Herstyle Reviews | Herstyler Flat iron & Herstyler Curling Iron

Herstyler is known as the best in the world of hairstyling equipment. They are high quality tools that give you the feel of a salon right there in your home. Herstyler flat iron has a light penetration process that makes it emit negative ions. This makes the oil warm and gives the hair a shiny effect.

Herstyle Reviews Pick The Right One For You

The flat iron tool is an equipment every lady must have to help in hair styling. As much as you need to have this product, it is essential to have the best product.

This review has been carefully put together to help you get the best product for your hair styling. By going through the reviews, you know what to look out for in these tools before you purchase them.

Design features of herstyler flat iron

  • Hard ceramic heating plates that smooth working.
  • It has a short heating time.
  • This product heats up within a short period.
  • It comes with an adjustable heat degree
  • It has an aesthetic design.
  • It is not exposed to much heat.

Types of herstyler flat iron 

  • Herstyler Superstyler onyx ceramic flat iron
  • Herstyler forever ceramic flat iron
  • Herstyler Digital Titanium Violet flat iron
  • Herstyler Colorful seasons ceramic flat iron

Herstyler reviews 

Choosing a herstyler product is one thing; knowing the right one for your hair is a different thing. The following reviews of different herstyler types will help you with your purchase.


1. Herstyler forever ceramic flat iron

Herstyler Forever Straightening Flat Iron | Travel Friendly Dual Voltage Flat Iron 1.25 inch | Ceramic Hair Straightener For Silken Hair

The Herstyler ceramic flat iron is a good product. It is best for you if you do not have much time to spend on your hair. It doesn’t take long to heat up. This makes the produced work fast and effective.


  • Negative ion technology: This feature enables it to treat frizz in hair.
  • It comes with a long cord that makes it easy to handle.
  • Double voltage: can produce heat up to 460°F. This unique feature helps to keep the hair from damage.
  • Ceramic plate technology

Pros & Cons of Herstyler forever ceramic flat iron


  • The ceramic plate technology gives your hair a nice and smooth finish.
  • It gives you a shiny and lasting effect.
  • You can change the temperature to suit your hair type.
  • You can also get excellent curls with this product.


  • Has a stiff cord.

2. Herstyler colorful dual voltage

Herstyler Colorful Seasons Ceramic Flat Iron - Dual Voltage 1.25 Inch Straightener -Negative Ion Technology - Flat Iron With Adjustable Temperature

This product comes with an adjustable voltage. You can always switch to whichever degree you want at any moment. This fantastic feature enables it to be useful for all hair types. Whether you have thick hair or soft hair, you can change to whichever temperature suits you.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Ceramic plates
  • Dual voltage
  • The double temperature of 200-460°F or 120 240°C
  • Negative Ion Technology

Pros & Cons of Herstyler colorful dual voltage


  • Easy to handle
  • Gives your hair a smooth straightened look
  • Gives your hair a shiny look


  • It is quite expensive, but it is worth the extra price.

3. Herstyler Sensu – Versatile flat iron

Herstyler Sensu Aluminum Flat Iron - 1.5 Inch Hair Straightener with Adjustable Temperature

This product is one of the best of herstyler’s products. It comes with all the features of the colorful season ceramic flat iron, but with an added feature of the ceramic heater. With this feature, you can be sure of a smooth and straight hair within few minutes.


  • Ceramic heater
  • Negative ions
  • Ceramic plates

Pros & Cons of Herstyler Sensu – Versatile flat iron


  • It heats up within a short period and is not too hot for hair types.
  • Prevents frizz in hair
  • It comes in a beautiful build


  • The body gets very hot when handling

4. Herstyler digital titanium violet flat iron

Herstyler Digital Violet 1.5 Inch Titanium Flat Iron - Digital Hair Straightener with Adjustable Temperature - Titanium Hair Straightener for Frizz

This herstyler product has a dual function. It can straighten your hair and also produce curls. It is quite easy to operate and can be used by non-professional hair stylists.


  • Wide plates
  • Ceramic plates
  • Negative ion

Pros & Cons of Herstyler digital titanium violet flat iron


  • It is easy to operate
  • It has a double voltage and is portable
  • Has a flexible cord that makes it easy to handle


  • It doesn’t come with a shut-off button.

5. Herstyler Baby Curls Mini Curling Iron

Herstyler Baby Curls Mini Curling Iron | Tapered 9mm to 13mm Curling Iron | 1/2 Curling Wand with Dual Voltage

Herstyler Baby Curls is the best tool for tight, and ringlet hair. The barrel is tapered from 18 to 9 mm, offer you unique curl that is faster for the scalp, and significant to the base. There is a ceramic barrel coated with ceramic.

Tourmaline is a natural gem which makes more negative ions than traditional ceramic or titanium irons. Read the article on best curling iron for thick hair in detail and it would be helpful for taking the decision.

There is a negative ion which helps to remove frizz from hair and offers you silky as well as smooth hair. The iron has an infrared method, which heats locks from the inside out quickly and you will get faster styling experience.

The device will leave no damage to your locks. The materials of the invention are aerospace technology, so the weight is light and durable along with very simple to use.


The Herstyler curling iron has improved heat technology makes the better style of hair which will be very robust and durable. There is hundred percent ceramic and tourmaline method. HerStyler all you to get curl without plugging.

You can carry the device at the time of making a tour. The Herstyler Baby has an innovative design and safe Kevlar Glove. The curling iron has dual voltage from 110 to 220 fit to use all countries. The performance is very excellent.

Pros & Cons of Herstyler Baby Curls Mini Curling Iron


  • quickly absorb heat
  • simple to handle if you have the knowledge to handle the iron
  • makes small curls (pencil/baby)
  • think Taylor Swift
  • Long chord
  • Ensures voluminous and will remain for a long time (with minimal touch up)


  • Not at all

6. Herstyler Titanium Hair Straightener

Herstyler Titanium Hair Straightener - 1.5 Inch Flat Iron With Rose Gold Titanium Plates

The HerStyler 3P curling iron is the best iron on the market today. It has interchangeable barrels which are a significant advantage for users. Many users advised using variously sized curling iron for hair. The choice is not very convenient. So do not compromise with the HerStyler.

This curling iron has three in one system which made it’s a great product nowadays. You will get your desired styles of hair by buying this curling iron without having different styling tools.

It is very simple to use and within the short time, this will be ready for you. Definitely, this is the best one, and you will agree with me after reading the article on the Herstyler 3P 3-In-1 review the best curling iron on the market.


  • 3 in 1 specialized curling iron
  • Ceramic as well as digital technology
  • the power of temperature is up to 200 Celsius
  • simple to read the reading of the display
  •  has interchangeable barrels

Pros & Cons of Herstyler Titanium Hair Straightener


  • Includes a wonderful storage/travel tube
  • Comfy and lightweight
  • Swivel cord
  • Makes great curls


  • Quite expensive

7. Herstyler Grande Professional 25mm Curling Iron

Herstyler Grande Ceramic Curling Iron - Black Curling Wand for Wanderlust Curls-Dual Voltage Curling Wand for Free Falling Curls

In reality, its body is created of the lightweight materials. An ergonomic layout increases the ease of usage of the item. The button is situated. As soon as you switch it to the iron gets sexy nearly immediately.

The barrel will provide you gorgeous curls. The ceramic technologies on the batter will emit negative ions which reduce frizz, which makes your curls shinier and thicker.

The Grande specialist has excellent heat recovery which ensures there’s not any sudden heat growth and so protecting your mane out of heat damage. The iron has a very long 8-foot cord that will assist you to maneuver around your mind while styling.

Due to the magnitude of the barrel, that can be 25mm wide. The curler isn’t suited to shorter hair. Wrapping the hair across the barrel may be tricky. Therefore we believe that a smaller sized wand will be more appropriate.

The iron once more has just one heat setting in the event you’ve got super thick or wavy hair can work amazing things for you. The iron’s cord can’t rotate 360 degrees. This will make a mess should you proceed while styling in directions.


  • Acceptable for all Kinds of hair, from lengthy, delicate and nice too brief, wavy and thick
  • Engineered with innovative negative ion and ceramic technologies
  • Travel-friendly heat immune system comprised


Pros & Cons of Herstyler Grande Professional 25mm Curling Iron


  • It becomes hot. Thermal glove protects against becoming burnt.


  • No control. Overall a fantastic purchase if you are not overly concerned with warmth damage.

How to choose herstyler flat iron

Selecting the best product for your hair type will save you a lot of stress, time, and money. Most hair styling tools are good, but not all work with all hair types. You have to be familiar with your hair type to know which works well for you.

You do not want to use a product that leaves your hair worse than it was. The following factors will help you to choose the best herstyler flat iron for your hair type, length a and texture.

Hair type

If you have thin or damaged hair, you need a low-temperature tool. A high temperature will further damage your hair. For this hair type, you should go for herstyler tools with low temperatures, like 170°F. Herstyler products with a narrow plate are what you need here.

For normal hair types, tools with medium heat are best for you.

Thick hair requires tools with very high temperatures.

For frizzy hair, use products with narrow plates.

For tight coils, use products that help to reduce frizz. One major flat iron to use is the herstyler tourmaline flat iron.

Hair length 

Flat irons usually are not suitable for short hair. If you still want to straighten it, you can use ones with narrow plates. This will help you to straighten your hair from the tip down to the scalp. You have to be careful not to burn your head, though.

For long hair, you can go for products with wide plates. This will help with the large volume of hair.

Your hair color is not essential when considering styling tools to use. Once you’ve dealt with the texture, length, and hair type, you can choose whichever is best for your hair.

Why is herstyler flat iron different from others? 

Herstyler has been known to stand out in its product. It is one of the hair styling tools, but it comes with unique features that make it different from all others.

Why Is Herstyler Flat Iron Different From Others

Dual voltage

Many of the herstyler products come with a dual voltage feature. This makes them suitable for all hair types, as you can change the temperature to whichever you want. You do not have to worry about a product been too hot or not hot enough for your hair.

Three in one product 

Herstyler flat iron is one tool that exhibits more than one usefulness. It can straighten your hair, flip, and produce curls. It is a lifetime investment that every lady should possess.

Time reduction

Herstyler flat iron heats up quickly. This makes the time used in styling the hair very short. It has different temperature settings and, therefore, can straighten all hair types; thick, thin, or frizzy hair.

Negative ion 

Herstyler flat iron comes with a negative ion that gives the hair a shiny look. This feature also makes the hair soft and smooth. It prevents bacteria in the hair and reduces frizz. The negative ion penetrates your hair and keeps the moisture in hair intact.

How it’s best used 

It is quite easy to use a hair straightener. Almost every lady makes use of it at one time or the other. However, not many are familiar with the correct use of hair styling tools.

Aside from straightening your hair, you can as well use hair styling tools to make curls, and you never knew that, right?

How it's best used

Never use this tool on wet hair. When your hair is wet, it holds more volume than dry hair. Using a hot toll om your hair when it is wet can cause the strands of the hair to expand and burst open. Dry hair also gets damaged with heat, but not as much as wet hair.

When straightening your hair, make sure not to dwell on one section of hair for too long. Even when that section seems not to straighten out, it still moves on to other parts. This is because the heat from the flat iron will cause damage to the hair. If you encounter this problem and one section of the hair seems not to straighten out, you can try cutting the hair into smaller parts. You can also use flat irons with wide plates.

Troubleshooting of herstyler curling wand

The tester shows you in which part of the iron you need to replacement. In the internal parts of the iron, there is the fuse, thermostat, power cord, and a heating element. All the parts need separate testing. You will find the fuse and the thermostat in the handle of your curling iron.

To remove the handle, you can use the screwdriver and eyeglass screwdriver to open the device and be sure that the wiring is tight and clean well. Frayed wires may save from severe damage very difficult to handle it. Test the wires and replace the broken or faulty sections. You may get the replacement parts on the online website, or online stores.

The reason to buy a herstyler curling wand

It is the view of the customers that Herstyler Grande Pink Hair Professional Curling Iron is number one product on the market. The iron has multiple heat settings and dual voltage settings. There is also heat resistant glove with this device to protect the hands when the device is too hot to use.


offers different kinds of curling hair which will remain for a long time. It is the best curling iron for short fine hair indeed. The wand has a Teflon barrel which becomes scalding quickly and emits negative ions.

Why Herstyler 3P Curling Iron is different

First off the whole package comes inside a very stylish metallic tube that you may see on the image above. The container not only looks fantastic but helps to maintain the design shielded whenever you’re traveling.

Why Herstyler 3P Curling Iron Is Different

The barrels are made from ceramic. And they are coated using tourmaline like most of the other high-quality curling wands creating negative ions to get less damaging. The barrels are rather fast and simple to alter. You may do this by just holding both buttons at the top and bottom of the grip to release the barrel.

There are not many different buttons to perform. So there is less chance of shifting the unit accidentally as you’re using it. There’s also a digital temperature display to the front. That helps you understand what you’re working with.

The batter is quite mild to the touch and also simple to maneuver. At the same time it will feel quite sturdy and like a high quality product. There’s entirely no reference of ergonomics.

However, the batter was very comfortable to grip and use during our testing. There are no nonslip features built in, but again it will fit quite well into your hands. Hence the odds of slipping are rather slender.

What is the reason for buying Herstyler 

If you like to have hair like the hair of the celeb, then you must choose this Herstyler. The service that the Herstyler offers is very attractive. The clients are most pleased to have the Hairstyle. It has the high power to warm up the device quickly. The heating system is very productive so that you will get soft and clean hairs.

Where could you buy Herstyler Baby Curl Curling Iron?

Herstyler Baby Curl Curling Iron is the number one product on the market. To purchase the product you can click here. The price of the Herstyler region is very reasonable.

You can find many stores in the world who are selling the Herstyler iron, but the charge is two or three times more than the real price. People like to buy the Herstyler iron as the iron has the frankness and responsibility.

Formal Updo – Herstyler Hair Tutorial

Herstyle Reviews (FAQs)

Is herstyler a good product? 

Everyone who uses this product is satisfied with it. If you want to have a feel of professional ethics in your home, then this product is a must-have for you.

What happens if I leave my straighteners on? 

A flat iron can heat up to 235°C and takes almost an hour to cool down. There’s a likelihood of a fire outbreak if left on near flammable materials.

How do I clean my herstyler flat iron? 

Turn it off and leave to cool down. Then dip cotton wool in alcohol or cleaning agent and use it to clean the plates. Wipe with a clean cloth.

Is it OK to straighten dirty hair? 

It is not good to use a flat iron on dirty hair. It will make the hair heavy and oily. The dirt in the hair will heat up and get locked the more into your hair.

How often can I use a flat iron on my hair? 

It is generally advised to be used not more than once a week. You should, however, wash and condition the hair before styling.

How do I prevent frizz in my hair? 

You can spray the hair with straightening cream to help smoothen them. Also, avoid combing dry hair after straightening it.

Can flat iron affect my hair color? 

Hair straighteners can cause colored hair to fade due to the heat applied.

How do I take protection from the heat??

I use the glove so that at the time of heating the barrel, this leaves no damage to my hands and hair. This time, the temperature of the iron may affect the faucet. You will also find the metallic device.

Is this just like the HERSTYLER 3P CERAMIC CURLER IRON SET- 13MM, 18MM Zebra? The only difference is color and packaging.

This is the same. I used it few times. The result is very pleasing. My friends bought HerStyle form Amazon.com. I hope you will buy from Amazon and if you do not get the right result, you will back the product.

The large barrel is 1.5 inch. I saw many different reviews. Has there any glove

The barrel is 1.5 inches and has a full glove. HerStyler 3P is great so buy this one.

Do you see any difference between purple and pink color?

There are more differences in the color if you have some more questions read the reviews/ tutorials. Is it the best device for tight as well as small spiral curl?

How long will it lead to curling your locks? I am speaking about 1-1 1/2 feet.

My lock is about 22 to 24 in. It takes a long time to make curls.

The size of the curl is 1 – 1/2″ – etc. what size of the item able to?

Answer: The iron has two different sizes. The smaller size is 9-18mm, and the wide is like the time to the base and tapers as of there. The other one is 18-25mn. The curl is a quarter at the base and tapers up from the width of a dime to the tip. For the method, it provides looser curl but not tight.

Final Words and Recommendations

One significant challenge people face when purchasing a hair straightener is choosing the right one. Herstyler products are the best to go for if you desire to have the proper product at a low cost.