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A lot of people classify beauty as the cloth and footwear they wear, but class is missing its value without fantastic hair to back it up. Hairstyle adds to your look and beauty. However, to maintain looks, many have spent money on hair treatment and hair care products.

This is where tyme iron comes in. Tyme iron is a brand by Jacinda Smith to give women both time and beauty.

If you have not experienced the uniqueness and quality of tyme iron, then you are in luck. In this tyme iron review, you will get some vital information about the product. We will also be checking the newest version of the brand's product, tyme iron pro. But before we begin, let's know what the company offers.

What about the brand?

Tyme products are the outcome of a family business. The brand is known for producing quality and long-lasting devices and cosmetics. Their product comes with customers' interest and satisfaction at heart for outstanding hair care and style.

The company also produces a variety of products from hair care products from flat irons to blow dryers and hair spray.

How does TYME Iron look?

The tyme iron looks like a hair straightener, but this one has a more prominent and round barrel. The round barrel is what creates different curls such as beachy waves, loose, tight, significant, and bouncy curls. It also comes with smoothness and light pink color surface

TYME Iron Pro 2-in-1 Hair Curler and Straightener


Plus, an elegant inscription of the TYME that doesn't take the focus from the whole design of the flat iron.

Every design of the tyme hair iron corresponds with the outstanding features of the device.

Insight on the TYME Iron

Tyme iron has some particular first-class features different from other flat irons. Here is a list of some of its outstanding attributes.

1. Temperature Control

The tyme iron pro has five power settings, which means it has various temperature controls to soothe any hair texture, type and length 300, 325, 350, 375, and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the light on the iron indicates the temperature it's on by the number of blinks; therefore, one light-blink for 300 degrees to 5 blinks for 400 degrees.

It also has a temperature memory that it starts with from the previous time you used it. In other words, if you used a particular temperature the last time, the iron will remember and begin from that heat level the next time you turn it on.

2. Automatic Shut-Off

This is an exclusive feature that helps to prevent any mishap or accident. The tyme iron comes with a unique system that turns off the device if left unused for thirty minutes. So, you are safe even when you mistakenly forget to turn off your iron.

3. Comes With a Heat Sleeve

The tyme iron has a heat sleeve that comes very handy, especially when you need to travel with your iron after use. With the heat sleeve, you don't need to wait for the iron to get cool before keeping it. It also saves the iron from diet and dust build-up. 

4. Free Styling Session

The company also offers a free one-on-one styling section with its virtual stylist. This helps customers to get the best from the iron, especially when you get the tyme iron pro.

The stylist will also guide you on how to get your desired style through video chat. However, you can book the appointment at a time convenient for you as well as ask and get your questions answered. Imagine enjoying professional salon tips from the comfort of your home.

5. Customer Support from TYME

Tyme iron also offers responsive customer service for any queries on short notice by leaving a request on their help center. That's not all if a customer is discontented with the product, TYME offers a thirty-day money return policy. In some cases, customers may have an additional return period of ten days.

TYME Iron Pro 2-in-1 Hair Curler and Straightener

TYME Iron Pro 2-in-1 Hair Curler and Straightener

If you love a mixture of elite and beauty as well as quality, then this tyme hair iron will charm you. It is uniquely designed with a shimmering light pink exterior and high-quality lightweight material to last for a long time.


Tyme hair straightener is built with a titanium plate for optimum and durable performance. It can give both straight and curly hairstyles that can last for days and is suitable for various hair lengths, textures, and structures. With its five temperatures adjustable settings making it just right for granting you comfort to style your hair in whatever style decided.

This tyme hair styler also heats up at a fast speed giving you less time to do more and gives you a professional styling from the comfort of your home.


It also comes with a temperature memory that allows you to start from the same temperature you use. In other words, you don't always have to keep setting the temperature to soothe you. Plus an auto shut-off option of 30-minutes, and 360 swivel cord for safety and flexibility.

Beyond that, the iron also comes with a free video session for various style training and virtual assistants.


  • Dual voltage usage.
  • Advance titanium plates.
  • Presence of 5-speed adjustable temperature settings.
  • Automatic shut off option.
  • The presence of temperature memory makes it turn to the last temperature used.
  • One year warranty.
  • Free video assistance.
  • The device comes with a heat sleeve.

Pros & Cons of TYME Iron


  • It is suitable for both straight and curly hairstyles.
  • It heats fast heating and evenly distributes heat.
  • It has dual voltage for worldwide usage.
  • It is potable.


  • It is relatively expensive, but with the decent features it comes with, the price is worth it.

How to use TYME flat iron

Knowing the right method to use the tyme flat iron is based mainly on the type and style of hair you desire to make. Here are some ways of using the tyme iron for styling your hair.

how to use Tyme iron

1. For Straightening

Straightening your hair with this iron is straightforward; just make sure you apply the heat protectant before you start. The tyme iron has both gold and brown lines inside; the gold lines are for straightening the hair while the brown is to make curls.

After washing and drying your hair, turn the temperature heat setting to the one suitable for your hair.

Section and place the roots between the plates, then simply glide it to the tip. Do not apply too much pleasure, and you should get lovely straight hair. However, if you are trying to remove a curl, you have to make sure you increase the temperature and pull it a little more forcefully to take out the curls.

2. For Curling

After washing and drying your hair, apply the hair protectant, and dry thoroughly.

Section your hair and prepare your straightener. You can start at a lower temperature before using a higher one.

Take some part, about 2 inches of hair, and put it between the plates. Then run it forward, do not glide to the side or up. As you slide, twist your wrist slightly. The amount of twist you do is what determines the type of curls you will get.

However, to achieve tighter or loose curls depends on the rate at which you move the iron. For tight curls, move the iron gradually, while for loose curls, you have to move it quickly.

3. Curling Tips

If your curls are a bit tighter than you expect, you can loosen them by running your hands through it or combing it using a wide-tooth comb.

For beautiful hair, do not comb immediately after using the tyme iron. Allow the curls to set for some time before combing.

Don't squeeze plates very much as it may in kins on your hair.

4. Is It Easy to Use?

The tyme flat iron is easy to use, just like every other flat iron. However, it may take a while for you to become a pro at it. Just as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. If you are into hairdressing, you should know how much time and energy you put into getting to your current level.

So, you cannot possibly master the device usage in seconds, but with some time, you will get used to it.

Also, the company has a reliable customer service and virtual video assistance to guide you through a successful usage and experience.

Tyme Iron

What Users Say about this Flat Iron

Time iron has held a lot of success stories. Here are some few comments of what users have to say

  • The tyme hair straightener works excellent. It takes a couple of tries to learn how to use it, but there are lots of videos you can watch that make it much more comfortable.
  • Amazing! This iron is the bomb! The included facetime one-on-one section was super helpful in touching up my technique.
  • I have been thinking a lot about getting this curling iron and was worried to end up with another curling iron I'm not happy with, but to be honest, I'm so glad I got it.

How to Maintain the TYME Iron

Although this tool is super built, it also needs care. The lack of maintenance can reduce its lifespan and productivity as well as damaging your hair. However, routine cleaning regularly is required.

To clean this iron, you require a soft cloth and alcohol. Add some alcohol to the fabric and gently clean the inner and outer areas. Carry out the deep cleaning as often as possible.

After usage, store iron in its carton. If you are using the tyme iron pro, its heat sleeve is a great storage option. Keeping the iron can increase its performance and durability.

The Result You Get to Look Like Tyme Iron US

I would like to switch up to make the natural curls for the hairs. Hold the iron vertically, and then the clasp seems the opposite direction. 

Grip the hair from one to two inches from the end and curl the hair toward your head to the root of your hair. 

Hold this for seven to twelve seconds then remove the clasp. You can use this two options to make inward and toward to make the twist.

Use the hairspray from the deep layer of your hair. Then do the next tier. For the top coat, keep your face far from the iron as this may burn your face. 

To get the loose effect, I use the iron for five to seven seconds on my hair. I like the options one as this is not as curly as others.

Use hairspray to the bottom layer for the hair. Then do for the next tier.

At first, use the hairspray or conditioner to your whole head. Then wash them very well and make the hair dry. You can comb your hair well to avoid ringlets. You can also use your finger to prevent curls.

The Reason to Select Tyme Iron

TYME Iron is very pleasant as well as classy. There is a learning curve with this curling iron. So you may know the guidelines of using this curling iron from the web. The iron does its function very well. You need not think more about the curling iron.

What Makes Tyme Iron different? tyme style

The TYME Iron is designed well to use. There is a 360 swivel cord. The TYME will make a style for the hair within minutes. From curling to styling, the TYME will fulfill your need. You will get shiny and silky hair with the iron.

The Secret History of Tyme Iron – Tyme iron cheap

The design of the TIME iron is very simple and very easy to make the different curls for the hair. TYME Iron US has the double capacity to make the curls as we give the twist in the instrument, and this is not to the waist.

With the minimize heat this can create different curls for the hair. Within the minute, this will create the hair smooth and lasting curl for the hair.

The TIME iron is the best for the quality of the professional has the titanium plates, and this may save the time to make curls.

Warranty of Tyme Iron

If you like to get the warranty, then make contact directly with the manufacturer  Or you can visit the website of the product, or you have the option to contact the customer service team.

If you like to send the email, then post the details of the product, the style, and the model, or you can make contact with URL for the particulars of the products.

You will not be able to receive the warranty if you use the product wrongly, from the place where you have bought this product. Read the review of the product carefully then contact the manufacturer if you would like to ask any question.

Tyme Iron vs Beachwaver

Tyme iron is different from Beachwaver because it doesn't straighten hair, just add waves. It also has a control speed option for fast and slow speed to give you various beachy and loose curls. Its speed control also makes it more suitable for various hair types than Tyme iron. And it is also easier to use than Tyme iron.

The Beachwaver Co. Coast Pro Titanium Styling Iron

Tyme vs CHI

Chi hair straightener has excellent control options and offers zero chance of hair burn if properly used. It is perfect for both straight and curly hairstyles plus even heat distribution without cold or hot spots. It is also way more easier to use than the Tyme iron.

CHI PRO G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic 1" Straightening Hairstyling Iron

Tyme Iron vs Flat Irons

Tyme iron works in a similar way than flat irons. However, with Tyme iron, users can create both straight hair and curls whether loose, beachy, tight, etc. On the other hand, flat iron can only straighten hair.

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron, 1-inch Flat Iron

TYME Iron Pro Review & First Impression

TYME Iron Reviews (FAQs)

1. Is there any problem associated with using the product?

Over the years, there have been no adverse reports during usage associated with the tyme iron; it has been working fine. It is also suitable for left-handed users. This adds to the beauty and ease of the device.

2. Where can I buy the tyme iron?

With the number of knock-offs in the market, it is easy for buyers to buy the wrong product. You should buy Tyme iron always from reliable sources like Amazon .

3. How do I turn on and off the tyme iron?

To turn on the tyme iron, just turn on the power button. The iron is equipped with a LED light at the front that blinks. The light blinks until the desired temperature is reached before it stays lit.

To turn off the device, hold the power button until the light goes off.

4. Does Tyme Iron Pro get too hot?

The temperature settings of tyme iron are 300, 325, 350, 375, and 400 degrees. However, before using, ensure to spray heat protectant on your hair.

5. What is the right temperature for a curling iron?

It's much dependent on the type or thickness of the hair. If you have thin hair, you can go for temperatures below 300-degree Fahrenheit, while for thick hair, 300 and above is okay. Temperature above 400 degrees can be damaging to the hair. 

6. Which flat iron is best for curling hair?

The tyme curling iron is best for curling hair with its list of amazing features such as five-speed settings, titanium build, lightweight, heat memory, etc. to give you a memorable styling experience.

7. How hot does the Tyme iron Pro get?

The tyme iron gets hot to 400-degree Fahrenheit. This is the highest it can get, but there are four other lower temperatures that the product gives.

Final Words and Recommendations

The tyme iron pro is the complete package of what you need for successful hairstyling. It is produced with your hair in mind and how you can manage it best. Coupled with its long-lasting and high quality makes, this hair beautifier will give you more value for your money.

I hope you intend to buy one today. I would like to hear your testimonies of how satisfied the results are, in addition to the results of other satisfied customers.

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