Short Haircuts And Hairstyle With Short Hair Ideas

For most people, cutting their hair is a huge problem because they are unsure of the outcome, scared to look ridiculous, and skeptical of the hairstyle that will soothe them.

For most women, carrying a short haircut means a reduction in their feminism or look somewhat outdated. Also, society has taken the notion that beauty is present in luscious, long hair.

However, if you have been skeptical about getting the right short haircut or hairstyle, no worries cause you will see some fantastic examples of easy to maintain and self-styling short hairstyles for all ages. You will see how a short haircut highlights your beauty.

What is a Short Haircut?

Short haircuts are those that are short length. The length of the hair may vary from above the ear to the chin and below the chin. However, a short haircut is suitable for both men, women, and even aged women. Short hairstyles for men and that of women may vary with the length. On the other hand, there are some unique and tomboy haircuts that soothe any age and gender.

Which Type of Hair is Suitable for a Short Haircut?

One's hair type is a significant concern when dealing with short hair cuts. This is because some haircuts soothe a particular hair type, and others do not. Hair texture varies from the fine, medium, and coarse as well as the hair type (straight, wavy, and curly). However, all the kind of hair is suitable for a sleek hair cut; all you need to find is the perfect stylist who knows how to play with your hair expertly. So, regardless of any type of hair texture you may have, the trick is in the styling. Here is a list of hair and the best short haircut for them.

Thick hair

One of the best short haircuts for thick hair is the classic pixie. Thick hair usually has a body making this style very suitable. Shaggy pixie is another alternative for thick hair. Its varying length makes it easy to add some more volume and movement to the hair around the top. There is also the layered pixie cut that gives you some amount at the front and a side bang. 

Curly hair

For curly hair, the layered afro curl never fails. It takes out drooping and makes it less weighty. Layered afro is a total mix of tight curls and short curls.

Wavy hair

You should think of doing a graduated or an unstructured bob. Both will work out just fine. For the graduated bob, you can get it a little choppy at the back, along with the crown and a cropped button without having it all clogged up. This haircut will give more beauty without wavy hair.

Thin Hair

A rocking bob is a good fit for this type of hair. However, get a lot of layers to prevent the hair from falling flat. 

Straight Hair

A haircut that is best suitable for your hair is Gamine. It soothes straight hair, and they are usually short, but they will give you a soft and feminine look. Ensure to keep the edges wispy. The asymmetrical crop or the layered pixie is also a good fit for this type of hair. 

Different Types of Short Haircuts for Different Age Groups?

Here are some super beautiful and lovely haircuts that can suit you and give you confidence as you rock any age. Besides, age is just a number.

Different Types of Short Haircuts for Different Age Groups

For the 20s

In your 20s, you can chop your hair into a funky or edgy bob, but you could also consider your profession. If you are an artist, then some fashionable look will do. But if you are in the educational field, then hop for a professional look.

Hairstyle: you can consider pixie cut, short bob, edgy asymmetrical cut, and shoulder-length hair.

For the 30s

At this age, you may want to consider shoulder length or medium length haircuts. Cuts should be youthful and modest, but they should also add some sophistication and class to your look.

Haircuts: Consider cropped, parted pixie with bangs, bed-head bob, beach waves, wavy bob, and shaggy hairstyle. You can also give classy buns a go.

For the 40s

At 40, you want to redefine your sex appeal. You will need something to take the eyes away from the neck while giving you a sporty feel.

Haircut: Consider the graduated bob, edgy cuts, and pompadour. You can also find a medium haircut like layered soft flips.

For the 50s

At this age, you can consider hairstyles that depend on the nature or health of your hair. You can go for something a little distracting that reveals less of the wrinkles and lines on your face. If you are a busy woman, then consider something of low maintenance.

Haircut: Tapered pixie on both sides, short cuts, shaggy beach wave cuts, layered hair- shoulder length

Why is Short Haircuts Very Much Popular with Celebrities?

Celebrities tend to keep more short hair. However, some stars love short hair for various reasons, which brings about the reason why they keep short hair. 

Why is Short Haircuts Very Much Popular with Celebrities

1. Sometimes, it has to do with the role they have to play. 

According to Anne Hatheaway's interview, the reason why she cut her hair resulted from one of her roles in the Broadway musical Les Miserables. The same goes for Natalie Portman; she shaved her hair in front of a camera, which is in line with the script she acted in.

2. It is Less Stressful

Some celebrities are just fed up with the whole stress and time of getting to fix their hair and only resolve to cut them. And find it less stressful preparing for any event.

3. It Gives Confidence

According to Halle Berry, wearing short hair gives a sense of confidence and feeling of ownership and charge.

4. Reveals Real Beauty

According to Kristen Stewart, cutting her hair made her feel more of her real beauty like a 'real' girl.

5. To undo the damage caused by frequent dying.

6. More convenient and easy to maintain

Short Haircut For Men?

Short haircuts and hairstyles are the typical looks for men. They are both stylish and comfortable to maintain. Short haircuts also give men a trendy and quick, elegant look. However, there are various short haircuts for men, whether you desire the buzz, crop, or cuts.

Different Types of Men's Short Haircuts?

There are various short haircuts for men regardless of the type of hair structure you have (wavy, curly, thin, or thick) there is always going to be a haircut for you. They vary from a crop top to fringe, faux hawk, side part, etc. here are some short men's hairstyles.

1.fade Haircut

Fade haircut comes in various styles from the taper to low, skin, mid, etc. the most prominent basis of men's hair is undercuts, tapers and fades. The short fade haircut is suitable for any hair length. It is also easy to make to increase and decrease shades on the sides, top or backside, depending on your choice. The hairstyle gives a short haircut on top and soft fade by the sides. The hairstyles on it are what make the difference.

2. Undercut Hairstyles

The undercut hairstyle is all one-length, unlike the fades. This hair cut comes with very high sides and back. The difference in hair length is pronounced. The undercut can also go with a short haircut like the slick back, faux hawk, comb-over, a pompadour, and spiked hair.

3. Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is one of the best short haircuts. It gives a quintessential military look. It provides a clean and smooth look, plus it's effortless to style and maintains.

4. Crew Cut

This haircut is straightforward but also gives a classy look to the individual. The crew cut is slightly different from the buzz cut in length, providing room for more styling of the top of the hair. You can go for a long or short crew cut and give it a stylish push to the side. Also, you can spike the front or leave messy or just carry the natural look. In any case, it will fit.

However, if you have thin hair, it is best to have your hair textured. That way, your hair will appear thick.

5. French Crop Or Crop Top

This is a trendy haircut for men. Hair is cut at both sides plus a fade or undercut, some long hair is left at the top and trimmed at the front. This type of textured cut gives a stylish and natural look. Wax, clays, or matte pomades are recommended.

French Crop Or Crop Top

6. High And Tight Haircut

This type of haircut also has a military outlook. This haircut is suitable for various kinds of hair-thin, thick, wavy, and curly hair. The side trim doesn't have to go all the way to the skin, depending on the individual. So is the haircut on the top.

7. Short Quiff Haircut

This short quiff haircut has been one of the best short hairstyles for men. It is suitable for both casual and professional looks. It comes in varying styles and is ideal for any length of hair, type, and face shape. You can choose from the undercut quiff or quiff with side fades. Fades can be medium, high, or low, depending on your choice.

8. Fringe Hairstyle

This is a perfect short haircut for curly hair. Also known as man bags, a haircut gives a sexy and stylish look but requires a lot of styling and maintenance to get the best out of it. The styling options are numerous. It can be styled to the side, given a messy look, and even allowed to grow longer or cropped. You can also ask your barber to provide it with a short taper or fade at the side or back.

9. Short Comb Over Fade

This haircut is also similar to the side part haircut. If you are a lover of a short side long top haircut as this hair works fine with a fade or side undercut. The hair on top can be styled differently. A lot of options can go for this style; you can decide to add a line making the parting more defined.

How to Care for Short Hair?

Caring for your short hair from bobs to pixie and faded sides is one of the best tips to keeping your short hair beautiful and healthy. Here are some maintenance strategies and advice

How to Care for Short Hair

1. Don't Comb Often

Short hair strands do not require frequent combing like long hair. This is because they are less likely to tangle. However, you can use your fingers to glaze through it, or if you must use a brush, use a bristle brush. When styling, using your fingers can help give more volume and texture to your hair. Also, for a sleeker style, experts recommend that you blow-dry hair using a small Denman brush; this will give your hair an elegant and smooth finish.

2. Avoid Always Using Heated Products

Reduce the use of hot or heated styling tools for your hair like blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons. These products can cause damage to the hair, and damaged hair lacks the color retaining ability, unlike healthy hair.

3. Get a Hair Trim at least Once Every Three Weeks

The beauty of short hair lies in the cuts and getting the right cut, length, and thickness for your hair. However, if you plan on keeping closer crops, then you require more maintenance for your hair. Before getting your haircut, make sure to consult an expert who knows the direction of your hair growth and thickness of hairlines. For people with less blunt styles, they can pay fewer visits to the salon than those with more sophisticated hair, especially if the emphasis of your style is more on texture or the shape of the style is softer.

Get a Hair Trim at least Once Every Three Weeks

4. Wash Your Hair Daily

Having short hair requires frequent washing than having long hair. This results from how often grease accumulates by the hair. However, washing depends on the amount of oil produced by the individual's scalp. Also, ensure to add moisturizer for proper hydration and to fight against dry hair scalp after washing. You can also use dry shampoo to rejuvenate your hair if you don't have time to wash your hair.


5. Rinse in a Blast of Cold Water for Extra Shine

You don't always have to wash your hair in warm water. Finishing your wash with a fresh blast of cold water can help increase your hair shine; that's if your short hair lacks luster. You don't have to stay under the cold shower for a long time, 5 minutes is enough.

Useful Tips

When hair sticks out or flies away after sleeping, smooth errant roots with a damp cotton wool ball, this tip is essential, especially if you don't want to take your bath and have to hurry out.

Use the right styling product.

Use exfoliating scalp treatment to free your scalp from dryness and irritation.

Is Dye Suitable for Short Hair?

Dying of hair is suitable whether the hair is short or long. It gives the hair the shade of color of your choice, whether from the gold, blond, black, and even the blackest black. However, dying of one's hair is good, but it depends on some factors.


The hair dye contains ammonia, which provides the alkaline ph for the hair. Ammonia can damage the hair by causing the hair cuticle to swell. So, while dying your hair, avoid using the wrong peroxide and constant dying.


So, it is advised to use semi-permanent or demi-permanent dyes because they cause less damage to your hair and give it an additional shine. Semi-permanent dyes do not have peroxide in them, while the demi-permanent dyes have a little amount of peroxide. However, these dyes do not produce a permanent color as they fade quickly when a regular amount of shampoo is applied to the hair. This results because the dyes do not open the hair shaft and thus do not permanently alter the natural hair color.

However, most companies have also introduced hair dyes that are free from ammonia. These dyes are made up of less damaging ingredients that do not affect the hair cuticle. Also, dyed hair needs to be taken care of very well as coloring can make hair dry and brittle and needs to be well conditioned regularly to avoid breakage.

How to Straighten Short Hair?

Straightening your short hair can be a little challenging, especially if you have short hair. However, to learn how to straighten your short hair, engage these few tips.

How to Straighten Short Hair

1.Wash Your Hair

Using a mild shampoo, wash your hair. Apply conditioner according to your hair type. In order words, use a conditioner that will add volume to your hair if you have thin hair and smooth products if you have thick and curly hair.

2. Towel Dry and Blow-dry

After washing, dry your hair using a clean towel. You can air-dry your hair or blow dry using mild heat.

3. Apply Heat Protection Spray 

Before straightening your hair with a straightener, ensure to apply heat protection spray or gel to your hair. This will help protect your hair cuticle from direct contact with heat and also protect it from damage. Applying for heat protection also helps moisturize your hair.

4. Section Your Hair

Divide your hair into three to five sections depending on the volume of your hair. After sectioning hair, ensure to clip it. Clipping hair makes it easy to straighten.

5. Straighten Your Hair

Set straightener according to the nature of your hair or type of hair. Use a temperature that will not cause damage to your hair. For thick hair, you could use a temperature of about 350 to 400of, 300 to 350 for medium hair, and 200 to 250of for beautiful or damaged hair.  

When Straightening Hair

Straighten your hair from section to section and layer every part before straightening. Ensure to complete each section thoroughly before moving to the next one. When Layering your hair, ensure strands are not more than two inches apart. Do not continue straightening your hair when the steam stops. It means your hair is either wet or burning up. Stop straightening and check if it's wet, then blow dry before continuing. 

6. Apply Serum

When you are done straightening, and you can see your desired style through your mirror, apply serum to your hair for more luster and volume.

How Beautiful is Short Hair Style?

How Beautiful is Short Hair Style

One of the beauties of short hair is the ease of combing, styling, and maintenance, unlike the length of time poured into combing and styling long hair.


For women, they reveal one of the most attractive features, which is the neck. They also help define the clavicle and other builds of a body. Short hair highlights feature in a woman in a way that long hair can not.

The beauty of long hair is also revealed in its confidence. Short hair shows a part of a person's personality that may lie unknown to them.

14 Amazing Short Haircut for Women Professional Haircut

Short Haircuts to Inspire You for the New Year

So you've chosen to opt for a short haircut this new year. The question is, which hair will you go for? Here is a list of fabulous short hairstyles to try out this new year. Don't hold back, dare to try out the one that suits your face shape and hair texture.

1.Pixie with Nape Undercut

Pixie is a great style to go for with a nape undercut. With this shaved part at the top of your neck, this short haircut will give you a touch of simplicity and class.

Pixie with Nape Undercut

2. Tomboy Hairstyle

Tomboy hairstyle is another perfect short haircut to have. A lot of people think going for tomboy cuts is overrated and doesn't soothe women. This is not true because tomboy haircuts can give a neat, sexy, and feminine look. Here are some fantastic tomboy hairstyle to try

Side-swept pixie is a nice tomboy haircut that you can quickly try out by yourself and swipe the longer part to the side. You can try this out with just a hair spray and a comb.

Straight pixie cuts are another popular short haircut among teenage girls; It is more prevalent in Asian countries. You could try it out.


Pixies with long bangs are the perfect choice for people with straight hair. It is simple and easy to do yourself.


  • Choppy Cut
  • Curly Pixie
  • Undercut and Side Cut Hairstyle

3. Effortless Pixie Cut with Short Bangs

An effortless pixie cut with short bangs is a short haircut styled with bangs at the front or sides. You can have fun with whichever way you desire to style it. The cut is usually one half to three inches long.

4. Classy Temple Undercut

This classy temple shave undercut is a cool hairstyle to try in the new year. The cut features a small amount of shaved hair around the temple. If you like to fashion-dare, then you can have a functional styling on the shaved part. This hairstyle will give you a stylish look.

5. Wispy Layered Short Pixie

This short pixie is fabulous with the combination of wispy layers. This hairstyle will give you a sophisticated look and feminism. You can try this short haircut with a more confident color of your choice, maybe a gray or blond. The result will be fantastic.

Wispy Layered Short Pixie

6. Short Wedge Haircut

Wedge haircuts are just perfect; they feature a short layer at the back and long hair all over the top. They give a flattering silhouette by letting you have a luscious crown and neat nape to your short hair. However, you can still have fun and have an outstanding look by playing with the layers and hair colors. You can also try shortening the section along one ear. The choice is all yours!

7. Short Blunt Blonde Bob

Blunt bob cuts are a fantastic style that suits a variety of face shapes and hair types. The haircut will give your hair a more robust, firmer, and healthier look. And if you have a love for blonde looks, this short haircut will reveal the sleekness and beautiful features of your face. Blunt bob has high staying power and can highlight your feminism.

Short Blunt Blonde Bob

8. Shaved Shaggy Bob

This short haircut comes with an undercut that highlights its beauty. It is a perfect hairstyle for thick and straight hair that gives your hair texture and body to the work.

9. Long Pixie Cut

This hairstyle will reveal your femininity and create a soft frame around your face. It features an extended hair length throughout the hair or some parts of the hair, especially in the front and on top. Having a long pixie hairstyle helps increase your hair shine. You can texturize the front or leave it natural. 

Long Pixie Cut

10. Shaggy Bob Cut

The shaggy bob cut is created using a razor cut method to give rocky edges layers. They have high staying power and are easy to style. It reveals both edgy and feminist features. It is flattering to all ages and hair texture.

11. The Short Cut With Soft Bangs

This hairstyle has an extended front and short back with soft bangs to the side. The layered cuts give it a textured look.

12. The Beachy, Wavy Lob

The wavy beach lob will bring out the depth and volume of your hair. The long bob hairstyle will define your face and make you stand out in those curvy lengths. You can also try texturizing or layering for an exceptional finish.

13. The Shoulder-Length Cut With Side-Swept Bangs

This medium length haircut with bangs will give a particular highlight to your face and transform your whole look. With side bangs that can be crop, wispy or long, this haircut will provide you with different options of thickness and finish.

14. The Soft, Wavy Shoulder-Length Cut

This haircut for women is suitable for both medium and beautiful hair. The hairstyle is easy to maintain and will add volume and curls to your hair. The style features a shoulder-length bob with jagged edges with lots of waves and bends.

Recommendations on Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

As we grow old, we change the things that we love, which includes our clothes and hairstyles. However, our age should not be a barrier to our style or fashion. Instead, you should pick hairstyles that will enhance your beauty, hide your face lines and wrinkles as well as giving you a modest look with elegance. Below are some hairstyles for women; they have low maintenance ability and provide comfort.

Recommendations on Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

1.Pixie Hairstyle

This is the most classy short hairstyle for women over 50. They are easy to maintain and help highlight the best features of your looks. You can easily wash and style it with pomade. 

2. Spiked Hairstyle

You can go for the spiked hairstyle if you wish to change your look or soften things up a bit. You can skip the spike or let it fall flat; either way, it will change your look, but this option is not enough to change your style daily.

3. Short Bob

This short haircut for beautiful hair is excellent for any age. Its length gives volume to the hair and adds elegance to your looks. You can change your looks by changing the parts. The middle section offers a sleek look while the side part will add volume to the style. The pixie with side bangs will also provide a flattering look for any face shape.

Short Bob

4. Textured Bob

This is one of the classy short hairstyles for thick hair; it gives an elegant look to mature ladies and portrays the image of a well-groomed and confident woman. It is great for any face shape and flaunts your features.

Short Hairstyle for Men's Among the Different Age Group

Short hairstyles for men are numerous in their length and pattern. However, there is a list of the various styles that are trendy and suitable for multiple age groups.

For the 30s

At this age, you should go for a hairstyle that will make you more responsible. Some razor cuts that highlight your confidence and strength is perfect.

Hairstyle: high and buzz cut, side part, hipster fringe, and a crew cut.

For the 40s

You should go for a hairstyle that you can tweak to meet your taste and career. You can also go for a business-friendly look if you are a business person.

Hairstyle: An undercut will do, a shaving cut, medium curl, a quiff, and a pompadour.

For the 50s

At this age, you must have had some amount of white hair. You may want to go for hairstyles that will help you gain respect. Or something that gives you more reason to flaunt your white hair and beard.

Hairstyle: You may want to consider hairstyles like the pompadour, Bruce Willis shave hairstyle, wavy curls, blow out, high fade, and medium pompadour.

6 Easy and Beautiful hairstyles For Short Hair

How to Care Short Hairstyle

To maintain a healthy and beautiful short hairstyle, one has to take and engage in a few measures. 

Get a Professional Hairstylist

Before getting your hair styled, consult a stylist to know the thickness, structure, and length of your hair. They will also tell you the right hairstyle that can suit the shape of your face. Visit the saloon once every three weeks or so if you have a blunt haircut and every four or thereabout for softer styles.

Brush Hair Carefully

Short hair requires less combing, unlike the long hair because they do not easily tangle. You can brush strands with your fingers to build up texture and volume. You can style your hair and play with the shape with your hands. Using a brush gives it less amount, but if you must brush, apply a brittle or pocket brush. 

Pick the Right Styling Product

While choosing a product, pick those that had texture and holds, that's if you have bobs. A hairstyle like shaggy bobs increases volumes typically. For shorter hair, use a dry matte paste while styling.

Wash as Often as Possible

Short hairstyles require a lot of washing than longer hairstyles because they become quickly greasy. You can treat your hair to coconut oil on the tips first before applying mild shampoo. After washing, use a deep conditioner to combat dryness. Finish the routine by applying a blast of cold water to reduce the heat damage and save your hair from splint cuticles. 

Super Cute Short hairstyles

Short Hair and Hairstyle FAQs

What to consider before cutting your hair short

Before cutting your hair, you may need to consider the shape of your face and the texture of your hair. The shape of your face is what determines if the hairstyle will fit you or not. The type of face shape is oval, round, rectangular, heart-shape, etc. for those with an oval face, most hairstyles will fit you. But, if you have a heart, oval, or rectangular face shape, you have to be careful when choosing a hairstyle. However, you can consult an expert hairstylist for a haircut that is best suitable for the shape of your face.

Also, is the texture of your hair. When cutting your hair, be careful of the hairstyle you choose as some haircuts do not favor straight hair, but a pixie will work fine.

Does coloring or bleaching your hair damage it forever?

When you add color to your hair, the texture of your hair changes, it also affects the elasticity of your hair by reducing it. However, these changes in the hair and damage can be reduced if you have a hairstylist that is experienced in caring for colored hair.

What is the best short haircut for thin hair?

Having thin hair texture is not a challenge if you know the best short haircut and hairstyle for it. However, here are some short haircuts that you can create for your thin hair by yourself with just a dryer and curling iron. For thin hair, you can go for hairstyles that add volumes to your hair like bobs, pixie, shoulder-length cut, etc.

How do I know the haircut that is suitable for my face?

Before you can tell the haircut that suits your face, you should know the shape of your face. You can see the shape of your face by taking a picture of your face, then with a thread, measure your face lines and see the shape it resembles. The various shapes of the face are the round, oval, heart, rectangle, diamond, and square.

For a round face, consider going for pixie and round cut, and if you are a lover of fringes, then you should go for long and soft bangs. For a square face, go for a medium length bob and tousled pixie. A chin-length bob is perfect for a diamond face and long length layered hairstyle. Try the bangs if you have a heart-shaped face. A lob with bangs is just perfect. A rectangular face can rock lobs and bouncy waves while for oval, any hairstyle is just great.

What hair will make my face thinner?

If you want your face to look thinner, then you should go for a long asymmetrical bob, go for those with about three inches below the chin at the front and short at the back.

Which type of face is the best for a short haircut?

The oval shape is the best match for a short haircut. If you have an oval face, and short hair will be great on you.

How to fix a bad short haircut?

There are a lot of issues faced with getting a short haircut, primarily when an amateur handles your hair. The result can be terrible. However, if the mistake occurs when trimming the bangs, maybe the cuts are not proportionate.

For long bangs, shift the middle to the sides for the thick layers to shade off the damaged part, but if it's too short, you can cut the whole badly cut bangs into a flat one. If short hair is mistakenly cut, the two sides should be reduced to create a style.

Final Words

After going through this article, you should have a lot of reason to go for short Haircuts. A short haircut will save you from the problem and grant you the freedom of numerous choices and looks to flatter. Regardless of your age, there are various hairstyles to soothe your taste and flaunt your beauty. Plus, the feeling of ease in styling and maintenance. Your beauty is about to be redefined.