Gvp Flat Iron Reviews [Updated in 2020]

When considering the family of hair gadgets like blow dryers, hot rollers, etc. flat irons also have a vital role to play. Over the years, straight hairstyles have come into fashion and out because people have had desires to change their look. 

Hairstyles have changed from curly to straight and anything between. That's what flat iron does; it gives you the option to change your hair to whatever style you desire while giving your hair a sleek finish. It also smooths out shaft and frizz from your hair. The technology of flat iron gives you the leverage to flaunt your curls today and have straight hair the next without much effort.

Most individuals find it challenging to know the best inexpensive flat iron to buy because of the many choices in the market. However, Gvp flat iron has come with a combination of style, value, and affordability by providing long-lasting and cost-effective products.

Gvp flat iron has had great reviews and testimony from users. In this article, you will get information and access to gvp flat iron reviews as well as their maintenance and stand-out qualities for better usage and functions. The product is so worth it. 

Who made GVP Flat Irons?

GVP is one of the renowned heated styling tools made by the Generic Value products of Omaha, Neb. The product is manufactured in Korea. With several years of diligent research and determination, GVP is a lifesaver to the hair and styling world. Over the years, they have been able to rescue the fashion industry with their product by producing high-value products at affordable prices.

Design Features of GVP Flat Iron

GVP flat iron is not only high value and affordable; some unique features make them stand out from other flat irons. Some of these essential features include:

1. Economically Feasible

Gvp flat iron has a wide range of advance benefits at a relatively cheap price structure. The brand provides various advanced features that will soothe all hair types and styles at a lesser price than their contemporaries to give your hair a silky and professional look.

2. Safety Features

There are some safety features accompanied by GVP flat irons for a safe and satisfying styling experience like

Swivel Cord Lengths are built long to give you more space and freedom.

Ionic Technology helps to keep your hair strands and also helps to reduce the fade of hair color.

Auto Shut-off is common among gvp flat iron. This auto-off feature causes the device to go off after 120minutes when not in use.

3. The Ceramic Plate Technology

Most gvp flat iron comes with ceramic plate technology, which makes it very reliable. It makes it fast to heat up and also keeps the iron from being overly hot to fry your hair leading to hair damage or breakage.

4. Heats Quickly & Easy To Change The Temperature

The heating speed of gvp flat iron is very fast. It is a better brand to opt for if you hate waiting for your flat iron to become hot enough. The temperature is also easily adjustable and changes with speed. It can go from as low as 140o F to as high as 420o F.

Generic Value Products Black Ceramic Flat Iron, 1 inch

Generic Value Products Black Ceramic Flat Iron, 1 inch

This gvp ceramic flat iron has some outstanding functions and durability, and it is suitable for all professional styles, both for home and salon usage. The flat iron has some unique features no wonder it features in this gvp flat iron reviews.

It has an inch styling plate that makes it suitable for almost all hair sizes and types. It has both straightener and curler giving you various styling options from the regular straight to the funkiest curls, twist, and flicks. It doesn't just give you a fancy and sleek look; this gvp flat iron also has a far-infrared ceramic plate that supplies each strand with uniform temperature.

Therefore, it saves you from the pain of hair burn and damage. This gvp hair straightener also features negative ion that helps remove frizz, repels humidity and prevents hair color fades while adding a smooth and attractive texture finish.

It also comes with comfortable temperature adjusting options from 140 to 420, letting you opt for the ones that soothe you best. There's more, lightweight dual ceramic plate iron also has squeeze sensitivity, so you don't have to worry about over squeezing or pulling your hair.

Plus, a nine feet 360-degree tangle-free swivel cord gives you more mobility and freedom while styling. The experience is blissful! It also has a 120 minutes auto-shutoff option to enhance your safety and dual voltage for worldwide usage. 


  • It has curved plates for various curls, which include straight, curly, twists and flicks.
  • Negative ion for sealing cuticles, removing frizz, and stopping fading
  • Far-infrared ceramic plates
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Automatic shut off
  • Dual voltage

Pros & Cons of FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Pro Styler


  • It is lightweight.
  • Durable and reliable
  • It is relatively inexpensive.
  • Suitable for various hair texture


  • Some products don't come with dual voltage. However, you can buy an adapter alongside.

How to Choose GVP flat iron

There are numerous types of GVP flat iron to choose from in the market. However, you have to put into consideration various factors before buying. Factors like, the kind of hair texture you have, as some are suitable for thick hair while others are best for straightening thin hair, etc. you also have to consider the type of curls you want, is it for straightening or curling, or do you need something that can create various styles. After answering these questions, you can now choose the one best suitable for your hair type and desired style.


When buying a gvp flat iron, go for those with adjustable heat settings. It will give you various options to care for your hair, whether beautiful, fragile, or damaged. However, if you have thick or curly hair, you should go for those with higher temperatures. Also, while buying a gvp hair straightener, it is advised to go for those whose temperature does not exceed 45l0oF. Also, go for those that evenly distributes heat to avoid hot or cold spots.

However, for beautiful or damaged hair, it is recommended to use 300o or less, for medium-textured hair, use 300-380 and 350-400 for thick or curly hair.

2. Plate Material

There are various types of plate to consider when buying flat iron—Titanium and ceramic.

Ceramic Plates: The ceramic plates are useful for every type of hair and evenly distributes heat to give a smooth and sleek texture finish. It also produces negative ions, which helps to lock moisture, retain hair color, and repels humidity.

Titanium Plates: The titanium plates are also very useful for hair styling. It has high heat consistency, and they are usually coated. It is recommended for thick and curly hair because of their heat holding capacity.

However, gvp flat iron also has products with a combination of both ceramic and titanium technology.

3. Plate Shape and Size

Gvp flat iron has various shapes; the most frequent is the curved edge shape, which is capable of giving you straight style as well as curls and flicks. Their plate size also varies from one inch to one and a half inches. However, the one-inch plate size is suitable for most hair lengths. One and a half inch and two inches are best for long hair.

4. Technology

  • Far-Infrared: it gives the hair strand uniform heat from the inside out. It is thus reducing damage to hair and hair cuticle.
  • Heat Sensor: some gvp flat iron also comes with sensors that automatically stop heat distribution to hair, thereby eliminating hot or cold spots.

You could also look out for the following features:

  • Voltage: Dual voltage is the best for worldwide usage, although you can get an adapter if you are getting the single voltage flat iron. They are also suitable for traveling.
  • Heat speed: This is the time it takes for the flat iron to heat up.
  • Swivel Power Cord: long cord is preferable. It should be 9ft a least.
  • Automatic Shutoff
How To Choose GVP Flat Iron

Maintenance of GVP flat iron?

  • Proper maintenance of your gvp flat iron will not just give it proper functioning but will also make it last longer. Here are a few maintenance patterns to engage.
  • Clean the device with warm water and a cloth. It is advised not to use very hot or cold water and do not scrub the plates. Rub fingers on plates and do not scrub.
  • Wipe the bottom of the plate or gunk, if your towel cannot reach the bottom, use cotton to swab. Also, ensure that the side is clean.
  • Ensure that flat iron is thoroughly dry before use. You can use a towel to wipe it dry if you need to make use of it immediately. Using wet flat iron can lead to hair burn.
  • To best result, clean iron regularly.
  • After use, keep iron in the iron holder. Do not keep it on top of a dry cloth to avoid burning and ensure to turn off after use.

Why is GVP Flat Iron one of the Best Flat Iron in the market?

Gvp offers excellent quality flat iron at an affordable price, helping you save money and get more. There is also the presence of the far-infrared ceramic plate, which makes it withstand and evenly distribute heat. Gvp flat iron also has a grip rubber that keeps the hands from being burnt and the fact that it allows you to have the professional salon styles right from the comfort of your home. It also has a swivel non-tangle cord and the temperature variation. The variable heat options give its user total over frizz. While other brands may offer this much for a high price, gvp offered it at a very substantial rate.

How to Clean Flat Iron

The usage of flat iron can result in build-ups, which occurs from styling products, shampoo residue, and oils in the hair. This build-up is terrible and can lead to damage of iron as well as lead to breakage and snagging of hair. Here are some steps to help you clean your iron.

Step 1

Heat the iron a bit or use warm water to wash. Ensure to clean with a wet rag but not dripping.

Step 2

Using the wet rag, rub the surface to remove the build-up. Be Careful to avoid burn. For fast build-up removal, spray iron cleaner on the surface, then wipe. In the absence of a cleaner, use alcohol. Wet a soft cloth with rubbing alcohol and rub the fabric on the surface of the plate, after rubbing use another cloth wet with water and clean. If build-up remains after clean, repeat the procedure until the plate is spotless.

Useful Tips

  • Always ensure that your flat iron is dry before use.
  • Before applying any cleaning material on the plate, ensure it is safe and wouldn't have side effects on the plate.
  • Never submerge iron into the water as it can result in permanent damage.

How to make Curls With Gvp Flat Iron

Making various curls with gvp is very easy; all you need is dry and moisturized hair.

1. To Straighten Hair

Place two inches of hair between the plate, hold tightly together, and slowly glide from the root to the tip.

2. For Soft Curls

Glide two inches of hair between plates and slowly from the root to the end, then wrap hair around the plates.

3. For Flip-up

Place two inches of hair between plates and slowly drag from the root to the end. Flip ends a little upwards.

4. For Flip Down

With 2 inches of hair, place it between plates and glide slowly starting from the roots to the, then flip down a little.

How to use gvp flat iron mini

  • Clean the device with terrycloth or warm clothes. Do not use very hot or cool water on the iron. You can use the lukewarm water. By using your fingers, you can rub the plate where the grime is. Do not scrub the ceramic plates. Wipe as long as the dirt or residue remove.
  • Be sure you have reached the bottom and removed gunk from there also. You may use the cotton swab if you get it very hard to obtain the towel to the corners.
  • Clean the residue on the edge of the flat iron. You can use a fresh towel to clean the surface.
  • Make your flat iron dry before any use of it. Do not use the iron if it is wet. If it is wet it can fry your hair; it may burn your hair. You can wipe your flat iron with terrycloth or a towel if you need to make the iron dry quickly.
  • To get the best result clean the iron regularly. To clean the flat iron uses a paper or towel to clean it. You can use alcohol or water to remove residue to remove styling tools. Do it, again and again, to prevent the build-up

What is GVP flat iron limited edition?

Before moving to the gap, flat iron Review thinks about the brand. The gap means Generic Value product. People like to brand its name. With a low price, you will not get such kind of flat iron. The producers and the designer had the vision in mind. Try to buy the best iron with affordable price.

The brand has reached its desirable level by doing years of determination and research. The price of the gap is comparatively less.

GVP is the lifesaver for people who desire to have standard quality at the lower price. This will not give you the professional level of hair straightening system. With such amount, you will not get the flat iron with matching performance.

GVP Best Flat Iron Ever for Natural Hair!

Gvp Flat Iron Reviews (FAQs)

What is the best plate for thick hair?

If you have thick or coarse hair, then you should go for flat iron plates that can heat up faster and can penetrate every hair strand. The ceramic plate will surface, but I advise you to go for the titanium plate because it is hotter and has more heat penetrating ability. However, if you have fragile hair, then buy the ceramic plate versions as they have lower temperatures that can soothe your hair.

Must I buy a flat iron with automatic shut off?

Auto shutoff is an excellent feature for any flat iron. It is a feature that causes your iron to turn off after about 120 minutes of being idle automatically. It is highly recommended to get flat irons with this feature, but it is not compulsory. However, for safety purposes and carefree people, manufacturers have created these features to prevent both amateurs and experts from burning counters.

How often should you replace flat iron?

As your flat iron gets holder, there is a greater tendency that it will cause damage to your hair. It can cause split ends and hair breakage. However, it is advised that your iron be changed at least after four years of usage.

What size is flat iron best? 

The best size of iron to get is much dependent on the length of your hair. Iron sizes vary from half an inch to 2 inches. Some even get to 2.5 inches. However, for very short hair, half an inch is appropriate. Any flat iron larger than one inch is considered large and suitable for very long hair.

How do you fix a flat iron that won't turn on?

A flat iron may not turn on because of several factors. If the iron dropped or the electrical cable was pulled forcefully beyond the limit, then the connection must have disconnected and should be checked. If the problem persists, then let an expert check it or consider getting a new one.

What is the heating speed of flat iron?

The heating speed is the time it takes for a flat iron to heat up when turned on. They vary from one tool to another. While some flat iron will heat up at as little as 30 seconds, others may become heated in minutes. Gvp flat iron can get up to 420°F in about 30 to 35 seconds.

What's the difference between a flat iron and a straightener?

Most people find it difficult to differentiate between the hair straightener and flat iron, but there's nothing to be confused about. Straighteners are tools that help straighten the hair-like, blow dryer, flat irons, hot comb, etc. on the other hand, a flat iron is a heated two plated iron that helps to straighten hair. Better still, we can say, all flat irons are straighteners, but not all straighteners are flat iron.

Can I use it for the curled hair?

The cord is swivel, and the adjustment of temperature is very good. I use it every day.

Final Words and Recommendations

Having gone through this gvp flat iron reviews, it is evident that gvp flat iron is the best to consider when thinking of a flat iron purchase. It has proven to offer the best quality to its customers at an affordable price. Aside from that, the brand offers a highly versatile tool for all hair textures. So if you are looking to get a tool to give your hair a beautiful and smooth finish, then gvp flat iron is right for you. Happy purchase!