Art Naturals Anti Hair Straightener Review

The color of the Art Natural hair brush is pink with black spruce. The device is about 10 ½ inch long and 3 inches wide. The swivel cord is 70 inches long, round and thick. The bristles are made of stiff plastic around the perimeter.

The surrounding of the bristles is made of pure plastic and become hot very much. The top of the bristles has a tinny ball which saves your hair. There will be no detangling from this best hot hair brush.

Art Naturals Brush Hair Straightener

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Art Naturals Anti Hair Straightener

You will get an artisanal quality of hair with the ArtNatrual hairbrush. The Art Natural is the best solution for the users who like to have the best curling hair with easy effort. There is LCD in the ArtNatural hairbrush. The range of heat is from 140 to 446 degree Fahrenheit.

Art Naturals product description

The device also has auto turn off the system. So there is no possibility of fire or harm. The device is perfect for all types of hair. There is hundred percent satisfaction of using it.

If you are not pleased with the result, you will get all the money back. The device is suitable for both male and female. It is made with Recycled Materials. The device is Paraben free and cruelty-free.


  • Scrub your hair, safely and efficiently, without the chance of blistering or acute burns.
  • Temperature ranges from 140-446 levels; providing you the option to select what dimensions function best for your hair type
  • Cruelty-free and made out of recycled, chemical-free substances.
  • 100% satisfaction


  • Brush heats up fast and evenly
  • Manages and grips in such a way that trimming yourself through ordinary use isn’t possible
  • The sexy brush (notice it doesn’t state “straightening brush”) works nicely at smoothing strands of hair but doesn’t straighten it. Not bad or good always, just a fact.


  • I wonder if this brush would straighten my hair like the way I want

Why is the device best?

Art Naturals Hair Straightener is the best product. I love the product as the device is excellent in quality, design, and weight. I suggest people buy the product. There is a digital temperature reading system. The temperature goes up to 446 degrees F. there are two kinds of bristle on this styler. The first one is soft, and the next one is hard. I do not need to use 446 degrees F to get the style of the hair.

Things To Look For When Buying Brush Hair Straightener

If one has frizzy and unruly hair, a hair straightener is a must for her. The tool will manage the hair well and controls the hair. There are many brushes based hair straighteners on the market, and this will help to get desirable and silky locks.

Things To Look For When Buying Brush Hair Straightener

The works are just like the normal hair and leave no damage to hair. As there are lots of brush-based straighteners in the market, it is a great and challenging task. Before buying or choosing the best flat irons, you need to consider different things that are as follow:

  • Bristles are a great factor to do it. You need to buy boar or nylon bristles. This will make the hair smooth and soft without leaving any hurt to the scalp. The system will save the hair from breakage.
  • The next thing you require to consider is the handle of the straightener. The design of the brush should be ergonomic, and the handle will play a significant role. You have the capacity to hold it comfortably and efficiently. The barrel needs to clamp without giving much effort. The handle will support you to manage the brush comfortably along the hair without much pressure.
  • Select a Straightener with Tourmaline Technology. The brushes of the tourmaline are excellent. The heat rises quickly and produces many negative ions quickly. They play a great role to neutralize and reduce the positive ions. The straighter comes with managing the tangle, frizz and flyaway hair with the Tourmaline technology and has an impressive role.
  • If the brushes of the straightener are made of ceramic technology, it will do great work. It goes a long way to making the hair shiny as well as smooth. This is possible as it releases negative ions. If you use combined with dryers, they will make the process hastening.
  • There are also some other things you have to consider before buying this type of hair straightener. You need to choose the brush that is ball tipped. The will save the hair from tangles and save snagging if it is dried.
  • The shape of the straightener is a great factor to consider. Those who have short or medium, they should buy the flat brush. If you have long hair, choose the roller brush. The roller brush is heat retaining plates which help to straighten the hair.
  • Before buying any product, you need to consider many things. There are lots of product on online, and from them, you have to choose the best product. Show the comments on the other users is a good way to choose the best product. The customers will give you a decent idea about the product, and in your life, it performs well, has longevity, and many features.

Why Brush Straighteners Can Be A Better Option

Why Brush Straighteners Can Be A Better Option

There are lots of benefits or using hair straighteners if you consider the heating option. Below there are two reasons that might make sense to go for more option:

  • If you like to buy the hair straightener, you need to understand that it works to get rid of hydrogen bond that is added to the hair. They are useful for straightening but leave damage in the long run. So choose the better and cheaper option for brush straighteners.
  • You need to buy a kind of hair straightener that will save your money. There is 25% iron-based straightener that will save your money.
  • If you do the right research, you will get the right product. There is no doubt of it. The straightener will help you to get great locks without spending more money or hours for taking care of hair. Heating more or ironing process will do more damage to the hair.

Customers confuse the straightening brush and the brush based straightener. Both are used for the same purpose or same reason.

The similarity is far between and very few. The clamps and the plates are similar. Modern brush based straighteners work with electricity, and so they are much efficient.

How to Clean

You need to clean your brush regularly to keep it in good condition. Remove the hair that might be caught in the bristle. When it becomes cool much, use a wipe cloth to remove product build-up.

Read the instruction with the product more attentively. Some have the removable filter to save the product from being overheating.

User reviews on a hot hair brush

Does A Good Job

User reviews on a hot hair brush

The product is very excellent. It has the great capacity to become warm up rapidly. The only one problem is that the hands are big and I keep turning the heat up or down. I got the unit is annoying.

It seems it is a wrong to place to brush. It should be either close to the bottom or either close to the handle. On the top of my start, I have thick locks, and on the back, I have thin hair. I rinse the lock well and use conditioner over it.

There is no root liver or mouse. I blow the hair dry and use it to straighten it as I like it. So my hair gets a lot of bodies. I think spending money to buy it is a good way and it will do perfectly for you.

The product is superb. It can be warm up very rapidly. The only problem is that my hands are somewhat big and I like to turn the temperature of the brush either down and up. I got the unit is annoying. I think this is in the wrong place on the brush.

Clunky & Heavy

I have no experience to use this product before giving order it. The bristles are hard and thick, and so I do not like this brush. I like the smooth brush. Setting temperature is somewhat hard.

The heat went up to 400 degrees and started to crackle my moist hair. The brush is hard, awkward and hard. I have attempted to use it for three weeks. I would like to have a more streamlined one if there is any.

Buying Guide 

How to choose hot hair brush

Now there are lots of products in the market. Among them, you need to choose the best product. Before buying the product, you need to know the details of the product from the reviews of the users in Online. You can see the particulars of the product on online.

See the product reviews on YouTube. You need to be smart to select the product. Many stores are selling the same product. You need to know whether the products are scam or original. Some overseas countries are making the same product, but the service is not okay. You should justify the products are certified or not.

Where could I purchase Art Heating Brush?

Art Naturals Anti Brush is the number one product on the market nowadays. If you would like to buy the product, just click here. The price of the product is very reasonable. Many stores in the world are also selling the same products, but they are taking two or three times more than the actual product price. The product will be shipped to you within the 24 hours from the asking time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On Best Hot Hair Brush

Question: I am an American. I have thick hair. Does the device work for me?

Answer: My friend has very thick hair. He uses the device and getting the right results.

Question: My brush does not turn all the time. Am I doing something wrong?

Answer: You need to press the button to power on until the screen lit up. It takes few attempts to figure out.

Question: Can you apply the product to your hair along with the brush?

Answer: You can use that you like your hair. The temperature is from 100 to 130 F. for curly hair; you need more heat. Try to get the real version of it.

Details of the best hot hair brush product

  • Distribution Weight:2 ounces
  • ASIN: B017L4VB28
  • UPC:636947999017
  • Model number: brush straightener

Art Naturals Anti Hair Straightener Review

Final Verdict

There is soft bristle in the hot air brush. The LCD monitor helps you to see the temperature setting of the device. There will remain no dragging on your scalp for soft bristles. The Bush will ensure soft, smooth and tangle-free style of your hair. The design of the device is very attractive. There is safety guarantee of it.

The device will ensure you the effective result. The brush will leave no damage spot on your hair though it becomes very hot. Pass the device gentle through the sections of hair and you will get smooth shiny and wonderful style.

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