Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret Review

Many girls have had experiences with hair curling products that end up breaking multiple strands of their hair, and this beats me. After so many experiences, the thought of trying to make up your mind to buy yet another hair curling product can be terrifying. Better to learn from someone’s experience than from yours’ time and again, lol. However, you can’t ever be too sure if you don’t keep trying. But, now that you're here, we’ll give you all the secret intel you need.

With numerous hair curling products flocking the market today, finding the right pick can be an overwhelming task. It is easy to slip up when you do not know your hair in and out. By that, I mean, your hair texture, thickness, and other distinguishing attributes. Knowing at least a few things about the nature of your hair is essential. Having a well-rounded knowledge of your hair type will give you insight on what products are best recommendable for you.

Notwithstanding, there are several really clumsy hair curling products out there. Nevertheless, you only need to find the right one, and everything changes.

That brings us to the few outstanding high-quality products available in the market today, but, today, we will be discussing exclusively on one. Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret!

InfinitiPro By Conair Curl Secret


What's So Special About This Hair Curling Machine?

The first thing I can say is that you're probably going to be stunned (or confused) just by the look of this product. While it is a highly recommendable tool that knows how to do what it does, it seems to look more like a weapon than a curling machine, lol.

But, that’s also where all the fun starts because, in that, it is perfect as it seems to have what most curling machines are missing. This machine appears to be designed to war with whatever impediments that hinder your hair from curling.


The Product’s Look and Feel

Innovation is firmly on the minds of the manufacturers of this product, and there was no shyness whatsoever with the design.

Conair’s Curl Secret has a bunglesome round head attached to two arms that are hinged together around the base. When you clamp both arms together, the machine feeds your hair through a squeeze-activated rotary motor. The machine feeds the hair to the heated barrel located in the interior of the head of the curling device.

Upon setting your hair, you can pick between settings for temperature and for time. The temperature setting allows you to choose between options from 365 to 400 degrees. The time setting lets you set it at either eight, ten, or twelve seconds. These settings help to determine how tight your curls will be.

Also, the device has built-in automatic safety features that will prevent your hair from getting stuck in the machine. For example, if you put too much hair in the squeeze-activated rotary motor, the device will simply stop. It won't work unless you reduce the amount of hair. This intervention is designed not only for your hair’s safety but also to ensure the quality of curls this device produces.


Why We Like Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret 

Your first interaction with this device will likely have you unsettled and confused, but that’s great, so that I know I wasn’t the only one. However, it takes only a few minutes before you would have wholly mastered its technique.

And, once you understand the procedure, the machine does everything else for you. You won't have any need to twist, turn, or wrap any strands of your hair at all. 

Also, the intelligent design of the device’s interior ensures that you do not suffer any forehead or forearm burns.

How Conair Infiniti Pro Works

Collect a small portion of your hair and clamp it to the device at the base. The machine will gently feed the rest of your hair into the inner curl chamber where it will be, depending on your time setting. While it does the curling, the device also beeps periodically to help you keep track of things. At the end of a curling session, it emits a double beep to inform you that it is done.

One exciting feature to look up to is how the device lets your perfectly curly hair bounce out when you release the clamp. Also, Conair’s Infinity Pro is capable of producing beautiful tight curls. But, if you fancy looser wave curls, you can simply brush your hair out a bit, and you're good to go.

Pros & Cons of Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret


  • The operational buttons are meticulously featured on the handle, making it very accessible.
  • While it looks confusing at first, the device has advanced ergonomic features that make using it very comfortable.
  • This machine has intelligently built-in safety features that will stop your hair from getting stuck.
  • The device allows you to set both the temperature and timing according to your preference.
  • The innovative interior design does 90% of the work for you, including automatically feeding your hair to the machine for curling.
  • The device automatically stops and also alerts you once it has completed a curling session.
  • The device supports multiple hair types.
  • Infinity Pro Secret curls safely, fast and saves time and effort.


  • You can get confused at first.
  • It will not allow you to load large chunks of hair at once.

Why Should You Pick Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret?

The manufacturers have designed this product to give your hair quality curls that can last for several days, even under the worse conditions. Also, it doesn't require any third-party product or equipment to give an excellent result. Finally, if among other things, you're also thinking safety, then you can rest assured as this product features outstanding auto-safety installments.

What Kind Of Hair Will This Product Work Best?

This device is characteristically designed to curl multiple hair types, both sturdy and soft textured, straight or wavy hair, and everything in-between. This feature is one of the reasons the product has several five-star remarks from individuals that have used the device. While many other devices can burn your hair in the process, Conair is built to ensure 100% safety and also saves you 90% of the effort and finishes on time.


What Makes Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret Different?

It looks like a weapon does not look like a curling iron. There is a clunky round head with the two arms which are concealed to the bottom. If you clamped together, the hair would go into the motor around a heated barrel inside the head.

There are two different types of settings. One from 400 to 365 degree and the time is 8, 10, 12 seconds. It is up to the tightness of the curl. There is a safety feature with the device from getting any stuck.

If you use trolling tongs, this will give you a rough idea about the duration of the ringlets. Some people use the top heat setting and never are satisfied with the result. They put the fewer strands to solve the problems.

To make curl for your hair, I would suggest you use the product. Some users have applied mousse, and they dried the hair and utilized the curl secret. Some also said that the hairsprayhelped them a lot to make the curl.

Things you must learn about Infiniti Pro Conair curling iron curl secret

All curling irons do not perform the regular job. If you like to make healthy curl, you need to buy the best curling iron for your hair at the time of making a curl.

Your curling iron should be according to your desired style of hair. For wavy and loose curl, you can select an iron which has one to two inches diameter. If you like to have small or tighter ringlets, you may purchase 0.75 to one-inch iron. You will select an iron according to your hairstyle.

You need an iron that has different heat settings. If you have thick or fragile hair, you can choose a low heat setting meaning that below 200 degrees to escape burning or damage. If you have thick or coarse hair, you can choose heat setting from 200 to 300 degree. You should see the respond of the heat of the iron at the time of making a curl. Never use iron which has more than 400 degrees.

How To Use Conair Curl Curl Secret

Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret Review (FAQs)

Does the product come with the manufacturer’s warranty?

Yes, the manufacturer offers you a two-year limited warranty. Upon receiving your product, you will have to register it as newly purchased; by so doing, the warranty covers you.  

Does it have adequate safety features?

Yes, the device shuts on its own upon successful curling sessions. Also, the auto-safety installments prevent your hair from getting stuck in the machine.

Can it auto shut off?

Yes, this device can auto shut off after successful curling sessions.

Can this product work on thick and coarse hair types?

Yes, reviews from several users of the device, including black Americans, confirm that the product is ideal.

Is it true that this product is too difficult to use?

No, the unique design defines the popular concept of other regular devices in this category. However, several users confirm that it takes less than a few minutes to get acquainted. Also, the equipment saves you 90% of the effort while producing excellent curls.

Final Words and Recommendations

This is essential always to give your hair the best care. Taking good care of your hair is necessary for an adorable look all-round. When selecting hair products for yourself, don’t just make your final decisions because of a lower price, etc. instead, choose quality all the time. This product is capable of safely producing excellent curls that can last long. Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret does the job on time and saves a higher amount of effort.

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