairs are bulky, so if you let the warm curl drop just after making curl, this may be flat for the weight of the hair.
  • If you do totally over your head, then cool it down. Softly shake your head for sometimes and make curl where you like. If you are fully satisfied, use the hairspray. If you use the spray instantly after making curl, the curl may seem unnatural or stiff. Though the retro waves or the vintage curls may hamper the stiffness. If you like, you may use the hairspray immediately after making the coil. This is all that you want to make the curl of your hair.
  • If you use the bigger barrels for, the thinner sections to make it spiral and use small barrels to make the part bigger for the excellent look.

Conair Curling Iron How-To

Infiniti Pro Conair Curling Iron Reviews (FAQs)

Can I use the Infiniti Conair curling iron on any hair type?

Yes, you can use the Infiniti Conair curling iron on any hair type, so far, you adjust the barrel size.

How long does it take before the curling iron gets hot?

All Infiniti curling irons, including the Infiniti pro Conair nano tourmaline ceramic curling iron, becomes hot spontaneously. It takes not more than 30 seconds to heat-up.

Is the Infiniti pro Conair nano tourmaline ceramic curling iron a good product?

This product is one of the best curling irons you can find around. Every user is 95% satisfied with how it works magic on their hairs.

How long can I use my Infiniti curling iron?

All curling irons have sell-by dates, which makes it susceptible to stop functioning at the optimum at one time. If your curling iron goes beyond this sell-by date, using it further may endanger your hair. You should replace it after four years.

Which is better for hair ceramic or tourmaline?

It's a matter of choice. Both materials are excellent in protecting hair from heat damage and hair frizz. Often, the two elements are combined for a more effective result because they produce negative ions naturally.

Can my Infiniti curling iron start a fire?

Curling irons takes time before it cools down, especially after reaching a high temperature. If you place your curling iron in a flammable area, it will start a fire.

Can I use 1 ½ inch Infiniti curling iron on a short hair?

1 ½ inch-barrel size is suitable for long, thick hairs. Using it on a short hair will not achieve the best result that you want.

Final Words and Recommendations

Conair has produced some fantastic hair curlers, but the Infiniti pro by Conair nano tourmaline ceramic 1-inch curling iron is a standout in the crowd. With amazing functionalities and features, this curling iron is head and shoulder ahead of even the most popular ones. Being that Conair Corporation brand is behind it, you are assured of fantastic hair curls, classic and distinct styles that will give you a whole different look and increase your self-esteem. This is what we have been able to establish in this Infiniti pro Conair iron review.

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