Infiniti Pro Flat Iron Review

Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

The Infiniti by Conair CS710R Tourmaline Ceramic Iron is the best flat Irons for black hair nowadays, and this can revitalize, unbends and styles your hair quickly.

The Flat Iron ensures 89% relax, frizz less, high shiny, healthy and silky locks.

There is a ceramic plate in this flat iron. So you will get up to 455-degree temperature. The iron will make your hair frizz free and perfect. Within 15 seconds the heat will be reached to the highest point.

There is instant heat recovery system in this flat iron. An automatic recovery system is added here to recover heat when the power is lost or unplug the device.

It has 30 different heat settings. You will be able to make different styles of your locks by the flat iron. There is an auto turn off the system in this device to ensure safety.

An Argan Oil Fusion will save the hair from any damage, and this oil comes with the device. It is the only flat iron that will ensure you, all the types of style you desired.

Features of Infiniti Pro

  • BONUS One ‘N Only Argan Oil .25 FL. Oz. Bottle included
  • 29% large plates***
  • 3x smoother exterior for earlier glide**
  • balanced plate to unbend or flip tresses
  • Automatic off system
  • High polish and silkiness


  • The ceramic plates warm quickly and recover the damage locks.
  • The ceramic plate is very simple to clean, ensures soft, shiny hair.
  • The light barrel offers the exact contact for every swipe.
  • One inch is enough for precision, uncurling power.
  • Different heat settings are perfect for all types of hair


  • Becomes heat up quickly but takes some seconds to recover heat
  • The design is excellent. The high temperature is very hot. Some users demand heat protective gloves

Size Options for Styling 

While I recommend a pair of apartment irons to your friend or customer, plate dimensions are a reasonably primary concern for me. In case you’ve got short hair, you require small plates for precision styling. If your hair is super long you will need the broadest plate, so it does not take all day to operate through the long segments.

This would be useful for those who have short hair or those who wish to create tight spiral curls using flat irons along with the Conair. The straightener is a much better option for individuals with extended locks that take ages to sew. And, there is a difference between the 1 and 1/2 inch plates making it more acceptable for styling loose curls or lavish waves.

Fast Heat, Top Temperatures

This Conair minute heating straightener warms up in only 20 minutes! I checked the Conair testimonials. Virtually every client said they lived up to the guarantee and it provided quick and dependable heat. They’re coated with tourmaline, that’s a superb conductor of heat.

The Conair iron’s heat settings allow flexibility and management. There are warmth controls so that you may select your temperature and LED indicator lights to keep tabs on it.

Floating Plates = Snag Free Styling

The objective of floating plates is to permit you to work through the hair parts faster and without debilitating (and harmful!) snags.

One of the most frequent criticisms in Conair straightener testimonials is that the discs readily fall from alignment. That causes more yanking and grabbing (not many reviews said that, but it’s worth knowing). If you are comfortable with your irons and use these for occasional nights out, it likely will not be troublesome for you.

Clever Safety Features

The Conair level irons have assembled a few security features into their layout. A red-hot bit of ceramic in 450 degrees Fahrenheit can cause considerable harm to your bathroom counter.

The Infinity Pro Conair level iron has a heat shield that you can match with your need. I enjoy these features, and they’re matters that other professional models have not even considered!

The flat iron is perfect for all types of hair

The Infiniti Pro flat iron has different heat settings. Though most of the iron has only one heat setting, it is exceptional. There are 30 various types of heat settings. So the iron is perfect for all types of hair. There is a one-inch plate in the iron which is best for frizziest, curliest, hard hairstyles.

Buying suggestion of Infiniti Pro

If you convinced the product, you need to know details first. There are many ways to know this flat iron, and you must have to apply your judgment. All products are not the best. Some products are fakes, and they are not providing the minimum quality.

However, they are demanding a higher price than the original manufacturer’s price.  So what you have to do before buying Infiniti Pro flat iron? You can read the review of the users on onlineYouTube and so on

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

Question: Through it, will I be able to know about the expected temperature?

Answer: Yes it will let you know the desired temperature by the light.

Question: Is the flat iron perfect for damp hair? Have any experience of curling at the time of little wet?

Answer: I never attempt it. The Infiniti Pro flat iron gets hot so that you can make curl to any hair. I have thick and long hair. I think this would not dishearten me.

Question: How do I apply the oil on hair?

Answer: Take a drop of oil on your fingertips and select the section that you want to use the flat iron, run the oil from root to the tips, simply use the iron, this prevents the hair from damage or makes the hair shiny and silky.

Question: Does it work for thin hair?

Answer: I used it on my mom light hair. She got a good result. So the device is fit for light hair.

Question: I have got a straightener at CVS having dual voltage. Can I use it in Europe?

Answer: No.

Question: Are the plates ceramic coated or made of pure ceramic?

Answer: The enclosed brochure indicates it is made with ceramic coated. It is fantastic flat iron. The iron is one of the best flat irons on the market. So you will get a good result.

Final Verdict

The quality of the product is superb that fulfill your expectation completely. If you consider those stated significant benefits, the iron could be the best iron on the market.

The iron will offer you quality salon service by sitting at your home. The Infinity Pro by Conair 1″ Tourmaline Ceramic flat iron indeed very easy to use and the iron is fit for all types of hair. The iron would be the very smart decision to buy the best flat irons for black hair.

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