Pura Dor Anti Hair Loss Shampoo Review

Everyone tries their best to look great at all times. And one of the significant parts of the body that controls our look is the hair as our hair tells a great deal about our personality. These factors and more are why we strive to keep and maintain healthy hair, but with the increasing amount of hair loss, it is almost impossible to have a cut-free hair.

Thanks to products like Pura D'Or shampoo that helps to condition, increase hair volume, and other exciting features which we will be sharing in this Pura D'or anti-hair loss shampoo review.

Pura D'or is one of the famous brands known for producing sufficient hair and skincare products. Its product positive result has earned it numerous positive reviews on Amazon. This brand sure has something to give, so come along as we take a look at Pura D'Or original gold label anti-thinning shampoo.

PURA D'OR Original Anti-Thinning Shampoo Review

PURA D'OR Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Shampoo Clinically Tested, Infused with Argan Oil, Biotin & Natural Ingredients, Sulfate Free, All Hair

If you are a lover of natural hair products, then you will love Pura D'or shampoo gold as it is made from natural ingredients, premium oil, and other natural preservatives to give your hair a look. 


It contains 24 ingredients with vitamins and minerals to give healthy hair. With Pura D'or gold, every hair wash is a testimony with its Korean seaweed to provide you with total protection from hair thinning. The desire of Pura D'or shampoo is also meant to give you lasting solutions to hair by penetrating to repair scalp infection with cumin seed. 


It is made with other DHT blockers like Nettle extract for promoting healthy hair; Saw Palmetto, for thickness; and He Shou Wu, for scalp improvement. It also contains Biotin, Niacin, Vitamin E, and other result giving formulas.


Unlike other shampoos, Pura D'or gold will let you experience genuine natural hair by acting as a conditioner that reduces hair breakage as well as promotes thickness. The fast result gives time in as little as eight weeks giving you a fast way anti-hair loss platform for hair growth.

This natural shampoo blend will assure you of reduced hair breakage as it has been clinically tested with no side effects as it reduces or any form of scalp irritation. It is also free from products like sulfate, parabens, and gluten.


  • Proven Ingredients- The ingredients used are very effective and proven to give thicker and voluminous hair strands like Biotin and other formulas.
  • No Adverse Effect- This product doesn't cause any form of scalp irritation or itchy effect, especially with active Tea tree formula.
  • DHT Blocker- There's the presence of DHT for supporting thinning hair.
  • Fast Results- Unlike other products, Pura D'Or shampoo is effective as it produces a very glaring change in as little as eight weeks. Most users have approved that their hair-release after brushing is minimal, as well as an increase in the thickness and health of their hair.

Pros & Cons of Pura D’or Anti Hair Loss Shampoo


  • Suitable for all Hair Types- Whether you have damaged, dry or thin hair. The product is formulated with essential ingredients like Biotin and other extracts for a healthier, moisturized, and thicker hair look.
  • Serves as a Conditioner- it contains Argan oil, which is a popular and effective moisturizing agent. There's also the presence of vitamin E that helps to lock in moisture.


  • It is relatively expensive but given to its high-quality natural ingredients and functions; the price is worth it.

How to Use PURA D’OR Anti-Hair Loss

PURA D'OR Original Gold

Use this iron on your hair keep for two minutes until this does not enter into the deep of the hair. Keep far from the eyes. If you feel any irritation wash it well. For further information, contact with a doctor.

Why should you buy it?

Anti-Thinning Shampoo

PURA D’OR Anti-Hair Loss makes my hair thick than before. There is no itching or unisex smell. It is not sticky and absorbs the scalp totally. The shampoo does not make the hair dirty. It is very useful for the little amount.

Results typical after 2 months of daily use

It might take a minimum of three weeks of everyday usage for results to appear. Initially, you might experience increased hair loss. This is normal since the cleansing agents of the shampoo are working to eliminate old and feeble hairs.

8 week study results of Pura D'or

The invigorating mix of natural extracts, essential nutrients function to encourage healthy and stronger hair. We advise you to use this shampoo together with our Deep Moisturizing Spray – a continuing basis to maintain positive outcomes.

Pura D'or Anti Hair Thinning

Pura D’or Anti Hair Loss Shampoo (FAQs)

1. Is Pura D' or safe?

The product is safe on the skin as it is made from natural organic extracts. It is suitable for any hair type, and it's not itchy. The product stops scalp irritation and also conditions the hair to reduce hair breakage.

2. How long does a bottle last?

The time duration of a bottle depends on how often it is used and the amount used. However, when used daily, a bottle may last for about two months. But it can last more, depending on the individual.

3. How do I use Pura D'or shampoo on my hair?

To use Pura D'or on your hair, apply to wet hair and massage thoroughly. Leave in hair for about two minutes before rinsing off. For effective results, use consistently for about three months for a notable difference.

4. Does this shampoo work on bald spot? How long one has to wait for hair development on the bald spot?

I really don’t have any bald spots. However, like I said, my hair has been receding in the hairline (over the forehead). In that region, I experienced expansion after about a month of each day shampooing.

5. What will be the ingredients that are listed?

The ingredients are all organic and natural. I understand lavender oil is a component but it does not put weight on the hair, instead gives body. I use conditioner too.

6. This product includes sodium c14-16 olefin sulfonate. Is that natural or sulfate free?

Maybe this is something you should ask the company.

7. Would you use a shaving gel after shampooing with the item?

Answer: Yup, I still use a mild styling gel to provide just a small control and glow. However, the shampoo provides a fantastic body into the hair too.

8. Does this shampoo operate nicely on African-American hair or rough hair

Answer: I don’t know about African-American, but I still think that it works on rough hair. It is better that you try one. I tried on mine and it worked!

9. Does Pura D'or anti-thinning shampoo work?

Yes, it is ideal for people who desire to have a thicker and fuller hair.

10. Does Pura D'or regrow hair?

Pura D'or is an anti- thinning shampoo that helps increase the volume and reduce the loss of your hair, not a regrowth shampoo. However, if you have less hair breakage, then your hair will tend to grow more. But the product is not made for hair growth, instead of making it look thicker and voluminous.

Pura D'or Clinically Tested

Final Thoughts

It is evident that Pura D'or has one of the best anti-loss shampoo products out there. Also, our Pura D'or Anti Hair Loss shampoo review must have given you enough information as to why this product is good for you.

It is the best I have encountered, although it is a little on the high side, the result and quality are stunning. With its numerous positive reviews and benefits, it is a wise choice to buy.

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