Best Hooded Hair Dryer For Your Specific Hair

The xtava Allure is the best styling tool in the market. It is gorgeous to look at. The design is very attractive. There is a concentrator nozzle in this device. The latest ionic technology is applied here. So this has the greatest power to raise heat to the top level in short time.

The dryer is 80% faster than the regular hair dryers. It makes the hair frizz free and leaves no damage to the locks. Read the full article on the best-hooded hair dryer for taking a final decision to buy the product.

This Allure emits negative ions to seal the moisture and makes the hair frizz free and shiny. It saves time to make the hair, so you need not be worried to go out in the can watch the salon quality hair by sitting in your room. You can watch bright and shiny and smooth locks in your home.

Details of Xtava Allure

xtava Allure is the best product in the market. The ionic technology is applied here. So you can watch very excellent hair dryer within a short time. There is negative ion in this device, so this makes the hairs frizz free. It will ensure the best quality hair dryer.

The dryer has the greatest power to raise heat very quickly. So this is 80% faster than the traditional dryer in the market. The highest power is 2200w. There are 2-speed settings and three heat settings for this device. The hairs will be frizz free, and voluminous and silky after using this dryer. It is the lasts version of the technology of hair dryer.

Features of Xtava Allure

The Allure has two speeds and three heat settings which will give you the perfect style of your hairs. For the coarse and thick hairs you can exercise the high heat, and for the thick and thin hair, you can utilize the lowest heat. There is a concentrator which will add more volume to the hairs and fix up your natural look. Though you have very thick hairs, you may use the Allure to make the perfect styles. You can employ a Cold shot button to leave cool air to construct the hairstyle fix for its position. 

  • Made of solid materials, does not have cheap materials
  • xtava Allure is better than my last materials
  • It does not become scalding
  • The cord is massive
  • The price is reasonable
  • The box is excellent, so you can keep the materials quickly


  • The pushing button to turn off the system is not indicated. I feel something should add here. It is not great, but I need to mention this

Where could I purchase the Product?

The best hair dryer is the number one product on the market. To have the product you can click here. The price of the product is very reasonable. Many stores in the world are also selling the same products, but they are taking two or three times further but do not offer the same result. People like to buy this product as the product has the frankness and responsibility.

You will get the product within 24 hours from the asking time. The manufacturers will send you a discreet package, but they will take no charge for this. There are some embarrassing slogans on the box. If the customers are still not satisfied with the product, can watch all the money back. At the same time, there are some assurances of the product they offer.

Have no lightweight…ready for a specialized appearance for half the time

xtava Allure is the best kind of dryer that you like to have. My daughter has very long and thin hairs she needs a lot of time making the dry to make the styles of the hairs. She so usually takes bathe at night. I have offered this hair dryer on her 18th birthday.

The same looking or band of the product in the salon are no at my home. I have Xtava in my home for a long time. It took only five minutes to make the styles of the hairs. The cord of this product is saved and secure. There are high and low-temperature settings in this dryer. It takes only five minutes to complete drying of the hairs. I would post a before and after picture of this later on.

xtava Allure is the best hair dryer

I use the Allure 2200 w hair dryer for my hairs. xtava Allure gives me very positive result within a short time. It does not make my hair frizz. The weight is very light and easy to handle. The trap at the back look like chrome makes the hairs twist easily.

You need to be careful about using the product as the body is made of plastic so this is very fragile. I would like to keep this device in my bedroom as this may fall on my floor any time and can be damaged. The extra thing is that there is 1875 W Conair that I am using for a long time.

I like the product as this has the same power to blow the air like the new devices. If you have any interest in this product, go ahead and give and try, and you will see the wonderful result in a short time. I think you will also like this product. The cold air button of this device is very hard, so this is difficult to press the button. The fact is that I never use this button, so this does not matter at all to me.

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions:12 x 10 x 3.5 inches ; 1.2 pounds
  • Distribution Weight:8 pounds
  • Household distribution: items are found only in the U.S
  • UPC:616932227097 616320999261
  • The model number of the item Item: XT49
The Final

The Allure 2200W Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer is the best product in the market and number one hair dryer no doubt. This hair dryer has the power to rise 2200 watts which are very useful to make curls for any hairs.

The concentrator nozzle will give the perfect style to the fixed position. The tourmaline technology is applied here, so this is 80% faster than the traditional hair dryers.

The hair dryer will leave no damage to the hairs. You can watch the full locks by spending only a few times with this hair dryer.

You will get the salon quality hair by sitting in your home. xtava Allure is the perfect hair tools which will offer you the desired style of your hair. There are three heat settings and two-speed settings in this device. For fine hair, you can make use of the low temperature and for the thin and shiny hair, you may use the low temperature. The Allure 2200W Professional Hair Dryer is only made for your use.

So you may use the device for your hair. There is a cold shot button which helps to keep the curls in a perfect position. It will make your hair flat and shiny and voluminous at the same time there will be no frizz on the can watch the salon like hair at your home.

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