Revlon Curling Iron Reviews

In 1 inch-diameter styling iron comes with 20 heat settings; therefore you can use it to make waves and curl for all kinds of hair- from thick to thin, from fine to medium. 60 seconds is enough to receive heat and recovers instantly to manage a constant temperature.

The tip of the iron stays cool, and the barrel is 4 inches long. To ensure safety, it has a stand flips to lay down with barrel touching the counter. The iron works anywhere in the world. It has 110 to 240 volts system. It has a one-year limited warranty against any defects.

Revlon is the best kind of hair curler for the users. There are 30 heat settings of this curler. So you can get your desired temperature by using the curling iron.

The temperature will rise pt 400 degrees. We have evaluated several different kinds of iron to get the best outcomes in this industry. Read the Revlon Curling Iron Reviews and learn the results that we researched.

There are some safety characteristics. This high temperature will leave no damage to the hair. Excellent locks curlers for bulky hair article could the solution for you, read in detail.

I never got such kind of product in my life. The Revlon Perfect Heat curler is the best curler in the market. It has primary spring clamp. Read the full article excellent locks curlers for bulky hair to find out what you are looking for.


  • It has auto power off and various heat settings, the cord does not tangle as this has a rotating device and to hold the barrel has a little ridge


  • The indication light is very faint, so this is stuff to know whether it is off or on. Keep your hand far from the button as this may feel uncomfortable if you remove the hair from the iron.

Features of Revlon curling iron 1 inch

  • Tourmaline & Ionic Technologies and Triple Baked Ceramic, for the softer contusion curls without the frizz.
  • 30-second quick heat up for immediate results
  • high Heat, steady Heat for the ideal styling level
  • 30 temperature Settings and an Automatic Turn Off
  • has Protective Silicone Heat Shield 

Revlon perfect heat tourmaline ceramic styling iron

Revlon Perfect Heat 1inch Professional Styling Iron with Ceramic has the best quality to make different kinds of curling locks.

The curling iron will only take 60 seconds to absorb the heat. There are 30 heat levels of the temperature. It also has automatic shut-off device on this product.

There is a tangled free swivel cord which is tangle free. And the dual voltage will help you to use the product anywhere in the world. Revlon is very easy and straightforward to use the product.

For a more detailed look at this tripod, watch Revlon curling iron video review

Revlon curling iron how to use

Wash your hair thoroughly. It makes the process easier to move the Revlon curl iron to go over the hair. When you finish curling the hair, you must not brush it again. The reason is that it can brush out the curl.

Start the Revlon curling iron. If your hair is tough and stubborn to work or if you have very thick hair, set the knob of the Revlon dial to 35 or the top setting. Other locks types may want to begin with 20 to 25. When the iron creates beep sound, it is finished warming up. When you find it warm, you can start. Remember, do not touch it.

Keep the Curling iron on your hair and grape it. There is a rubberized grip with the Revlon curling iron. With this, you can make curl for your locks. It has a rubber thumb grip for styling beam. Place your thumb on the Revlon rubber grip and sadden it. Slide the open Revlon styling beam to the part of your part of hair which requires straightened.

Keep the Revlon iron on every hair for up to 45 seconds as your hair is straight. If the hair is mildly wavy, keep the iron for 20 seconds. If the iron does not come out or sticks, do not think more about this matter. The Revlon iron may straight your locks by keeping it in the fixed place for a valid period.

Hold the Revlon iron with the thumb rigidly to move to appear the other part of the tresses which requires straightened. If you finish, press and catch the thumb grip against and take out the Revlon iron from your hair.

To turn the Revlon iron, remove the knob you applied to the off position. Then unplug the iron. Let it make completely cool before keeping it in a drawer or cabinet. The time span of becoming completely cool is at best 30 minutes.

Avoid burning hair with a Revlon perfect heat curling iron

Curling iron makes styles of your hair. But for making the style of the hair, you need to make the iron very hot. If you use it for a long time, this will damage your hair. People need to use the proper heat for making the style of the hair. Before using, you need to be sure that your hair is totally dry.

For wet hair, using the flat iron is very fatal. It is needed to adjust heat according to your need for hair. You need not use overhead to burn your hair.

You can make a section of your hair for this purpose. Hold the hair; wrap it around the curling iron far from an inch of the scalp. Hold it for two to three seconds.

You need not keep it not more than four to five seconds. Too much heat can cause burning of your hair

An Excellent Idea on Curler

Use the straightener to curl your hairs. To do so, you require doing a lot of practice at this moment. Many wands and curling irons are made to bounce the practicing stage and lead you to the curling way for the first time.

Professional Spiral Hair Curler will result in the barrel that wraps locks although you are going to the right moves. If you use more, you may go to the more ductile irons. Leave the lock with the curled system if you desire to.

The user review on Revlon perfect heat tourmaline ceramic styling iron

The user review on Revlon perfect heat tourmaline ceramic styling iron


I have bought the curler keeping huge hesitation in my mind. Previously, you made curl for your hair; it remained for a long time. The tips may be the main thing to make a curve. For the first time, I have bought the curling iron and had lots of confusion, I tried to curl my hair, and the result I got was charming.

The spiral remained the whole day and looked very shiny as well as soft. I had got new hairstyle in my life. I am entirely happy with the curl.

Apply heat level fifteen. When I wrapped the hair, I looked my finger would change the standard of the heat is not a big deal. I go forward it back.

For long hair

I have got the curling iron as I like to have curling hair. I have got the curler, and I thought it was not worthy as it did not make my hair curl. My friend had big hair, and he got the curl perfect.

I was very much astonished to see the spiral as it looks beautiful. If I think like this, I will not buy the curler. I have kept it to use it when my hair grows.

Buying guide of Revlon perfect heat curling iron

Why you would like to buy Revlon curling iron

There is a clip in this iron which holds the hair in a particular place. So there is no reason to slip the hair from the barrels. There is a tourmaline barrel which prevents frizz. Revlon is best suited for all types of hair.

We have tested this iron on different kinds of hair and found that the iron does a good thing for all sorts of hair. This iron does not become too hot though you keep this for the extra time with the plug.

How to buy Revlon perfect heat perfectionist

Now there are many products on the market. All of them are not authentic. Some are fake and false. Even they demand more money, but the result is not okay. So try to buy the real product. Some products are fake the quality is very low.

So you need to be smart to purchase the product. Try to purchase the actual product. For this purpose you can see the reviews of the customers, you can visit the web pages of the product, or you can see the videos of the product on YouTube.

Some companies demand even two or three times more than the real products’ prices. You should know these facts then you should buy the product. Some products are also producing in the overseas and the quality is not okay indeed.

Where could I buy Revlon perfect?

The price of the product is also very reasonable. To get the product just click here. There are also many other options from where yocurl lock curl creamu can get this product. But be sure they will take more money for this. But you will not get the expected result.

People like to have this product as the product has the assurance of honesty.

If you order the product, you will get this just within 24 hours. They will give you discreet package for which they would demand no money or extra charge. There are some embracing slogans above the package.

Still, they are ready to refund all the money if any custom is not satisfied with the result he or she has got. They are willing to offer some extra assurance.

Guarantee of curl locks for black hair

The Revlon Perfect Heat has a 1-year warranty. We like to see more years guarantee as this is the average warranty of the product.

The product is very gentle to use on the hair. It has the highest temperature settings. My old one lasted for four years, and yet the ceramic had not peeled.

The on and the off button is annoying if you are not careful as this will accidentally turn off. The curling iron may also happen in heat setting options. You will get the better result if you avoid off and on a button.

I hope you will never consider the negative reviews of the product. It does the best no doubt. Revlon will also leave no damage to your hair.

Product Info – Revlon Curling Iron Reviews

  • Dimensions Product: 3 x 6 x 15 inches ; 13 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • ASIN: B00005CDSQ
  • The model number of the Item: RV051C

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Revlon Perfect Heat Curling Iron

Question: How quickly its heat up?

Answer: It will take only 30 seconds to heat up

Question: How many sets of heat do it have?

Answer: There are 30 heat settings with auto turn off

Question: How much is the lowest temperature setting?

Answer: The lowest temperature is 0 and there is the line of temperature setting like 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and the top temperature is 30 degree. It has very adjustable temperature settings

Final Verdict

There are many benefits of using Revlon Perfect Heat. The unmentionables are various heat setting, a barrel made of tourmaline and self-power off.

There is a spring clamp which is very useful for the thick hair, and there is lower heat setting which is very helpful for the thin hair.

Revlon provides curls for all types of hair, and there is no product like the Revlon Perfect Heat. Thank you very much for reading the Revlon curling iron reviews article here.

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