Xtava Goddess Flat Iron Reviews

The flat iron is beautiful and sleek. There is a beautiful ceramic tourmaline plate which ensures the hair an excellent shine like if you pass it on the plates, for the frizzy and coarse hair.

It has an LCD screen which will allow you to see the reading of the temperature in the digital format. It has temperature increase and decreases buttons. There is also a 360-degree Swivel cord that is proved useful and doing waves and curls.

The Xtava is the best iron for the women today. It has the rapid power to absorb heat very quickly. This flat iron can raise the temperature from 150 to 450 very quickly which is best for all types of hairs.

If you need different and ease of handling, then you’re going to need to look at Xtava Goddess Flat Iron Reviews. It looks great, feels great, and most importantly, cost-effective.

There is an LCD to see the temperature reading. The iron is made with tourmaline plates. You will get shiny and smooth hair by using this iron on your hair. It is the best iron indeed.

Goddess Flat Iron Reviews

There is a swivel cord of 8 foot and 360 degrees. Xtava Goddess has a recorded time heating up system meaning that within 60 seconds you will get the desired temperature for your style. You will feel jubilant by getting your beauty. There is the dual straightener technique with this The Stave Goddess iron.
most excellent flat iron to curl the short hair

Features of xtava straightener

  • LCD and infrared heat technology
  • Controlling temperature up to 150 to 450 degree F
  • Tourmaline and ceramic technology with upper dual plate design
  • Great for ultra fast, silky result, great for all kinds of hair
  • Digital display setting to show temperature
  • Takes no time to heat up
  • The range of temperature is 150 to 450-degree increments of ten F
  • The cord is added with flat iron along with swivel. It may not twist up
  • light up
  • no smoky burn off or chemical smell with normal use
  • has a big bag with the iron
  • Spring is a good season for opening the flat iron, except tiring hands to place closed at the time of using for long hair.
  • Temperature maintains kept right where

xtava exclusives is better technology than the others

Rapid-heat technology confirms you that you need not waste time at all. Within few seconds the temperature reaches from zero to the top level. Ionic heats reach over tresses very easily, enter from the inside and get the good result.

To get the ultra silky results, the plate of the iron is made of tourmaline plates and the design is far infrared technology which distributes heat well all the parts. There is an LCD monitor and within 60 seconds the iron becomes heat up to 150 F to 450 degrees.

The Xtava Goddess has the rapid power to raise the temperature. The heat rises in incredibly short time. Xtava Goddess may penetrate into the hair quickly and gives the perfect result. This rapid power of increasing temperature saves the time.

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Product information – xtava Goddess Flat Iron

  • Delivery Weight:7 pounds
  • ASIN: B0192AVMFU
  • UPC:616320999520

How to Use Xtava Goddess Flat Iron

At first set the temperature to the flat iron first. The iron will automatically absorb the selected heat less than ten seconds if the selected temperature is not more than 300 degrees. If it is more than 300, then the iron will take only ten seconds to become heated. It is the best iron to make the different kinds of style within very short time.

Cleaning of xtava titanium flat iron

Be sure the flat iron switches off and unplugged or cool to the touch. Keep a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol to a soft cloth. Rinse the plate softly to eliminate dirt. Do not scrub. Never twist or pull power supply cable. If you see the damage, stop using. If it stops then operates quickly.

Dual Voltage Instructions

The appliance got dual voltage and can operate voltage from 110 to 240. Automatically the apparatus will adjust required voltage. Make the adapter plug with the correct configuration before to use with the outlet.

Safety Auto-Off

If you do not use the appliance, it will automatically turn off after sixty minutes of no use.

User Review of Xtava Goddess Flat Iron

User Review of Xtava Goddess Flat Iron


If you turn on this flat iron, you may set temperature from 150 to 450 degree. Once you get the desired temperature, you will lock it in its place.

Only 15 second is enough for the flat iron to reach the desired temperature if it is not less than 300.

Then it will take only ten seconds. The biggest demerit of the flat iron is that the place where the buttons are adjusting make them press by making a mistake. You need to press the up and the down temperature long to set it again. The system eliminates the problem

What is xtava hair straightener?

You may get all in one tool. I have used this straighten my niece’s hair to attend a marriage function; she had gone there, and the result is excellent.

Her mother expressed the desire to buy one for herself. I have passed the flat iron at a discount rate, and so I liked to test out. My niece was the perfect person. She has deep, coarse, frizzy and wavy hair. It is hard to manage her hair, and I told them to use this flat iron.

If you look the before and after picture, you will be happy to know it. I have used it and got great hair; the curls are very smooth and beautiful.

I am very happy to see the flat iron. When my Chi had damaged, I desired to have a digital one. There are lots of temperature settings here.

Digital flat irons are comparatively better for the health of the hair as you may see the exact temperature at the time of using it. As most of the dial-up irons take a lot of time to be heated.

Irregular heating, uneven temperature, and high-temperature damage the hair. If you do not use the digital readout temperature, just now order this flat iron and secure your hair.

Buying guide of xtava professional flat iron with tourmaline ceramic plates

How to buy the xtava exclusives

Now there are many products on the market. All of them are not authentic. Some are fake and false. Even they demand more money, but the result is not okay. So try to buy the real product. Some products are fake the quality is very low. So you need to be smart to purchase the product. Try to buy the actual product. You can visit the web pages of the product, or you can see the videos of the product on YouTube.

Some companies demand even two or three times more than the real products’ prices. You should know these facts then you should buy the product. Some products are also producing in the overseas and the quality is not okay indeed.

Where could I buy xtava titanium flat iron?

The price of the product is also very reasonable. To get the product just click here. There are also many other options from where you can get this product. But be sure they will take more money for this. But you will not get the expected result. People like to have this product as the product has the assurance of honesty.

If you order the product, you will get this just within 24 hours. They will give you discreet package for which they would demand no money or extra charge. There are some embracing slogans above the package. Still, they are ready to refund all the money if any custom is not satisfied with the result he or she has got. They are ready to offer some extra assurance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Xtava Goddess Flat Iron

Question: How much time will it take to be heated?

Answer: For taking the heat it will take sixty minutes.

Question: Is there any possibility of an accidental turn off?

Answer: No. When heat setting is finished, it gets auto locks. You must hold the off switch for 5 seconds then the tool will turn off. I pressed the button for several times and it never gets turned off. I hope it will help you.

Question: What will be if I do not turn it off?

Answer: If you do not use it, it will automatically turn off after an hour. I would not suggest you get anything on the plug for use more than five minutes let alone 60 minutes. You should turn it off before the scheduled time of becoming off.

You do not like to be an ordinary beauty. You need extraordinary beauty. The Xtava Goddess flat iron is the unique tool in this regard. It has a sleek design, dual color frame, the Goddess blends and the best technology having a super chic.

Hope Xtava Goddess Flat Iron Reviews article met your hope to purchase the best flat iron for your hair. In our analysis, we have evaluated their price, quality, overall performance and effectiveness. We believe that in our best space flat iron you have got the required information.


If the question is flat iron, it has great value. You obtain sleek design, performance, and features of the very expensive flat irons such as FHI and CHI. It is a great flat iron, trust me when I say it is an excellent alternative, my results from the xtava is the same. The price of the tool is not much, normally very cheap tool. The tool is very excellent to buy.

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