Step By Step Hair Care Tips – Useful Methods

Have you ever wondered how will everyone in the world look if they turn bald? Hhhmmm….still thinking..!! Well then according to me it would be a hilarious scenario to be seen.

Hair is the most important part of a human being whether it be a man or woman.

In the recent era, everyone tries to look picture perfect all the time because in one moment they are seemed to be busy with their work and every next moment you’ll find them with the bunch of friends taking selfies.

Hair enhances a person’s looks and makes them look different from each other.

Now I shall discuss with you the ways through which you can take care of your hair and keep them as beautiful as ever.

Step By Step Hair Care Tips

Proper Diet

Hair is said to be made up of protein thus to keep them alive and young, proper and healthy diet needs to be maintained.

A good diet consists of a lot of fresh fruits and green vegetables and not to forget ample of water. Add Vitamin C, Fatty acids, and Iron rich food to your diet.

Suitable Shampoo

Another most important way is to wash your hair with shampoo which suits your hair type. It is necessary to condition your hair after the head wash.

Apply conditioner on the ends. Try to use sulfate and paraben free shampoo because excessive use of chemicals may result in hair fall and degradation of hair quality.

Avoid applying too several products on your hair. Use shampoo and conditioner of the same brand.

Avoid Hot Water

Wash your hair 2-3 times a week. Hot water shower will lead to dryness and frizziness in hair and should strictly be avoided. Instead, wash your hair with room temperature water.

Hair Fall Treatment

Too much hair fall could even lead to baldness and the only way to get back your original look is to get a hair transplant treatment done.

Hair Care Tips

The following are different hair transplantation procedure: FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) and Robotic Hair Restoration. There are many natural ways too, but it may take a very long time.

Hair Oiling

Oiling your hair is the must. It adds mineral, vitamins and essential fatty acids which strengthen the roots and improves the overall health of your hair. For best results, hair oil should penetrate within the roots of the scalp.

A good head massage is the best way to make your oil work. It even lightens up your mood and releases work stress.  Most preferably are coconut, almond and olive oil.

Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff is a major problem faced by people due to pollution or other skin related issues. There are various salon treatment, clinical treatment and home remedies which can decrease this problem.

Hair Care Tips

Custard apple, Aloe Vera gel, Castor oil and lemon juice helps to fight dandruff naturally. Aspirin contains ingredients of salicylic acid which help to cure Dandruff problem. You can simply crush a 2-3 aspirin and add it to your shampoo.

Pre-Mature Greying

Work stress and responsibilities lead to premature graying of hair. It could also be due to smoking, lack of nutrition, pollution or genetic problem.

Vitiligo is a scientifically proven technique which bleaches hair inside out. Pills are also introduced to regain hair’s former color. Amla and Indian gooseberry help in restoring the jet-black hair.

Trim Your Hair

Too much of split ends can damage your hair completely, and restoration to the form self would take a very long time. To get rid of fissure ends it is necessary to trim your hair within 7-8 weeks.

You can also prepare it yourself at home. If you crave to have long beautiful hair and avoid frequent trimming, then you should use a wide-tooth comb, live-in conditioner and avoid too many hair services.

Proper Brushing Technique

Use of plastic comb may create static electricity which will lead to hair breakage. Always first brush in the ends to remove the tangles and then take long strokes from the roots to the end.

Hair Care Tips

This will also assist in blood circulation and improves hair growth. Make a habit of cleaning your comb every week. Do not over comb your hair.

Sleep on a Silk Pillow Case

A sound sleep of 7-8 hours is all a person needs to kick start a new day. Too much of hair friction can damage the quality of hair and can lead to hair breakage.

It is advisable to sleep on a silk pillowcase instead of a cotton pillow case as silk pillow case creates less friction and maintains hair quality.

Avoid Tight Hair Ties

A tightly made ponytail may affect blood circulation. It may also lead to hair breakage due to excessive friction.

Hair Care Tips

I have a suggestion for all the ladies to braid their hair loosely at night before going to bed because open hair will get totally messed and removing all the tangles would be a challenging task in the morning.

Guest Contributor: Pooja Arora

Author Bio: Pooja Arora, Medical/Health Blogger. I am currently working in Clinic spots as a content writer.