Top 3 Rusk Flat Iron Reviews

More than ever, the present world of fashion is spiced in elegance and classic taste. In a century with many questing for quality, top-notch products are often the demand in markets.

There are varieties of flat irons in the market. Each of these flat irons is designed for styling the hair properly, heating it and other assigned functions. With a plethora of flat irons flying about the market, choosing the best for your hair can be a daunting task. 

In choosing the best flat iron for your hair, it is imperative you know some things about the nature of your hair. For instance, if your hair is fragile and thin, flat irons (which are mostly hot) can burn it. Of course, some flat irons' heat may not be sufficient to heat your hair.  

Are you in a maze and have little or no idea of the best flat irons to choose from? Have no worry. By the end of this article, you will know just the right flat iron for your hair.

Our Top Picks Rusk Flat Iron Reviews

We will be taking you on an eye-opening tour by presenting the top three rusk flat iron reviews. The aim is to expose you to the cogent facts of each rusk flat iron and its suitability. Are you ready? Let's tour!

1. Rusk Engineering CTC

RUSK Engineering Heat Freak Professional Ceramic and Tourmaline Straight Iron

Made to measure up to high taste and standard, Rusk engineering CTC is superb and excellent for hair styling. Encased in a special Ryton housing, it is durable and has the tendency to still be in shape for a long time and keep performing well. This product gets ot in a matter of minutes; with provision for temperature, adjustment to suit all your hair wants where appropriate. All that comprises CTC technology, helps in mitigating the effect of the transfer of heat.


An added bonus to the efficacy of the rusk titanium flat iron is that the Sol-gel tech is present. The technology helps in providing the best of glides, thus assuring the best condition for your hair. Its set-up is simple and can even be used to take care of your hair just like a pro.

In addition, Rusk CTC flat iron is perfect for smoothening and straightening services of the hair, among many other services. Your hair will be made smooth, straight and aglow. Rusk CTC flat iron is a particular ideal for hairstylists who deal mainly in hair smoothening and straightening services. 

An added advantage is the inclusion of a specialized memory function. The memory function aids easy selection of the best temperature by simply pressing a button for such purpose. It is easy to use. For added performance, the manufacturers included features of ergonomic design.

Pros & Cons of Rusk Engineering CTC


  • It has a unique housing. 
  • Inclusion of Sol-gel technology.
  • Featuring ceramic heaters and plates infused with titanium.
  • The rusk ceramic flat iron is designed to make your hair straightener, smoothened and glittering.


  • The product gets damaged easily especially when it falls with force

2. Rusk Professional Straight Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

RUSK Professional Straight Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

Do you hope to make your hair feel better than before? Are you hoping to give it a quality better than ever before?  Using Rusk Professional Straight Ceramic Tourmaline flat iron can give you just that. Owing to its lightweight, this rusk flat iron for hair come with a great deal of ease in its use all day with little or no stress. 


For optimal performance, this product has tourmaline gemstone which gives those negative ions and heat. The product also comes with sol-gel tech that smoothens your hair glides and make the hair smooth, frizzy and silky each time it's used.

In addition to this, the flat iron also comprises features of ergonomic design to make it best fit and versatile for unique applications. For ease in using it, all dials and buttons are placed on the product's handle. In fact, the exceptional features available on the flat iron make it ideal for use by hairstylists, salon professionals, as well as DIY enthusiasts. 

Furthermore, this rusk hair straightener has unique plate sizes incorporated with ceramics and tourmaline, which makes it optimal for virtually any hair type. Also, this rusk professional flat iron gives room for the convenient and easy straightening of your hair.

Pros & Cons of Rusk Professional Straight Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron


  • Adjustable temperature feature.
  • It is best fit for various hair types.
  • It has an extra-long cord for powering ease.
  • Its ergonomic and durable designs make it suitable for professional use and needs.


  • The cord can be mismanaged by some users due to its length.
  • The long cord can also be difficult to manage for other users.

3. RUSK Designer Collection Thermal Flat Iron Spray

RUSK Designer Collection Thermal Flat Iron Spray with Argan Oil, 8.8 fl. oz

The third on our list of top three rusk flat iron reviews is rusk engineering straight ironThis rusk hair straightener is specially designed for optimal results when used on hair. Incorporated with ceramics and tourmaline plates, this rusk straightening iron is associated with the exact heat just when required each time it's used. Aside from this, its working mechanism is built in such a way that it helps to spread ions and heat. This mechanism enhances ideal hair straightening advantages.


In similitude to other Rusk hair products, the flat iron has proven to be suitable for professional users and novices as well. If you are in search of flat iron for frizz-free, silk and glittery hair results, Rusk engineering straight iron is a good shot. Recommendations from experts and many users are pointers to this fact.

In addition, the flat iron is ideal for the optimal heavy output associated with salon professionals and experts. It can withstand the heavy-duty performance required by professionals for professional purposes. Added to this is the top-notch results this tourmaline and ceramic str8 iron yields.

Added to its list of advantages is its simplicity - it is very easy to use. All it requires is for you to exercise cautiousness; especially when placing it to the root of your hair. Also, the long cord enables you to work in your convenience with ease in powering. It is built with plates wide enough to give room for optimal results. What's more, this flat iron has adjustable temperature and suitable for almost any hair type. 

Pros & Cons of RUSK Designer Collection Thermal Flat Iron Spray


  • The buttons for operating the flat iron are well arranged and placed on the product's handle.
  • Features of ergonomics added to the flat iron makes it comfortable for use.
  • The incorporation of ceramic plates and tourmaline makes it suitable for heavy output.
  • The temperature dial of the product is adjustable.


  • The indicator of the heating sometimes malfunctions.
  • When working on large scale projects, the plates exteriors often overheat. 

Why Choose This Flat Iron?

The reason you should choose Rusk flat iron is quite simple. It is simply to give you the optimal result. After all, the desire of every consumer of a product is to get the best. For ideal care and styling of your hair, Rusk flat iron is simply the best. 

What Type Of Hair Is Suitable For Rusk?

Rusk flat iron is designed in such a way that it is suitable for almost any hair type. This is one of the reasons rusk flat iron is the number one choice of many users. Hairstyling with flat irons can be counterproductive in some situations. Most flat irons are hot and can burn your hair if it is fragile. In other situations, the heat from these flat irons may not be sufficient for thick and coarse hair.

But with Rusk flat iron equipped with adjustable temperature, you can be assured of the safety of your hair. This is because Rusk flat iron is suitable for all hair types. 

Why Is  Rusk Flat Iron  One Of The Best In The Market

There are many accountable reasons for this. Rusk flat iron product is specially designed to meet the high standard of people, ranging from professional users to novices. Rusk flat iron is not only the best for hair styling and care, but its simplicity in usage, adjustable temperature feature, extra-long cord inclusion, suitability for any hair type, ergonomic designs, durability, among other features also show clear reasons why Rusk flat iron is one of the best in market.

Who needs to use rusk deep shine flat iron

The specialized hair straightener is very helpful for home use and for professional stylists for those who have a very tight budget. People who wish to have frizz-free, kinks and telephone like hair can easily use that iron.

People like the tool that renders straightening and smooth service including Kerashine™ Conditioning and Ant curl.

What does the others says about the product

My hairdresser purchased this flat iron for me from his specialist trader six decades back. It works amazing! I have  bought another one for my daughter recently as she is going away to school. The plates are somewhat broader and longer than any other irons I have tried. The plates do not eliminate heat as you are using them.  

The best part of the flat iron is it gets heated up to its maximum temperature within a moment. The plates are curved on both sides, so I can also moisturize my hair with it by using it as a curling iron. I use it almost daily.

First Impressions: Rusk Heat Straightener

Rusk Flat Iron Reviews (FAQs)

Is there a manufacturer’s warranty on this product? 

Yes, there is.  The manufacturer offers a two-year limited warranty. Once you receive your product and register it as newly purchased, then you will have a warranty. 

Is it auto shut off?

No. It does not have auto shut off

Is it meant for just straightening? Can it be used for curling too?

Yes. In fact, it can do both perfectly. The only thing is, while straightening is quite easy, curling requires some skill for optimal results

If my flat iron won't heat up, what should I do?

You have to press the button. It's above the "on" button. Press it until you have your desired heat setting. It usually heats up under a minute. If you increase the heat and the display doesn't go up, you most likely have a defective unit.

Is Rusk a good flat iron?

It is an acknowledged fact that Rusk is ideal for giving smooth and shiny hair results.  What's more, it makes use of sol-gel technology that keeps hair soft and beautiful. These among others are reasons why Rusk is a good flat iron. 

Can this iron work for my hair if it's thick and coarse?

Yes. Confirmations from many users have proven this to be true. Although it may take more time to make it work for you, it'll definitely do just fine for your hair

The iron does not heat up, just says 89

I have no such reading like 89. The readings are 300, 375, 340, 410, and 450. So you need to Rusk check to see the reading. I end up some sections; they end the damage and break. Apply a heat protectant. Be careful to use the highest settings. They (410-450) are most excellent for str8enting THICK locks sections. Contented str8enging!

Final Words and Recommendations

Taking good care of one's hair is no doubt essential and beneficial. It is not only for hygienic reasons that you care for your hair. You take good care of your hair to also appear adorable and nice-lookingLittle wonders why music stars, football players, fashionistas and business people always have their hair in good and presentable condition. 

It is said that the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. The dressing is not limited to fabrics alone. It extends and even begins with your hair. Your hair is an iconic part of your dressing and personality. Keep it sparkling in good condition!

Having gone through the reviews of the top three rusk flat irons in this article, we hope you are now able to make your choice.