How to Straighten Hair Men

Wearing beautiful and neat hair is a vital aspect of one's appearance because it doesn't just give you nice hair but also transforms your overall appearance. When people stare at you, one of the standout features they will notice first is your hair. Having a standard and well taken care of hair doesn't just reveal your attractiveness but also tells a lot about your attitude; you do have class and take good care of yourself.

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Also, having the right hairstyle puts you off as someone with respect and self-esteem. The hair you wear also compliments your entire dressing. However, there are diverse ways to tend to your hair, and straightening hair for men is one of the effective methods.

By Using Hair Mousse

After carefully washing your hair, using shampoo. Using a towel, dry out the excess water from it. However, if you are aiming for a straight hairstyle, dry your hair with a concentrator nozzle dryer. When it comes to using hair mousse, take in mind that adding a little means more.


So, take hair mousse the size of about an egg blob, and massage through your damp hair and concentrate more on the root. Applying hair mousse will not just straighten your hair but also help add volume to it.


After that, blow-dry hair by using a round brush and pull hair in an upward manner. This upward movement will help add more lift to the root of your hair and gives it more volume depending on the style you have chosen.

You can choose to brush outward, backward, or away from your face using a dryer with a straight concentrator to get a classic blow out. Or you may want to place the diffuser beneath your curls and blow dry upwards to define and add shape to your curls.

By Employing A Hair Conditioner

It is normal to add some touch to your hairstyle after a successful blow-dry. To do so, ensure to make use of an excellent tooth comb to prevent it from dragging your hair.


First, wash your hair using a shampoo and conditioner, and dry with a towel. To reduce hair dryness, apply hydrating formula or moisturizer to prevent your hair from damage.

Also, straightening hair may result in hair dry-out, so it is better to co-wash it. Using only the conditioner to wash will leave your hair saturated. Then, you can apply and massage-in your desired conditioner.

How To Straighten Hair For Men Using Hair Tools

If you are the kind of person that loves to straighten your curly or wavy hair, you are in luck because there are a pair of ways that you can achieve it. You can straighten your hair using just a dryer and comb, or you can just opt for a flat iron to make a very straight hair. Also, using chemical creams like relaxers can help straighten your hair. However, there's no permanent method of applying a relaxer.

How To Straighten Hair For Men Using Hair Tools


But when straightening your hair using chemicals, do not go for those that will damage your hair permanently in the long run. Instead, you can opt for another healthy style to style your hair to your desired pattern.

Straight hair can be both classy, gorgeous, and convenient, and you can choose from any of the mentioned methods given below:

Hot Air Brushes

The rotating air brush is a fantastic styling tool to go for as they give the same feeling and style you will get when you visit a salon. But to ensure a more lasting hairdo, ensure you use it on a hair of about 70-80% dry. This is because the tool releases hot hair, which, when applied on a dehydrated hair, could result in breakage. It has a rotating barrel that spins to straighten the hair.

Hair Straightening Brush

Hair straightening iron can also serve as a straightener for men's hair. It has increased in durability and function over the past years.

Hair Dryer and Round Brushes

The round brush is a reliable tool as it also complements and gives you various styling options and ease to flaunt your beautiful curls. You can choose the barrels that are more suitable for you as a small or medium barrel will give you more curls and texture while large barrels give straight hair and also curly hair straight.

How to Straighten Curly Hair for Men

First, you have to blow dry your hair. But before blowing out, ensure it is thoroughly washed, cleaned, and conditioned. The reason for the conditioner is to ensure your hair is soft and easy to comb, especially if you have a curly hair type.

How to Straighten Curly Hair for Men


After washing, dry it out using a towel and apply argan or vegetable oil as a moisturizer. To ensure your hair is well saturated with moisturizer, apply oil to your hand and squeeze both sides together, rub oil over your hair as you massage it from the root to the tip.


Then, comb your hair in a straight manner from the root to the tip. Comb as straight as you can to remove all tangles and forestall breakage. With this process only, you can successfully straighten your hair, especially if you have slightly wavy hair.


Then blow-dry. Set the dryer on medium heat as you blow-dry, comb the hair alongside, and control the hair as you move it over the hair while combing. Comb from the root up to the tip; now, it should be straighter because the hair should be getting dried in the process. 


Comb and dry the other sections of your hair. Be careful not to keep the dryer on one part of the hair for too long to avoid hair damage.

Continue in the process until you've attained your desired straightened curly hair, then apply serum to prevent frizz and add shine to the hair. You can just add a little of the serum to your hand and apply it from the root to the tip.

Flat Irons or Straighteners

Flat irons are usually made of top quality material and are available in the market today. Its technology has indeed increased now than it was a few years back, giving it more advanced technology and function. Its titanium and tourmaline technology helps to hydrate your hair and reduces frizz and dullness. They also serve as a straightener regardless of the nature of your hair.

How To Use Hair Straighteners The Right Way

Ensure to wash your hair and condition it before using the flat iron. It is best to use a detangling shampoo as well as a smoothing conditioner to ensure a fast and easy hair straightening process, before drying it out thoroughly. Ensure your hair is dried completely before using the straight iron on it as it can result in heat damage.

How To Use Hair Straighteners The Right Way


Then, apply a heat protection serum. Massage serum on the hair from the root to the tip as it helps protect the hair from any form of damage when using the flat iron.

After that, set the iron in the lowest heat and cut out about 1inch or 2.5cm of hair using a comb. Then, close the plates around it. The plates should be closed around the root, then gently slide it upward to straighten it. You can also go for a side part, depending on what you prefer.

How To Straighten Hair For Men With A Bunch Of House Pack Remedies

Milk Spray: Get a spray bottle and add about ⅓ cup of milk in it, and it's better to use coconut milk. Then, after washing your hair with shampoo, spray hair with milk to act as a conditioner. To ensure maximum penetration into hair and scalp, comb hair using a wide-tooth comb, then wash off after thirty minutes.


Eggs: Using egg will not just clean your hair; it will also straighten and add volume to it. Get two fresh eggs, break it, and add three tablespoons of olive oil. Whisk the mixture together and apply it to your hair. Leave it on hair for up to one hour before washing off using shampoo and cold water.


Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is very useful to hair with a get that sinks, moisturizes, and also straightens it. Get the same quantity of aloe vera gel and olive oil, about half a cup of both substances. Mix them properly and evenly apply the mixture on your hair.

Aloe Vera


Leave on hair for about half an hour then rinse it off. The difference is amazing, as you can even feel it.


Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar helps to prevent scalp infection and renews the normal pH of your hair, which makes it a fantastic natural ingredient for straightening your hair. Just get two t/sp of apple cider and put it in a cup. After washing your hair, apply the mixture all through your hair and leave it to dry.

Apple Cider Vinegar


Vaseline and Castor Oil: You require for this straightener is about 2 t/sp of castor oil and a little amount of Vaseline. Heat them together until warm and allow them to cool, then carefully apply it on your hair for about three to five minutes. 


Let it stay on the hair for thirty minutes, then wash it out using shampoo. To get the best result, leave the hair to air dry. 


Rice Flour and Fuller's Earth: Get one egg, five tablespoons of rice flour, one cup of fuller earth, and one and a half cups of milk. Mix them until completely smooth and apply on the hair. Cover your hair and leave it for one hour and wash off with water and shampoo. A sulfate-free shampoo is preferable.

Rice Flour and Fuller's Earth

The main difference between straighteners for men and women

As you do not know the procedure, some flat irons will not be an awesome choice for the users or guys.

They do not have some features that teen boys or men need to get sleek styles without no time flat. So choose the best flat iron for men who would like to have specific requirements.

Men like to have small hair generally, so they desire flat iron to use on hair. The iron makes the hair straighten well, and the users can use close to the scalp.

The design is comfortable to hold, and they will make the hair shortened without having any stress, hard work or pulling. The heats levels are adjusted to the suit, and they are a versatile choice and flexible.

Few Tips

Almond Oil Is Your Friend Too!

Almond is a right kind of hair straightener that holds natural conditioning properties. If you do the thing regularly, it will improve the condition of the curly hair.

For your normal conditioner, you can add it. Massage, with warm almond oil every day, will ensure you gorgeous straight hair except using a drop of the chemical-laden product of the hair. You will do the easy method for three times a week.

How to straighten hair for men permanently

Wavy or curly hair can be quite adorable, but it may also be a great deal of effort to tame daily. If you dream about having sleek, straight locks, then a fixed hair straightening dealing may provide you a look you will love. Based upon the method you pick; your right hair will last anywhere from a few months to if it takes for your hair to regrow.

Selecting a Professional Straightening Care

Pick Japanese straightening for you’ve got loose to average curls. Japanese straightening, are also known as thermal reconditioning, entails your stylist employing a remedy for your hair that breakdowns the bonds which produce your hair curled. The procedure can take around eight hours, and it’ll leave your hair glossy, shiny, as well as directly.

  • The gap between your hair thinning hair along with your hair growth will probably be evident, therefore plan to opt for a touch-up following six to twelve weeks.
  • A Japanese washing treatment may cost more than fie hundred dollars, based on the thickness and length of hair loss.

Locate an experienced practitioner to carry out the treatment. The compounds used in everlasting straightening are caustic. Ask friends and family for references or browse online reviews to locate a seasoned stylist that has a fantastic track record doing these remedies.

  • Your stylist must analyze your hair and make a judgment about the sort of the straightener they believe would work best hair loss.

Consult your inventor about the compounds from the treatment. Some everlasting hair sprays may contain formaldehyde or compounds which release formaldehyde when they are placed in your hair.

This is a harmful chemical that can irritate the eyes, skin, and lungs, and it might lead to cancer after prolonged exposure. Speak with your stylist about formaldehyde-free choices.

Whether there are some instructions, you ought to 10, ask. Before your reservation, phone your stylist and inquire whether there’s anything you need to or should not to apply on your hair until you sit at the seat.

Based upon the treatment, your stylist may tell you not to wash your own hair for a couple of days until you come in, or else they may let you clean using a clarifying cure the night just before your appointment. You might also be advised not to comb or scrape your scalp too harsh.

How to straighten men’s hair without a straightener

  1. Begin with the shampoo and conditioner. “Post-wash, attempt to eliminate as much moisture as you can, then use a smoothing lotion or utilize leave-in conditioner into prep your hair and use a smoothing serum or oil, depending on hair type, to complete.”
  2. Utilize a towel. Although it may take hours for hair to completely dry,” it is possible to jump-start the drying process by employing Absorbent fabric such as Acquis, which helps wick moisture from the hair fast without causing harm and frizz.”
  3. Keep cleansing your hair until it is dry. “As long as moderate fashions that sew readily, brush down wet hair and pull it tight with your hands every couple of minutes before it dries,” Angelson states. “On naturally wavy hair, this technique may provide you the undone city-chic appearance you frequently find on runways, and you can complete the way off with acrylic or pomade on the endings to smooth things out” If you are unsure about what brush, then we urge the Wet Brush. T:s that is minor-Latin

How to Get Straight Hair | Men's Curly to Straight Hair Tutorial 

How to Straighten Hair Men FAQs

Do guys like curly or straight hair?

Everyone is different; some may like straight hair, some curls. Most guys prefer to have long hair. Which means they wouldn't want their hair curly since curls naturally shorten the hair.

How can I straighten my hair naturally?

Wash your hair and allow it to dry out thoroughly. In the process of drying, brush on a five-minute interval and cover it very well. When completely dry, then comb, section and roll it. Use overnight hair hands, twist hair into a bun, make a natural straightening mask, and apply on the hair.

Should I straighten my hair as a man?

For men using hair straighteners, there are a few things to keep in mind. Your hair must be at least 4 inches before you can use a straightener, if not, your scalp will get burnt, and at most, you risk damaging your hair. You should also use a heat protecting serum and ensure your hair dries before straightening.

Does lemon juice straighten hair?

Lemon juice provides your hair with Vitamin C, which both straightens and conditions the hair. It will leave your hair feeling silky and soft, and right after the first treatment, you will notice that your hair is smoother.

As a man, how do I make my hair wavy?  

Distribute a heat protecting serum and apply mousse or styling lotion evenly throughout the hair and braid the hair. Next, apply your hair texturizer. Spray it evenly and straighten your hair using the flat iron. Then set with hair spray or texturizer to get wavy, straight hair for men. 

Can you make straight hair wavy?

For men with short and straight hair, they will need the help of ointment to work wavy magic. Your hair should be slightly damp when you start so that it would follow direction better. The cream will help the waves set in so that you don't lose the style for hours at a time.


There are diverse other ways to straighten men's hair, which includes relaxing the hair. A relaxer can cause damage to your hair if you don't use it right as it is a powerful chemical. There will be specific application methods and treatment times in the instruction so that you don't damage your hair.

Pour the chemicals together in the provided cup until it's well mixed and turns into a white paste. Apply the relaxer with the application brush and start at the end of your hair to your roots and edges. Once you have full coverage over that section of hair, repeat this until it touches every part of your hair.

The instructions should tell you the exact time you should leave the relaxer in your hair to achieve relaxed men's hair. Then wash out with shampoo and comb your hair, it should be straight.