How to Choose Flat Iron

How to Choose Flat Iron

Size of the Plate

There is a conventional belief that if you have very long hair, you need the very wide plate. If you have lengthy hair, you can use the one-inch plate which will be good indeed. The making materials of these irons are high quality and do the job well.

It will do function for all types of hair. The Skinner plates allow you to make the style of your hair from the very close to the roots and do straighten well.

Ceramic Flat Irons

The Ceramic iron is becoming popular to the people for its excellent quality. The plates are very smooth and distribute heat equally all the plates. It can quickly absorb heat. The materials used here will remain for a long time. It has a great styling power. The only drawback is that it can chip over the time. The iron needs to change at that point.

Titanium Flat Irons

A Titanium Hair Straightener is good for the users as it is very strong. The weight of the Flatiron is light. The iron has the quality of the ceramic iron. It can absorb heat quickly and very smoothly. The elements are maintained very well. It distributes heat all the parts equally. The device makes it easy for you to make the style of the hair rapidly and efficiently.

Tourmaline Flat Irons

Tourmaline is the new addition of hair straightening in the market now. The tourmaline can react negatively adding negatively charged. The negative ions make the hair dry from the inside of the hair.

The process permits you to make the hair dry with less amount of heat, meaning that you can make your hair curl with the short amount of time. There is less possibility of damaging the hair cuticles.

It makes your hair very healthy looking. The iron helps to make your hair healthier and shinier. It does not make the hair dry and leaves no damage to the hair. There will remain no frizzes of the hairs if you use the flat iron.

Professional Flat Irons

You need to select the best kind of flat iron for your use. They like to have the styling tool that does not leave any damage to the hair. Some hair stylists will suggest you to avoid using the straightener for the hair as this may damage the hair.

They have the negative effect on the hair. But the professionals say that if the materials and the product are very good, it will do a better job.

You can use on your hair with little heat, or you can use it every day. If you go to the hairdresser, you will see that these three models are common there along with the other styling tools.

They are the best amongst the bests. The tools are very good and use it for the hair. You can make your desired style of the hair by using the styling tool. So try to select the best kind of design, size, and style.

You need to select the best one for your need. The best one will offer you the best result that you desire to have for your hair.


There are some models which have silicone to make the ceramic plates. These make the speed of the hair styles and allow making the effective straitening with one the one pass for each and every section.

Best brands – Choose Best Flat Iron


Remington is a kind of flat iron which is taking more places on the market now. The iron has an excellent quality to absorb heat quickly. There are various kinds of heat settings with the iron. The more expensive options have the tourmaline, the Ceramic plates. So now you can have one for your use.


Conair is another kind of flat iron is becoming popular day by day. The sizes, the design and the color of the flat iron are very good. The good sides of the flat iron are that you can use the flat iron both for your thick and thin hair. The tool has the same quality as the Ceramic, Tourmaline, Aluminum and the Titanium.


The BaByliss is the leader flat iron in the market now. The special characteristic is that it does not do any damage to the hair. There are many features in this flat iron. If you like to buy a new model of iron you can buy the BaByliss for you. You can use the iron for different purposes. So you may ditch the iron for making the curl.


The name Sedu is becoming popular to the users day by day for the women of the world. There are ceramic, tourmaline and the titanium models of Sedu in the market. If you like to buy the iron, you need to buy the sedu. It is a great iron for the users. The irons offer a very good result for the users.


Solia is another name which is making its place in the market for the fashion and beauty. The iron can absorb heat quickly and takes an only little time to absorb heat. It helps to wipe all kinds of frizz. You need to remember one thing for which you are using the flat iron. If you like to get flip, curl and wavy hair you can use the flat iron for your hair. Do a good shopping and have a good hair

Choosing the right flat iron for your hair

Before selecting the process, you need to know it well that the flat irons are in two categories, one is fixed heat iron, and the other is variable heat irons. The fixed heat irons become heat up with the predetermined temperature that you cannot change.

The variable heat irons allow you to modify the heat setting every time you like to do son. Which one will you select that is up to the hair type and the condition of hairs.

Healthy, Medium-Thick and Wavy Hair

For the normal and healthy hair which may not be very frizzy or damage have the greatest variety of alternatives when you like to buy a flat iron. For such issue, fixed set temperature iron is the best option. The reason is that the hair can endure high heating temperature.

The normal hair is strong and healthy, and a variable temperature iron (is adjusted from 170 to 400 degree plus F) is the best choice for the healthy lock, is responsible for lower and higher setting to get certain styles. A standard rule of thumb to manage healthy hair is to apply the lowest heat to get the desired result.

Coarse, Thick and Curly Hair

This type of hair is susceptible to damage from this kind of high heating setting and needs high temperature to get the desired straightening or smoothing result. Coarse, thick and frizzy or curly hair is not responsive with low heat settings.

The use of more moderate heat is frustrating if you try to make it straight with the lower heat settings.

Fine, Damaged and Chemically Treated Hair

This kind of hair does respond well to heat and offer the hair’s delicate nature, is sure to damage if the high temperature is set. This type of iron is possible to make a style with simple effort than the coarse or thick or curly hair.

Women like to select this kind of hair as the like to avoid damage to hair by using high temperature. For this type of hair, you may adjust less than 170-degree F to get the hair smooth, sleek and fabulous.

In short, what this means is

Plate size

Less than 1″ – Choose for the short hair, and half inch iron is accurate for the users to want hair too.

1″ to 1¼” – Good for a medium type of hair, up to the shoulder length

1½” to 2″+ – Good for the long type of hair.


Less than 250 degrees – Good and exact for the thin or fragile type of hair.

Non-adjustable heats between 300 to 360 degrees – Flawless for almost all types of hair

More than 360 degrees – well for thickly and coarse type of hair

Surely they are standard rules of thumb, and people have various kinds of hair. So you should buy the brilliant type of flat iron which will do excellent result and will not produce the same effect on your friend.

The best choice of the flat iron that has 1″ to 1¼” inch plate size and having very adjustable temperature feature and you will be able to tailor it to your desired need.

The Fundamentals: What Every Hair Straightener Should Do

It is up to the size of the hair straightener’s plate and the system to use it. The simple and handy tool may create tons of various types of hair.

Before choosing a particular type of straightener, try to find what kind of flat iron will do a good result. First, the plate should be even and heat rapidly, without any cool spots or noticeable hot.

An adjustable temperature straightener is technically a feature, expert stylist Taylor Kramer tells that she would not like to buy a hair straightener the is designed with one.

Why is a temperature gauge so important?

We have thrown the question to Aileen Nunez, the International Education Manager and a professional stylist for Andis company to know what makes this character a must-have. This may be to escape the damage:

This is the view of Aileen that the accurate or adjustable type of temperature may leave less damage to the hair. So you should better to adjust less temperature to get the desired result.

Both of the stylists admit that those who like to make style at home has a bad habit of altering the heat very past what is healthy and advise you to use the hair type as a guide.

With plates that warm evenly and a temperature control to keep hair from frying, what else is left in the must-have category?

We request to choose any flat iron having the following thing:

  • A 360° Swivel Cord: You need to use the hands and the wrists to get a good amount of twisting. A cable that makes the job harder and limits the angles that you can draw the iron through the hair. Try to find a swivel cord with full circle, so you can straighten whatever position you like.
  • An Indicator Light: Your iron should have an indicator light to show when the iron is on. Though some models need to move some more miles to display when the optimum heat has been reached.
  • Automatic Shutoff: Good morning is a fact of life, as are the forgetful moment. If the flat iron slowly melting the around objects and worse may catch fire. Above all, the straightener may reach to the superheat position to match the kitchen oven- that you desire sitting on your armoire all through the day. We must consider a feature; all the straightener appears with the auto turn off. So before buying it, read the safety features of the straightener.

Hair Straightener Analysis

To exam the straightener, we collected volunteers who possess different types of hair like thin, thick, coarse and curly. We have added exact plates materials and temperature for volunteers’ locks types.

They are advised to move the straightener over the hair for three times to avoid the minimum heat damage. There is some relevant information to choose the best type of straightener considering the hair types.

Performance: Heat, as well as Plates, Make for Effective Straightening

The great way to test a straightener is to see how the straightener can straighten. The primary pass will make the straighten ideal, and multiple passes will make the hair damaged.

  • The best iron has quick heat capacity and stay for a long time and straighten hair within a short time. Some heat up below 30 seconds and some take minutes or longer than that. The finest models have indicators by which you may know the accurate temperature of the straightener. Most of the straightener preserve heat at the time of our testing. They have consistent warming across both plates which it changes make evenly heated look the testers’ hair.
  • Heat may be the most important thing for the straightener. There are many important facts to consider depending on the type of hairs. The size of heat setting and the plate materials, you need to adjust the features of these with the hair types to get the ideal curl.
  • Normally the temperature range of the straightener is 200 to 410-degree F. A temperature setting less than that would not do good result for the hair, most stresses start to burn if the temperature is more than 410 degrees for the span of time. The straightener we have tested has the temperature below the range and the Amika Digital Titanium Styler and more that range. So no problem, you will get your desired temperature setting very quickly.
  • The most straightener that has ceramic based plates or ceramic will help you to access the lower portion of that range. But the Titanium plated straighteners classically reach up to around 450-degrees F.
  • Infrared heat is added here to straighten hair, as it produces a different kind of heat and no lengthier wavelengths and circulates heat from all sides to the hair. That sort of weather is fewer stressful for the lock, and the hair becomes silky and smooth. We have got some other straightener and there is also infrared heat is added like the Corioliss C3.
  • There are safety features such as automatic shut-off feature or the sleep mode that will make the device turn off if you disremember to do so. The time is set to turn off or enter sleep after some point of using the unit.

Watch How to choose a flat iron


Thick hair is difficult to manage, so you need to use the flat iron several times over if it is wavy, long and curly. If you hurry, you are afraid and leave the house without looking everything well. But you would like to have shiny, soft and bright hair that is your top consideration.

We will consider all the above things when we use the best flat iron for the thickest hair. We can add some factor to finalize the list. What does the real owner of the hair straightener like to say? We will put only the best irons on the top list.