Top 7 Best Remington Flat Irons Reviews

Are you sick and tired of your unmanageable hair that looks like a lion’s mane?

You are not alone.

Frizzy hair is an unfortunate yet common daily struggle that many girls face. It’s a familiar story, and it usually goes like this rushing around your home to get the red carpet-worthy look but straighten takes a hell amount of time.

By now you’ll have realized, you need help and probably asking yourself, “how to get rid of it?”

If this scenario is all too familiar to you every morning, then you have landed at the right place.

Pin-straight silky hair, not a daydream anymore!

Try Remington hair straighteners and see the magic at the quickest time. Keep reading this Remington flat iron reviews and you’ll find out how to tame frizzy hair. At the same time, we also talk about some dark side of this popular iron. So that in the end, you can decide does it really worth investing.

So let’s get down to business.

Is Remington A Good Straightener?

We can say Remington is an excellent straightener. 

Why do I say this?

With a convenient UK premium plug, it is a very light slim, and stylish straightener. In the plate setting, there is a digital heat setting system with a check. The perfect heat setting is 230-300. 

There you can control the straighteners for your different types of hairs. There is a heat indicator system that is unique. After 12 to 15 sec, you can feel the heat. 

That’s not all…..

There are lovely and long ceramic plates — the measure at around 25 mm wide and 110mm length. It allows straightening your hair from the roots. From the feedback, this is the right hair straightener of all time.

Best Options among Flat Iron for Your Frizz Hair7 Remington Flat Irons Reviews

Here are our reviews of 7 of the finest Remington hair irons that you can grab your hands on.

Remington S5500 1" Anti-Static Flat Iron with Floating Ceramic Plates and Digital Controls, Hair Straightener, Purple

Frizz and fly away is the harsh reality behind frequently hair straightening. 

Deep down you know it’s true!

We can’t deny it. If you are on the same boat and yearn for help, then I got something for you. Yes, I am talking about the Remington S5500. 

What makes this so special?

Surprisingly this straightener lessens the decent amount of negatively charged particles. The result? Diminish frizz and flyaways, and gives you the styling control.

Why we love it?

We absolutely love the way this Remington straightener purple allows to Style comfortably at literally any angle. This is just because it comes with the 360° swivel cord. So style your hair as desired.

What about the plate?

The super-thin, 1” long plates straighten the hair to transform beautiful curls and waves faster than ever. And you know what? All of this with just a smooth glide.

Cooler than ever!

The auto shut off is the best feature of this stuff. Yes, after 60 minutes without any operation, it will automatically shut off.

Pros & Cons of Remington Anti-Static Ceramic Flat Iron- Best Inexpensive Hair Straightener


The Goods

  • 30 Second Heat Up
  • Digital Controls
  • 410°F High Heat

The Bad

  • Quite big to handle
Remington S9520 Pro 2" Pearl Ceramic Flat Iron, Hair Straightener, Digital Controls + 9 Heat Settings, Black/Pink

Achieve professional styling salon results at home with the Remington pearl straightener.

Yes, you heard that right.

The 2” floating ceramic plates give you a luxurious finish and deliver a smooth glide. Plus, it allows full styling control, in the meantime, in constant contact with your hair for glossy effortless glide.

Why we love it?

The wide plates are most probably the best feature of this flat iron, which contains 8X more ceramic. However, Pearl Ceramic Technology ensures less damage and frizz by evenly distributed the heat.

Still not convinced?

This Remington pearl iron is able to reach a high salon heat of 450°F easily. And the best part, it heats up in a blink just 15 seconds.

But you know what else?

You can control heat levels as it has the LCD temperature display. And that’s not all; Pearl Ceramic Technology provides real crushed pearls for a silky easy glide. The cool part of this iron, you don’t need to think about the temperature ups and down, because keep the temperature lock whatever you select.

Pros & Cons of Remington Pearl Pro Flat Iron- Best Flat Iron for Quick Styling

The Goods

  • Ensure smooth glide
  • Digital Controls
  • Auto Shut Off

The Bad

  • Creat annoying crackling sound
Remington S9620B Silk Ceramic Flat Iron, Hair Straightener, 2-Inch (Purple)

Not everyone is gifted with super-straight hair, but even if your hair is kinky-curl, a good hair iron can give you a glossy look you crave for years.

Wondering how?

Remington silk ceramic flat iron 2 inch could be your beauty arsenal to get that sleek appearance. With this purple beauty, you can get your desired look in literally all hair types, no matter whether it’s fine hair or hard to style texture.

Why we love it?

The thing that impresses us most is the digital heat control feature. It not only gives you a Salon-quality heat of 455 degrees, but the digital controls also allow you to customize as you desire.

But we recommend:

  • For fine hair: 300-360 degree F
  • For Color Treated: 340-380 degree F
  • For textured: 360-420 degree F
  • For thick hair: 400-450 degree F

Apart from this, the temperature lock assures consistent heat in every use. Like other Remington iron, this stuff also comes with Swivel Cord, which allows free-ranging motion so you can style at an angle.

Now let’s see the plates. 2-inch Floating Plates let you straighten more hair within a quick time while staying for the smoothest glide.

Pros & Cons of Remington Silk Ceramic Flat Iron S9620B- Best Flat Iron for Natural Hair


The Goods

  • Durable plates
  • Advanced SILK ceramic
  • Digital display

The Bad

  • The power button sucks
Remington 8510 Anti Frizz Therapy Hair Straightener, 1 inch Ceramic Flat Iron with Digital Controls, White

You couldn’t ask for more in a flat iron!

For the price, this straightener offers the best sleek look you can get. Remington's floating plates are pervaded by micro-conditioners, which result in frizz reduction.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Not at all, Conditioners evenly emit with literally zero oily residues and gives you all-day protection. 

Why We Love It?

The feature that differentiates this iron from the rest of the Remington straighteners is the frizz-resistant conditioners. Plus, it reduces frizz by up to 65%, even in humidity!

Astonishing, isn’t it?

To be honest, we didn’t expect such a cool feature in this price range, big thumbs up for that. However, it allows styling almost instantly, within less than 1 minute.

What’s the wow feature?

Turbo Boost feature comes with one button raises to its highest heat setting within no time. You will be amazed to see the fastest result.

Pros & Cons of Remington Flat Iron 8510- Best Flat Iron for Damaged Hair

The Goods

  • Anti-Frizz Technology
  • Professional-grade heat
  • Fast heat up

The Bad

  • Horrible burning smell when it reaches the highest heat
Remington Wet2Straight Flat Iron with Ceramic + Titanium Plates, S7330A, 1 3/4 Inch

No matter whether it wet or dry, get beautiful hair up to 3x faster with the wet2straight flat iron by Remington.

Can this really be true?

Yes, straighten and dry at the same time in one step with the Wet2Straight Flat Iron!

Why is this so?

Blow drying followed by straightening can do some serious stress and overheat. As a result, it leaves your hair more dull and damaged. Remington merged them into one easy step that leaves hair soft and silky effortlessly.

Why we love it?

The unique steam vents are pretty impressive; they safely remove water from wet hair. That means you can dry and style your hair at the same time. And, you gonna get all this with 60% less damage.

But wait – there’s more.

With 30 heat settings, it's pretty simple to figure out the right temperature for your hair. However, the combination of the ceramic + titanium plates makes a shield overheat damage. The Wet2Straight hair straighteners is backed by Remington’s limited warranty.

Pros & Cons of Remington Wet2straight Flat Iron- Best Professional-Grade Flat Iron

The Goods

  • Wet/Dry Styling Indicator
  • Unique Steam Vents
  • 30 Heat Settings

The Bad

  • Not so effective for thick hair
Remington S9500 Pro 1" Pearl Ceramic Flat Iron, Hair Straightener, Digital Controls + 9 Heat Settings, Black/Pink

The main feature of the best flat iron is that this has a great power to raise the temperature up to 450 F just within 15 seconds. The Remington S9500 allows you to have the different style of hair by this hair iron.

There is a digital display of flat iron from which you can see the different level of temperature. It has a long swivel cord, and you can use from anywhere.

You can keep this in your travel bag also during your trip. There is an auto turn off the system in the best flat iron. The plates of the best flat iron are made of ceramic which has a high power to absorb heat and give up heat quickly.

Product Info

  • Size: 1 Inch
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 5 x 13.8 inches
  • Transport Weight:4 ounces
  • ASIN: B003V249L0

The iron is overall well built. It is made of very sturdy materials. There is a long power cord with the iron. The long cord is very useful for the users.

So you can easily straighten your hair through the mirror is far from it. Another attractive feature of the iron is that it has hinge lock. The lock helps you more to store the tool easily.

The LED display shows the accurate temperature at the time of using it. One can easily adjust the desired temperature for his needs.

The get up of the iron is very attractive. At the same time price is very user’s friendly.

Different heads have different types of hair. For various types of hairs require various kinds of flat irons. Some natural kinds of hair people search for the flat iron that to has turned off the auto system, temperature settings, titanium plates or Nano silver technology. The motto is this is to purchase the best kind of flat iron for your locks. The comparison guide will show you the way to buy the best kind of flat iron for your hair.

Irons are just like the clothes as one size is not at all for all fittings. The size and the length of your hair will tell you what type of iron you need for your locks. The appropriate size of the iron will ensure you the best quality hair and will leave less damage to your hairs, as well as the risk of overheating.

The comparison guide will show you the way to buy the best kind of flat iron for your hair. Irons are just like the clothes as one size is not at all for all fittings. The size and the length of your hair will tell you what type of iron you need for your locks. The appropriate size of the iron will ensure you the best quality hair and will leave less damage to your hairs, as well as the risk of overheating.

If you have thin, short or thick iron, you can use narrow size plate from half an inch to the one-inch thick plate. By this, you can curl a small section of hair.

For your long, beautiful and thick hair you can use a wide plate iron which will save your time to make curl of your hair. If you use a heavy iron, you will be tired to make a curl. Using a straightening hair is like the practice of weight training.

Pros & Cons of Remington S9500 Straightener

The Goods

  • Within this iron, the locks move rapidly and efficiently, without snags and pull. The hair is easier and no frizz
  • My locks get style quickly and become straight when using the straightener to curl my hair; my hair held shape and the straightener created the loveliest natural looking waves.
  • Absorb heat very rapidly as well as different temperature settings to push the button; more pressure is needed and placed to the exact place to avoid sudden switch on it has evolved cord which gives you a free movement.

The Bad

  • Has a digital display and you can see from all angles- visible the screen, but you cannot read this from all angles.
  • The handle of the flat iron behind the ceramic plates becomes a little bit hot.
Remington S8700 T|Studio PROtect Flat Iron Straightener, 1-Inch, Aquatic Green

The Remington S8700 flat iron has Vapor Infusion Technology, which protects and straightens just in one pass. Pour water into the reservoir and press one button to get a quick style.

There is one inch Ultra Ceramic Plates- leaves smooth and frizz free hair. There is high-speed heat recovery system; only one pass is enough to make the comfortable style. It has Macadamia Conditioning treatment.

The formulate treatment penetrate into the thick of the hair to rehydrate your locks. Then you will get soft and shiny hair. Fill the reservoir before heating, then press the vapor button to make conditioning your hair at the time of straightening.

There is salon quality hair as professional heat up to 450 makes the style of hair quickly, and the style will last for an extended period. The best flat irons for thick hair could be the best one for your hair.

The T|Studio Protect Flat Iron is the latest addition to the world of styles. One-inch ultra-ceramic plates have Vapour Infusion method which controls 90% of frizz. It protects 68% of breakage of comparative to the Remington straighteners without any protection.

To add micro vapor the protector applies to water and macadamia conditioning treatment. You will get the salon quality hair within a short time. There is hair care technology in the Remington T flat iron.

The iron has a one-inch plate, so the tool is very beautiful to look at and has wonderful features. The flat iron will give you much smooth hair. Within 30 seconds the device will absorb heat and will reach to 450 degrees. I used only 400 which work well for my hair.

My previous irons also were helpful for me with this temperature. The iron has some new features, so I love the iron. The weight of the iron is not heavy, which is similar to my other irons. The best flat irons for thick hair Remington S8700 is finally recommended to buy for you.

Pros & Cons of Remington S8700 Flat Iron Straightener

The Goods

  • You will get quick and stronghold by this professional iron as this can raise heat 450 Fahrenheit. Only 30 second is enough to make a curl.
  • Only one pass is all to make straighten rehydrate and protectant hair. First, fill the barrel with distilled water and then press the vapor button to make quick style.
  • The ceramic covered plate makes hair frizz free and can heat recovery. One pass is enough to make the excellent curl. Best flat irons for thick hair protects the hair from damage or rehydrate.

The Bad

  • Sometimes the build-up may damage or stop the working capacity of your styling tool. If you like to clean the build-up, you need to do the following steps.

Sensor technology!

First of all, the main focus is Remington flat irons the sensor technology. From this can get a tangle-free salon-quality cord. There are very hard smart sensors embedded into the plates. If you want to soften your hair and more straight, you can use Remington flat irons, which are best.

Top-notch cord!

Watch the moisture of your hair adjusts to the perfect setting temperature. For fast leaks results with less breakage and damage, that cord is best from other straightener cords.
Most of the Remington straighteners come with a beautiful and long swivel cord POW. This will enable you to that extra freedom and flexibility to extend and use around the room.

Sleek design!

The straightener is so sleek and pretty. You can style any hair by changing the temperatures to an ideal level for your hair. If your hair is beautiful, go for low temperatures. If they are not soft, consider increasing the heat levels.

Comfortable handle!

The handles fit the grip of your hand because they are small enough and light enough. You won't get bored when styling your hair. In 230-300 degree temperature, you will get the best straight and soft result for your hair. With a flat iron, you can curl your hair, and it looks adorable using a flat iron.

Next generation ceramic plates along with special properties have been added to the blend of frizz resistant micro-conditioners emit at the time of styling.

The frizz resistant micro-conditioners appear on the surface at the time of heating and working time of the flat iron. It goes to the hair to save them from the humidity for all the day. These conditioners remain the rest of the life as the product departs no oily residue.

Remington Flat Irons

I have got a Remington Straightener. There is minimum heat setting is very high. The lowest level of temperature setting is 310 degrees. For which people damage the fragile hair. They need much lower than that.

You are using Remington hair Straighteners. I do not know what temperature setting you like to get. You desire a straightener which has lower temperature setting as you like to escape broken, charred and irreparably damaged hair.

As you tresses are very beautiful or quite damaged, why do not you like to check out my article for the best type hair straightener for the damaged hair? In my Heat Precaution article, you will get the idea of protecting your hair from more damage.

1 or 2 of the Remington Wide hair straighteners and anti-static one-inch ceramic hair straightener state that the irons give up odd chemical smell if they are very hot. The company says that it is not a great issue and there will be no damage to hair for it. After few uses, it will burn off. We are interested in making you aware of the fact as you are very sensitive to smell.

After so many times using a flat iron, there must be some dust or something sticky could attach. So we have to clean it for long term use.

  • Ensure that you have unplugged and allow it to cool down before cleaning.
  • In the flag, you can see the junk that builds up over some time. On both sides of the plates, you can see the trash sometimes.
  • Never use the abrasive cleaning fluid to the plate.

So this is the easy way to the maintenance of Remington flat iron.

Remington’s hanging plates use exclusive Cool Touch technology. They never come into contact with the outside, so you can touch them without risking getting burned. So you can now grab the top of your straightener to handle it more precisely during styling.

And for even more comfort, you can even grab it with both hands to form your curls. This technology makes it easier to get well-rounded curls.

On the other hand, The Conair flat iron has been present in living rooms and homes for years. The tourmaline coated plates make it compatible with almost all hair types. 

Remington flat iron reviews FAQs

Which Remington hair straightener is the best?

Answer: Actual concentrate of technologies, the S8590 Keratin Therapy Pro from Remington is able. Thanks to a Turbo function, to reach its operating temperature in fifteen seconds. These are flexible and have a ceramic coating that diffuses a treatment based on keratin. It contains the protein essential to the good health of the hair.

Do flat irons cause static?

Answer: Flat straightening iron equipped not only with ionic technology. It eliminates the problems of static electricity. But also with the Split Stop technology, intended to prevent the appearance of forks.

Is Remington flat iron dual voltage?

Answer: yes, there are several Remington irons which got the dual voltage benefits.

What kind of flat irons do professionals use?

Answer: There several types of heat iron use for professional hair straightener.

Foxy bae Rose Gold Very Sleek

Aria Beauty XO Pro 1

Steam pod straightener, from L'Oréal Professional

  • Avanti Titanium
  • Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium
  • How hot does a Remington flat iron get?

Answer: the recommended temperature of different hair type:

  1. Sensitized hair: opt for a temperature below 180 ° C
  2. For wavy, curly and healthy thickness hair: set your straightener between 180 ° and 210 ° C
  3. For curly, frizzy and very thick hair: select a temperature between 210 ° and 235 ° C

As you can see, there is some solid reason why everyone loves this flat iron and create hype. As a hairstylist, I have to admit it’s a great option for those who want professional results with minimal effort.

Worth a try and highly recommended!

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