How To Make Your Hair Curly Men

Curly hair (men) is characterized by the way it grows and comes out. It is shaped like an extended oval and grows at a sharp angle.

They do not secrete oil-like straight hairs because it is much easier for oil to go through the scalp of straight hair than curly hair. Curly hair can be natural by genetics or can be grown by applying some chemicals and oils. When the strand of hair is asymmetrical, it grows oval hair, and this forms curls.

Curly hair is typical in European countries; it is more of a European trait than other countries. Curly hair, to some people, can be quite frustrating, because of the extra care it needs. If not correctly cared for, curly hairs can move from the lovely hair to annoying and disgusting one.

Curly hairs grow much slower than straight hairs. Even for those who have straight strands, once they decide to make it curly, the curls shorten it.

How to make your hair curly for guys

You do not have to be born with curly hairs, to have one on your head. Growing curly hair is possible and not so difficult.

Curly hair is beautiful, and this makes even those with straight hair want it. You can make your straight hair curly with the right procedures and products.

Different methods can be used to curl hairs, and you have to go with the one that best suits you.

Method 1

The use of unique products

Hair gels: hair gels come in different types and sizes; they have been proven to be the best bet for you to curl your hair. It takes time, though, because you have to be patient to get all hair curly.

The first step to using hair gel is to wash your hair; this is to make them clean and moist. Shove a reasonable amount on your hands and run through your hair, from the front to the back. Allow it to set for a while, then use a pencil or any straight comb to work each hair to curls. Continue until you're satisfied with the curls.

Argan oil: this oil helps to train your hair to be strong to make it easy to hold on curls. Use this oil once or twice a week to keep your hair moisturized and healthy. Argan oil can also be replaced by coconut or olive oil. They keep the hair moisturized and make them more adjustable to curls.

Texturizing spray: it is common for women but can also be used for men. It helps to maintain curls and even develop them. Spray into your hair regularly to boost natural curls.

Curl enhancing products: these products help to reduce frizz in the hair. They help the curls stay in place. They can be used on both wet and dry hair. However, to use these products, you must have an understanding of your type of hair, so you don't have rough hair instead of curls.

Method 2

Training hair to become curls

Brush the hair before going into the shower to wash it. This doesn't guarantee curls, but it is the first and most important process. Brushing the hair keeps it from lumbering.

Rinse the hair regularly to make it clean.

To train hair for curls, it requires different processes for different kinds of hair. For those with oily hair, they need to wash the hair more often. This helps to make the hair healthy and has volume. But for those with dry hair, they do not need to clean the hair regularly, only once a week will do.

Allow hair to air dry

Using air dryers are not suitable for curly hairs. The best is to allow the hair dry out on its own. Most preferably, washing the hair at night is best as sleeping on the hair makes it curlier.

Method 3

Be creative

The use of hair diffuser makes the hair bulkier, helps to reduce frizz in hairs. After washing hair, apply mousse and roll the hair into desired curls.

Re-curl the hair with objects that are identical in shape to curls.

Be creative in styles for curls. You can use curlers, wrap your hair in curlers overnight or after a wash and dry them with it.

Train your hair into waves. It's a practice that takes time and requires commitment. Have a short cut and comb it out with pomade from the front to the back for not less than one hour every day.

Then cover the hair with a scalp cap or wig cap to keep water in the hair. If you can be diligent in doing this every other day, the hair will start to have a wave-like structure. The result of this is a beautiful curl looking very attractive.

Best curly hairstyles for men

Curly fringe: This is easy and simple to achieve. It is characterized by short hair at the front of the head.

Curly Hairstyles For Men

Curly hair fade: this is short hair that balances well on the head, with enough hair to curl. The use of curly hair products helps to add volume to the curls.

Short textured curls

Short textured curls

Quiff: it's modern and well suited for men. Brush the hair upwards and arrange well to form the curls.

Short Textured Curls

Tight curls: this is for men with short and tight hairs. Mousse or other styling products can help to improve the curls.

Short afro: short afro helps to keep the curls in place. This is advisable for men who have to fish to work early each and don't have time to style every day.

Short afro

Long curly hairstyles

Long afro: this is for those with thick curls naturally, that are difficult to maintain. They have to cut the hair to bring out the kinks strategically.

Lob: these curls are very thick and long hair, which looks kind of messy.

Shiny curls: these curls are always shining due to the glossy products available for them.

Man bun: works better with natural curls. Requires to be grown for some months, the waves come out nice after this period. Ensure to have a matte finish to get the desired curls.

Bob: long curls that have overgrown slightly above the shoulder. You can choose to cut and style to your liking.


Unkempt curls: as the name sounds, they are long, messy curls. But to avoid them looking too rough, ensure you style them often and wave to the back. It doesn't require a lot of styling, though, but it shouldn't appear all entirely unkempt.

unkempt curls

Best curly hair products

Curly hair is so lovely and attractive, but they do not stay that way forever. You need to have the best hair products to keep them beautiful always. Curls are as lovely as the products used on them, hence the need for this piece, to give you the best curly hair products to consider.

However, you need to know the type of hair you have to get the right products for them. All products do not work for all types of hair.

1. Bumble and Bumble Bb curl anti-humidity gel-oil:

Generally, curly hair needs a lot of oil in them, but this product has proven to be the best oil product your curls need. It comes with a unique formula that holds the curls in place and keeps them shiny at the same time. Also, it prevents frizz and provides long-lasting moisture in the hair.

gives strength and adds water to curls. Just a small amount is needed per time.

2. Pure flax seed gel:

This product works on all hair and curls types. It leaves the hair enough oil and moisture it needs. It has jojoba oil in it, which makes it natural.

3. Soultanicals sprung coil boosting styling gel:

This is best for those with tight curls. Prevents frizz and holds the curls tight. It is directly used on wet hair after washing.

4. Dove quench absolute:

It comes with glycerin, which draws water from the hair to moisturize curls. It adds a shiny effect to curls and prevents frizz. It can be used for natural curls.

5. DevaCurl styling cream:

Comes with jojoba oil and tapioca starch that controls frizz and gives volume to curls. It is suitable for all types of curls.

6. Moroccanoil curls defining cream:

This product is the best for those with fine and curly hairs. It helps to bring volume to the hair, prevents frizz because of the argan oil in it. It makes the hair more comfortable to carry and maintain.

7. Shea moisture coconut and hibiscus curl and style milk:

It is perfect for detangling rough hair, leaving it soft and shiny. The coconut oil prevents frizz and leaves the hair hydrated. 

8. Re:coil curl activator

This product gives strength and adds water to curls. Just a small amount is needed per time.

9. Oaui curl jelly

Helps to prevent frizz and provides extra grip for the curls.

10. Kristin Ess Fragrance-Free Dry Shampoo Powder

This shampoo contains no sulfates or silicones, which are bad for curls. It helps to soak up excess oil in curls without damaging the scalp. Massage a reasonable amount into curls and run through with your hands.

Pro tips for men with curly hairstyles 

1. Your hair cut should express the particular kind of curls you have.

2. Have cuts that are easy to maintain, not those that require too much and takes much of your mornings.

3. Get quality products for your curls; there are specific oils, shampoo designed for curls.

4. Do not brush curly hairs; you'll pull apart the curls and cause frizz. You can use a wide comb for it.

5. Condition your curls deeply once or twice in two weeks to fix any defect and improve hydration.

6. Do not use thick gels or wax derivatives.

7. Do not use products that come as shampoo and conditioner in one pack. They are not suitable for curls. They're harder and does not give enough hydration.

8. Use oils regularly to lock in water in the hair. Lightweight ones are preferable.

9. Do not aggressively dry your hair after a wash. Rubbing it too much makes it rough and causes frizz. It also decreases the volume of curls.

10. Use a scalp brush regularly. This helps to prompt hair strand growth and keeps hair clean.

How To Make Your Hair Curly Men FAQs

Can I get a curly hair overnight?

This can be possible for those with long hairs. Wash your hair at night, dry out scarcely, and divide into six sections, at least. Twirl each part separately and maintain it with a pin. Remove the pins in the morning, rub your hands through the hair, and brush with a wide mouth comb.

How often should I wet my curls? 

Washing the hair always gets them dry, and this is not good for curls. Curls require moisture to look great.

Can curly hair grow longer? 

Generally, it takes about a month for hair to grow by half an inch. But for curly hair, it takes a much longer time. They still grow, but the long time it takes makes it look like they do not grow.

Can I brush my curly hair? 

Curly hairs are always dry, so combing them can cause breakage. However, you can brush the wet curly hair, and it prevents frizz.

Why are my curls thin? 

Using brush or comb in curls can cause breakage resulting in thin curls.


Final words and recommendation

Curly hairs are lovely but require a lot to keep them in place and make them neat. Most guys who keep curly hairs do not know how to style the hair the way they should.

To have lovely curls, you need to know the perfect hair cut that suits which curls, those for long hairs are different from short ones, as well as the medium-length ones. Having the best curly products at hand also determines how well your curls will come out.