FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Pro Styler Review

FHI is a world-leading producer of state of the art Heat styling iron and straighteners. FHI styling Iron is made in a way to give healthy, long-lasting, and salon-quality results. The companies flat irons with adjustable heat settings, ceramics, tourmaline for high performance, and triple baked ceramic plates.

Arguably, the woman’s hair is the most prominent part of her body, and this makes her pay a lot of attention to how it appears. Just like the saying goes, ‘having bad hair is having a bad day.

Having a good looking hair enhances your beauty, it boosts your confidence, it shows you care about yourself, and it complements your dress. You will always be remembered for having good looking hair, and it leaves a lasting impression on people’s minds.

Over the years, hair straightening and styling are ways women use to improve the texture and appearance of their hair. This article contains reasons why you should go for FHI hair straightener when you want to style your hair.


FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Pro Styler Review

FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Pro Styler

FHI Heat Platform plus is the most popular and most used products of the company. It’s is specially made for professional hairstylists.

It has a unique red and black features that naturally draws the attention of many ladies. It works perfectly as looks, made with classic style and amazing functionality.

FHI heat flat iron has negative ion technology, and this means using this iron keeps your hair from any frizz. Most lady straightens their hair to keep out frizz.

This flat iron reduces the risk of hair damage to almost zero. Its Hair Styling Iron Infrared Technology ensures that your scalp is protected while the iron produces tight waves and curves.

Another fantastic quality of this flat iron is its adjustable temperature. Many flat irons do damage to people’s hair because their temperature cannot be controlled. You wouldn’t face this challenge if you used FHI flat iron. It functions amazing well over a wide range of temperatures.

As a lady who loves to try different hairdo. You don’t need to bother yourself with going to a hair salon all the time. Why not bring the salon to your house. An FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Pro Styler does just that. The luxury of getting your hair done professionally at the comfort of your home.


  • Solid ceramic plates 
  • Iron Infrared Technology
  • Negative Ion Technology
  • Effortless glide
  • Endless styling

Pros & Cons of ​FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Pro Styler


  • It has infrared technology to prevent hair damage.
  • Glides through the hair easily
  • Its negative ion makes hair shiner.
  • Comes with swivel cords
  • It has ceramic plates to promote even and faster heating.
  • It can be used for multiple styling because of three layers of ceramic plate with tourmaline.
  • Speedy heat recovery


  • FHI produces high performing products at incredible prices, but because this product is a bit different from others. You may need to spend extra dollars to get it. 
  • No automatic shut off. 

Why FHI Flat Iron is the best? 

In 2014, FHI flat iron won the Newbeauty choice award as a professional styling iron with long-lasting performance. These benefits come with using this flat iron to straighten your hair.

1. Temperature

FHI hair straightener has an adjustable temperature control with a wide range of degrees (150 – 450). The iron can serve different types of hair well: coarse, beautiful, and thick hair. Most flat irons have fixed temperature control, but FHI iron is versatile, it works within a reasonable range of temperatures.

2. Heating Technology

Many ladies have had their hair burnt while styling their hair. This shouldn’t be so. A good iron shouldn’t damage your hair while trying to make it look better. FHI comes with natural iron technology. It protects your hair from any frizz by sealing the natural moisture on your hair follicles. Your hair will thank you as it radiates its natural glow.

3. Nano Fuzeion Technology

Normally, hair irons tend to get your hair burnt while using them. FHI comes with a difference. It has Hair Styling Iron infrared technology that prevents the scalp from damage. Its plates have believed ends that produce tight curls and waves.

4. Heating Plate

A good number of the flat iron doesn’t have a 100% ceramic heating plate, but FHI straight iron does. The ceramic plates are covered with layers of tourmaline. It offers smooth as it smoothly glides through your hair. Also, the ceramic plates allow faster heating. FHI just beat other competitors in the market. None matches it.

Other features

• It comes with a free thermal resistant heat map.

How to use FHI flat hair irons

Because of the possibility of hair damage during hairstyling, you must take some precautions to ensure the safety of your hair and scalp.

Here is a guide on how to get your hair styled safely.

1. Protect your hair with a hair protectant. 

Before you start styling, spray hair with hair protectant. It will reduce the tendency of getting your hair burned.

2. Divide your hair into a small section. 

For easy styling, divide your hair into small sections. Make each  1 inch wide. Start at the base of your hair. Dividing your hair into a small section gives you a beachy and more textured wave.

3. Create soft bends

Make S-shaped bends by clamping and pulling the flat iron in alternative direction through the hair; before you do this, hold a section of your flat iron horizontally and take a part of the hair.

To have a sleeker look, spray a moisturizer on each section of the hair before you clamp with a hair iron.

4. Add finishing touches

When you are done with styling, add products that are made to add shine and give a softer look to your hair. Search for after styling products online. When you have added those them brush through your head using a brush or your hand.

Don’t use daily until you know how you’re hair will respond?

If you like to use the hair straightener, you need to remember some points that we have already discussed. They are very important to remember. The hair experts suggest that you should use the hair straightener on your hair after 24 hours. Within this time, you will be sure of your hair respond to using a hair straightener.

If you show the sign of damage to your hair, if the hair is frizzy or has cluster then you need to back off, allow two to three days use. When you see your hair is shiny and healthy, you may use the hair straightener regularly. If you see any damage goes back to the same direction.

People who use conditioner regularly they can reduce the using of a blow dryer on hair. If you use a soft hair straightener on your hair regularly, it will also leave you healthy hair featuring ceramic or tourmaline plates.

Technological benefits – FHI platform series flat iron

The Nano Fuzion Technology is applied to make the design. The low EMF technology is allowed here, and this permits the generation of infrared heat. This saves the hair from any damage to the hair and creates unmatched conditions and shine.

There are various types of temperature in it. For different kinds of hair, you need different heat settings. You can adjust the temperature from 140 to 450 degree F to adjust the temperature

Ensure FHI straightener switches are fully engaged

If you use the switches much, it will lose the grips. For this, your flat iron may not work, or the power cannot work well. So be sure your iron’s switches are to the fixed position. You should have put proper attention to overcome the problem.

Suppose, if you have coarse and thick hair you need a flat iron that will heat up to the highest level. But if you have thick and less hair then you need to buy the lowest setting flat irons having no nutrients or moisture.

The flat iron vs chi

Both CHI and FHI flat irons are very popular with the users for a long time for the users. The width of the plate is almost same, very quickly heat up.

Moreover, these are very lightweight. The CHI Farouk Turbo flat iron is comparatively better than the FHI heat technique professional flash iron. Moreover, FHI flat irons outperform CHI flat irons.

There are lots of similarities between the FHI and Chi flat irons. The plate widths remain the same. The CHI Farouk Turbo flat iron has a seven-inch plate, one inch and two-inch plates.

But the FHI flat iron comes with 1″, 1 ¼” and 1 ¾” plates. Both of these flat irons have flash heating. As a result, these plates become hot very quickly even within seconds.

Again both flat irons have 1-year warranty offer. These are some of the little main dissimilarity between the CHI and the FHI flat iron.

It seems to me that the design and building quality of the CHI flat iron is better than the FHI flat iron.

The handle of the CHI flat iron is ergonomically designed well. It feels corporately better in your hand. This is a very important thing to consider if you use a flat iron lot of time.

The straightening process is very simple of this flat iron. You will get an unimaginable feeling when you use it. The cord of CHI flat iron isn’t longer than the FHI flat iron.

Both have swivel cords with the irons. The long swivel cord is very useful for hair straightening when you straighten your hair back of your head.

The other benefit of the CHI flat iron is that it is environmentally friendly. It means that the iron applies fewer powers which are useful for the atmosphere.

It saves your money at last. The CHI Turbo flat iron uses 20 to 25 watts whereas the FHI heat technique applies 58 watts.

Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Irons – Sizes & Features

FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Pro Styler Review (FAQs)

I have short hairs, can I use hair straighteners? 

There are three hair straighteners you can use for short hair: straightening brush, flat irons, and hot hairbrush. Yes, you can use all the three, but the best of the three is a hot hairbrush.

Is FHI a good straightener? 

Yes, it is. FHI is one of the best you can have at affordable prices. It is made with high-quality tourmaline plates and can straighten effectively even at low temperatures.

For how long should I use my straighteners? 

After your flat iron has been used over a period we recommend that you change them, we would advise that you don’t use them for more than 4 years. The chances of your hair getting damaged by your flat iron increase with the number of years you have been using it.

I love how the hair of my favorite celebrity looks, I would like to know which hair straightener she is using?

If you have listened to many Celebrity fashion hairstylists, you would have heard them mention FHI flat Iron. Give FHI products a try, you won’t regret that decision.

My straightener is losing heat, what can I do? 

Like other electrical appliances, Flat Iron loses heating ability with time. Know that Flat Irons have sell-by dates. Using a flat iron that has gone beyond it sell-by date means damaging your hair.

What happens when I use it on my damp hair?

No. Sometimes I have some damp area in my hair. But it is not a very simple task to make the hairstyle with the flat iron.

What is the good temperature for working well?

I do like to use from 410 to 450. If you like to have great blow you can use from 300 to 370 degree. It seems that 410 is very high temperature for the natural straight.

What is the way to use for the medium hair?

Bring the styling iron between the sections of the combed hair and let the hair go through the plates.

Final Words and Recommendations

FHI is a world-leading producer of high-performing hair iron.  FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Pro Styler is the most popular and the best sold of her products. It is made with classic style and amazing functionality, and that gives it an edge over other flat irons in the market. It doesn’t burn your hair or your scalp. FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline has all the three major things to look out for when you want to buy a flat iron.



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