How To Blend Hair Perfectly

Do you think about the natural hair grown for overnight? We like to do so until we get the magic answer, clip the extensions are the most easiest and superb way to transform the short hair to the long one in the literary minutes.


Part – 1

Make section of your hair from the middle of the ears to the nape of your neck. Secure the rest of the hair from the way of the section. Make a small bun with the section and twist the locks together and wrap around itself to the nape of your neck. You may use a baby pin or hair tie for more support.

Clip the three clip weft under the bun and the rest three clips weft of the above. This will help to hide the annoying pieces of hair which poke out around the neck and ensure short hair.

Part – 2

Use quad weft over your ears. Clipping closer the weft will aid to conceal the small layers. After that tease the hair prior clipping the wet to be sure that the hair extension will remain super secure.

how to blend hair

Part – 3

You need to make a section of your hair from the top of the ears angling upwards under the crown of your head. Use the clip to wefts the above quad weft, and clip the two clip wefts each side of weft four. Finally, clip the last two clips wefts an inch and from where the weft clipped the other two clip wefts.

Part – 4

Now I am talking about the styling hair extensions of the short hair. I would like to use the straighten as I like to hide the short layers of the top of my hair.

This may create a seamless get up from the beneath to the ends of the hair extensions. Do the throughout the total heat if you like to have sleek straight locks.

I would like to put on extension curled as this aids the blending more. To get this, curl the section of hair with the extension so that they create curl.

Do the same thing for the whole head if the extensions curl your hair. I have another blog post where I have got the way to have the beachy wave.

If you have got this, run the fingers within the hair and make sperate curls and make them appear thicker. Use some hair spray for more hold.

The Tapered Hairline

The Tapered Hairline

Word taper is used in the barbering world. A tapered haircut means the shorter hair. Faded haircut means the cut is from short to long without the demarcation point. Both of them have the same meaning.

This comes down the blending of men’s haircut from shorter to longer without the heavy weight line.

The mentioned question comes with confusion:

  • How long be the taper cut?
  • Should a fade show skin of the side?
  • Would the outline of the haircut be faded, tapered or squared off?

All of the questions must be answered by the customer consultation.

In this blog site, I would like to explain faded hairline or tapered. A faded outline is a superb way to finish off the men’s haircut or the boy’s haircut.

This may look finished more and make a professional at the back of the neck. See a one finger width area around the perimeter of the haircut.

Lining this area with a 45-degree level that may leave a smooth finish FADES or TAPERS down on the skin without a line of Demarcation.

Adjustable clipper is the best tool to use the clipper over blade and comb on the skin men’s haircut procedure.

Men’s haircut will give you the haircut to grow more naturally. If it grows well, there will be no line of demarcation upon on the haircut.

This will keep the customers to the barbershop or to the salon instead of a wife, friend or girlfriend trimming the customer’s next to the haircut. Maybe this is the most benefit of the haircut.

How to Perfectly Blend Your Weave

We do provide quite a few alternatives for our clients to use sew in hair weaves.

Some women prefer to leave out a part of hair outside for extra flexibility and a much more realistic appearance. With this choice, unless your hair’s texture matches the extensions, a certain level of blending will probably be necessary. Most women don’t want weaves which need high maintenance. So here are some simple pointers that will assist you to combine your own weave.

Tame your borders! Using a smooth, glossy hairline is like icing on the cake into some fantastic weave setup.

Nothing is worse than watching your hair extensions lying against your head. So twist or braid your hair at night.  Intertwine your hair with lace so the two textures blend together.

Control fly-away. Virgin hair tends to frizz a little in humidity. This trend makes the rest of your hair extensions more noticeable. Additionally rub a little bit of your advantage product  on your hair to keep it right.

Maintain it conditioned in order for your hair to look very best. Make sure to avoid breakage and dryness to maintain them supple and soft.

How to blend hair