GHD Flat Iron Review

Using advanced ceramic heat technology, these wide plate irons are an impressive two inches across, making it easy to glide through thick, long and curly hair. The ghd original IV styler is the flat iron that started it all. It goes from 0 to 365°F in just 30 seconds, for convenient, all-around styling.

Ghd flat iron is mostly used by women who have curly hair and I am doing a review for this product. Most women struggle a whole lot with their hair when they are trying to fix it but it’s not just working because of the curly nature and it seems like this product could just be the answer.

First of all, what is the ghd flat iron? Well, I would call them curly hair straightener equipment because I feel this hand equipment should be able to do a whole lot of job which I’m certain it does. These ghd flat iron most especially the ghd professional flat iron that is used by only the professionals is able to give your hair the smoothness, sleekness and also the health it needs for it not to deteriorate.

Ghd flat iron has different designs but depending on the company producing it and it also has different features which are shown below.

This is a ghd flat iron; anyone can own this for personal use.

Ghd features are;

  • Styling speed 
  • Smooth contoured, floating plates. 
  • Product color is black
  • Automatic shut off (after non-use) 
  • Universal voltage (for traveling)
  • Protective plate guard
  • Wishbone hinge
  • All ghd styler features a professional 9ft cord and a 2-year warranty.

Ghd Flat Iron Review – Pros

Apparently, GHD flat iron works wonder when it comes to dealing with frizzy hair. It is also the winner of the 2014 allure beauty award, which, considering it is competition among the most reputable professional hair styling tools, it is nothing short of amazing. This product can remove the frizz from the hair with a single stroke.

The heat settings are perfect for all hair types and textures. Ghd platinum plus review also has advantages because they have extra features and the ghd professional flat iron which I meant to be used by people who are into hair styling. 

Plus, you will be happy to know that you can sport any hairstyle that you want using the iron. Can I tell you how? Well, the beauty of this iron is that it allows you to both curl and straighten your hair at the same time without snagging or tucking your hair away.

The manufacturer of this product has claimed that the iron can be used effortlessly providing quick curling and straightening results. They also claim that it is suitable for all hair length and hair types, so you see? This product can be used for different conditions of hair. 

The ghd gold flat iron can heat up in just 25 seconds after being plugged to the electricity – a styler proven to deliver sleeker, smoother and healthier looking hair. For extra safety, the automatic sleep mode shuts down and the styler after 30 minutes of non-use.

Cons – What’s Not So Hot About Ghd Flat Iron?

As GHD flat irons are well known for their professional quality, the few customers that registered a complaint about this product had the misfortune of buying it firm unauthorized sellers and receiving a fake, so we cannot overstress the importance of buying from a trusted source. No temperature control, the cord is thin and tends to tangle, the dryer doesn’t come with a carry bag.

How To Choose Ghd Flat Iron;

How do you select the best ghd straightener for your needs? Follow these few steps:
Choose The Right Shape: You might have the thought that a flat iron is simple, well and flat. Yet the edges of these hair tools can affect their versatility. A flat iron with sharp edges is less adaptable but may give you slightly straighter hair.

Consider Plate Width: The wider the plates are, the more quickly you’ll be able to straighten your hair. Women with fine hair may also find that wide plates apply too much heat, damaging the hair shaft.

Select the Right Plates: Straightener plates are made from a variety of metals and other substances. There is no right choice of plate material. Instead, consider your hair needs:

  • Titanium irons heat up quickly. You don’t need a titanium iron unless you have curly, coarse hair.
  • Ceramic irons merge value and effectiveness, offering even heat for most texture. Over time, the ceramic wear down, leaving you with an I that distributes heat unevenly or doesn’t work at all.
  • Tourmaline plates are great for damaged hair.

How to use best ghd flat iron

Before the move to the GHD flat iron, we need to know the essential features of GHD. Now we are trying to know the details of the GHD, and it features. These are the central part Foundation of GHD products.

How to take care of ghd flat iron 1 inch

Make your style cool and preserve it in the same when the product was made package at the time of selling it. Do not wind the cord around the body and your hand; do not hang with the style. You can see the product’s care section for more details about the care of the product.

Temperature settings of ghd gold professional styler 

One thing that you need to know is that the GHD is the professional product on the market. ghd Professional is fit for all types of hairs, especially for stubborn and thick hair. The settings of the temperatures are fixed.

So you need to buy the product from the original vendors. If you do not do so, then your hair will burn up. If you like to style your coarse or thick hair, then you need to select the GHD products.

As this has different temperature system, this is beneficial for all types of locks. There is a universal voltage system in the flat iron. So you can use this anywhere outside the U.S. like Thailand.

Plates material of gold classic styler, ghd

For the ensuring of styling, GHD appears with the ceramic heater. Ceramic is the best material to raise heat up to the best level. ghd Professional has the great power to raise rapid and sufficient heating.

Some gold is now being used to make the plate as this increases the outer get up of the flat iron. It is just coated one. You will never face any snagging and pinching.

How to Keep Hair Healthy when Using GHD Iron Daily 

Daily use of curling iron may damage your hair. All heating styling tools are very harmful to hairs. So there comes the question of protection. You can keep your hair best by following some steps. 

Consider the irons first. Is it a professional one? Is it from a famous brand, brought from the drugstores or street retailer? Very hot professional iron may damage more your hair than the cheaper irons.

But you should not think that using a cheaper iron will not damage your hairs. If you have very coarse and thick hair, you need to buy a good quality iron. In such case, the cheap iron will not work for your hair. If you have wavy or long straight hair, you should follow the limit. 

You need to use heat protection spray as it will save your hair from damage. To prevent hair from more greasy quickly, you can use the best quality protection spray and sometimes balm.

Review & First Impressions | ghd Rose Gold Straightener

GHD Flat Iron Review FAQs

How do you look after the cord on the styler?

When your styler has cooled, fold the Cord in the same way it was in the original packaging. Try to avoid winding it around your hand or the body of the styler. Please see our product care section for more information.

How do you clean your styler?

Ensure your styler is switched off and cold. Wipe your styler with a damp, clean cloth to remove any excess products.

Can you curl as well as straighten with the ghd professional styler?

The ghd Gold professional STYLERS are designed to enable creative styling – flicks, waves, curls or the perfect straight. This product has a round barrel for easy curling and introducing a smooth movement swivel connector that makes the styler easy to manipulate during creative styling sessions.

What are the plates made of?

They are made of aluminum which is used to conduct heat and the aluminum is coated in a thin layer of an advanced ceramic.

How long is the cord on the styler?

The ghd flat iron styler has a 9ft length Power cord for optimum use and ease of connectivity in salons and at home.


This product has proven to make things easy for people with frizzy and curly hair, it is also affordable, anyone could get it and I am sure it is easy to use if you follow the procedure of usage. You would be satisfied with the product after using it.

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