Ditch Your Traditional Hair Ties

Ditch your traditional hair ties.

The warmer months are upon us and for many of us, our go-to hairstyle will become a quick ponytail or a messy bun to not only keep the hair from veiling our faces but also to help combat those hot, summer days.  But did you know that wearing your hair up for prolonged periods of time can cause irreversible damage to your hair strands and scalp?  Our hair is something many of us don’t often think about, at least beyond the standard methods of maintenance – shampooing, conditioning, styling.  We cut it, it grows and then we rinse and repeat.  But just like every other part of human anatomy, our hair ages.  And how we treat our hair from day to day can delay or expedite the process of aging.


As we age, our hair tie selection becomes more important.

What happens to our hair as we age?  The most universal sign of aging hair is graying.  None of us will ever be able to escape it, outside of hair dyes, but graying should be the least of our worries when it comes to the damage that can take hold of our delicate tresses.  Aging also means dryness, thinning, brittleness, loss of hair volume and density, dullness, and coarseness; just to name a few.  Making sure we’re eating healthy, drinking enough water and giving our strands and scalp the moisture and care it needs are excellent ways of giving your hair health longevity, but something as simple as changing up the way we style our hair can also have a lasting impact.


The elastic hair tie your favorite choice?

Are you currently wearing a traditional, elastic tie in your hair?  You know the one – the thin, black, stretchy hair tie that every girl and woman over the age of 12 has at one point worn on their wrists like it was some kind of popular fashion accessory?  If so, your hair is breaking as we speak.  Anytime we wear our hair up, we’re prone to pulling at the scalp.  The tighter the updo, the more intense the pulling becomes.  And those pesky little hair ties, the kind that so many women and men use, are putting a lot of tension on both your scalp and strands.  In its most simplest explanation, pulling your hair back with rigid, elastic hair ties causes pulling and damage to the hair follicle.  It causes fraying to the hair shaft and results in hair loss at the root.  It can even cause a condition known as Traction Alopecia, which causes baldness due to chronic pulling of the hair, resulting in permanent hair loss.


Great alternatives for hair ties.

The best way to avoid this kind of damage to your tresses is to simply let your hair down.  But with jobs and lifestyles, that simple solution isn’t always the most realistic one.  The good news is there are alternative options to the traditional hair tie that will help keep damage and breakage to a minimum.  Here is a list of our favorite products!


  1. Kitsch Ultra Soft Microfiber Hair Towel :  Your hair is most fragile and prone to breakage when wet.  These microfiber, towel scrunchies are perfect for beach and pool days, after-shower care or simply just because.  They help remove excess moisture without overdrying or damaging your hair, and also help give you frizz-free, heatless drying.  They’re fast-drying, soft and gentle enough for all hair types.

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  1. Claw Clips or Banana Clips :  The 90’s are back!  These retro-style clips are back and more popular than ever.  Depending on the density of your hair, you can choose a big clip like these or opt for smaller ones for finer hair types.  Just pull your hair back loosely and clip into place!

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  1.  SLIP Silk Scrunchies:  Our locks are screaming with excitement at the revival of the scrunchie trend and these silk scrunchies are where it’s at.  What makes hair ties so dangerous is the elastic band putting all of its tension on the hair strand.  Using scrunchies provides a barrier between the elastic and your hair, making them a safer, less damaging option for styling.  If you really want to step up your scrunchie game in terms of both aesthetics and function, then give silk scrunchies a try.  Silk as a fabric helps your hair retain moisture and its natural oils.  The silk also provides enough grip to help keep your “do” in place while still being slick enough to avoid pulling at the root!

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  1. Kooshoo Plastic Free Hair Ties:  A personal favorite.  Kooshoo Hair Ties are the very first, 100%, plastic-free and biodegradable hair tie.  Did you know that there are an estimated 15 million synthetic hair ties tossed away daily in the U.S. alone?  Kooshoo provides you with a sustainable and environmentally-safe option for styling your hair that is also safe for your tresses!  They are made from 100% biodegradable materials and are hand-dyed using certified organic pigments that aren’t damaging to you or the planet.  They are machine washable and won’t crease, pull or slip.  Feel confident that you are doing something good not only for yourself, but for the planet too!Check Prices


  1. Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring:  These may look like those old-school telephone cords that were a pain to untangle – for those of you old enough to remember them – but they actually will not tangle your hair.  These traceless hair rings leave no bumps, dents and will not crease, while still offering a strong and durable hold.  Coiled hair rings are ideal for those who enjoy sleeping with their hair up at night or who simply want something to pull their hair back without rumpling too much.  The best part is, they’re great for all hair types.Check Prices



In closing, aging is a part of life and it is the price we pay to exist in the world.  And unfortunately no part of our bodies are exempt.  But with a little self care and effort we can expand our longevity to live healthy and beautiful lives.  And our best locks can come along for the ride!