Pyt Flat Iron Review: A Tale of Glossy, Silky Smooth Hair

Say Goodbye to Wavy, Curly Hair| Pyt Flat Iron Review

“Life is too short for boring hair”


The Pyt’s manifestation box have been hit me like a ton of bricks. Haven’t you checked it yet?

It’s cool, man!

But it’s just not an attracting love mantra; their hair product just made me speechless. It’s true I also attracted by their box, but after using I’m hooked, especially their Flat irons.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Beauty doesn’t have to be sophisticated, and they do it differently at PYT. And that’s why I love them. Simple yet classic!

Today, in this Pyt flat iron review, I’m gonna talk about my favorite 3 iron from Pyt, which took my breath away.

Why Pyt?

Wondering what does pyt mean?

PYT is acronyms refer to a pretty young thing, which gets pretty popularized by the song "P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing) by Michael Jackson.


Born in Brooklyn, Newyork, Pyt products are unique and focusing true and confidence to yourself.

It’s rare in this beauty industry, isn’t it?

Pyt, however, inspired to celebrate and embrace everyone’s beauty.

Not only pyt hair products, every tool meet the commercial standard of what’s beautiful. The best part is, they never compromise about quality.

They really care about your hair. As a result, good ingredients and healthy heat make a huge difference with another brand. Worth a try!

For whom pyt styling tools designed for?

We all like the sleek, classy look after straightening the hair. Admit it.

Here’s the scary part:

Even if your hair looks healthy and isn't damaged now, regular straightening will cause damage in the future. Bitter but true.

But when you buy a Pyt, you are ensuring that the hair will stay healthy with moisture no matter how much straightening it gets. Pyt hair irons are a great investment for people who straighten their hair regularly.

If you've tried of those cheaper straighteners which haven't gotten your desired results, it’s the crunch time to pound the pavement and buy a Pyt.

3 Flat Iron That Magically Transforms Curl To Gorgeous Shiny Hair|Pyt Flat Iron Review

Here is our review of 3 pyt flat iron, which is specially designed for extreme curl and wavy hair. Let’s jump in our pyt hair straightener review.

1. Pyt Ceramic Flat Iron - Best Straightener For Sleek and Curl

Pyt Professional Flat Iron Ceramic Hair Straightener Styling Tool Black

Craving for soft, voluminous waves with tight spiral curls?

There is no better iron than the Pty styling tool!!

This pyt ceramic hair straightener comes with a 9-foot 360-degree swivel cord to give you the desired look. Though it’s quite pricey, definitely it worth the extra bucks in my opinion.

Why we love it?

Featuring 100% ceramic plates, the ceramic styling tool has an impressive ergonomic body. 

The result?

Leaves flirty flip super slick straight hair with less effort. The high-grade ceramic is equipped with an awesome heat conductor that gives you far-infrared heat.

Thanks to The floating plates! By this cool feature, it ensures precise contact between your hair and plates to reduce tugging.

Sound’s impressive, isn’t it?

Now come to the temperature. This could be Adjustable, ranging from 140 degrees to 450 degrees. That means it allows you for absolute temperature control to adjust any hair type. Far infrared heat is most probably its great feature, which locks in moisture and gives a perfectly classic frizz-free sheen. In a word, this pyt ceramic styling tool is pretty impressive.

Pros & Cons of Pyt Ceramic Flat Iron

Things we liked most

  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Gorgeous black outlook
  • 100% ceramic plate

What could be better?

  • Not suitable for super curly hair
PYT Hair Straightener - Ceramic Flat Iron for Professional Styling. Temperature Suitable for all Hair Types. Straighten, Curl, Wave (LOVELY LAVENDER) (galaxy)

If you get tired of managing super thick hair which uses to take a hell amount of time to straighten, then this super cute pyt hair flat iron is the right solution for you.

And you know what?

It is reasonably priced. So stop hurting your arms and try this cool straightener.

Why we love it?

Just look at it, isn’t it stunning?

The galaxy looks straighter is not just a flat iron, this styler will wave, crimp, straighten, spiral flip and bend, mermaid locks or even bouncy curls. Literally whatever you want.

Cooler than ever!

The superior engineering ensures you won’t face any pulling or even pinching of your hair. Like the rest of the other pty hair straightener, this one also provides Infrared Heat- the finest kind of heat to ensure lock in moisture by eliminating static and frizz and make it silky smooth.

What’s the wow feature?

It’s Adjustable temperatures setting, heats between 140 - 450 degrees Fahrenheit! To prevent long term damage, your hair should be styled according to the hair types and thickness.

After all, you don’t want to fry your hair, right?

So if you got super thick or curly hair, set the heat of between 380 and 400 F. For Medium-straight hair, the standard is between 340 and 360 F. if you have fine or thin hair, don’t go above 350 F.

Pros & Cons of Pyt galaxy flat iron 

Things we liked most

  • One year warranty, totally risk-free
  • Long cord swivels
  • Heat up within a few seconds

What could be better?

  • A bit heavier

3. Pyt Lola Styling Tool Kit- Best Pyt Mini Hair Straightener for Coarse Hair

PYT Lola Styling Tools Set - Galaxy Design (Includes 1.25" Ceramic Straightener, Mini Flat Iron & Curling Wand)

If you like to switch up the hairstyle—from sleek to back or curly to wavy again or more often—this kit is made for you.

And you’ll love the amazing out-of-this-world Galaxy Print wrapped the tools.

Why we love it?

The mini floating plate makes it ideal for smoothing/ styling waves easily at home. No matter what your hair type, transform your outlook in a matter of minutes.

Let your freak flag fly.

The clip free curling wands allow you manage even the roughest curls even without creasing the hair. This pyt iron heats up within a few seconds that means you will get barely time to grab the brush.

Good for you.

The heat resistant handle is not only comfortable but also impressive to use and hold without getting tired or hot.

What's inside?

  • Ceramic Straightener (1.25")
  • Mini Flat Iron
  • Curling Wand

A word of caution:

If you can’t see “infrared” at the label, the ceramic levels are too low! Be careful about that.

Pros & Cons of Pyt Ceramic Flat Iron

Things we liked most

  • Perfect width for any length
  • Superior engineering
  • Easy to use

What could be better?

  • Not recommended for long hair

4 Features you’ll Love About the Pyt Flat Iron

Let’s see the features and benefits that keep it ahead from the rest of the other.

100% Ceramic Plates

Between titanium and ceramic flat irons, the most commonly available ones are ceramic irons. Pyt straightener is also made up of top-grade Ceramic Plates.

However, Ceramic is a non-metallic, kinda inorganic material that is widely beloved for its ability to distribute the heat evenly on the surface. That means, there are no cold or unwanted overheated spots. As a result, you don’t have to worry about hair damage due to heat.

Versatile tool

The Pyt is not just a simple flat iron dear; it’s an all in one device you were craving for. No matter what you want to curl, sleek, wavy, or voluminous waves, it works perfectly fine. In summary, it allows you to do different style with a single tool.

Infrared Heat Technology

Infrared heating is actually a natural form of heating human bodies. Keep it in mind, scientist Infrared Heat Technology and use it on tools. And its functions are pretty the same. Featuring infrared heat technology, Pyt straightener protects the hair from damage and leaves a healthy look.

Adjustable Temperature

The finest feature of pyt irons is the Adjustable Temperature setting. By this, you can choose and set the right temperature according to your hair type. It features the range between 200 to 400 F.

Pyt Straightener Vs CHI

I have already talked a lot about Pyt; let’s talk about CHI.

If you've looked at hair flat iron, you've probably heard about CHI ceramic flat irons. Some users claim that it looks like a dream come true.

Do CHI products live up to all the hype?

Well, let’s face it. Both brands ensure the core function effectively. But when it comes to budget, CHI straightener is expensive. If you're mostly looking for an inexpensive straightener, a CHI may be a tough choice.

How to use the pyt ceramic hair straightener

How to use the pyt ceramic hair straightener

This is a rapid tutorial that you used to make your hair straightening, the lock like a pro without spending time.

Use a styling cream on your hair after showering. You may use a balm if your hair is very thick. Complete doing it by using a heat-protective spray.

How to use the pyt ceramic hair straightener

Make the hair completely dry. This is the most important step as using the flat iron over damp hair may damage the hair or split the ends.

Start from the bottom of the hair. Make a small section of your hair. If you like, you may use the flat iron over it more than one to straighten; the section will be gigantic.

Clamp the flat iron to a part of the hair, keep it as close as possible to the scalp. Smoothly draw the iron over the hair.

Do not clamp down very tightly as the movement will be smooth. When you finish the bottom layer, go to the next step until you reach the top layer of your lock.

Rub the serum gloss on the hair if you like to get the shinier look of your hair and to keep the stray to its place. If your hair is frizzy, use the small amount of spray of hairspray.

What is pyt hair straightener?

What is pyt hair straightener?

There are several Pyt brands in the market. This particular type of flat iron is the best kind of flat iron in the market and all over the globe. The name is Pretty Young Thing and Co. They promote youth for women with a solution to obtain healthy and shiny hair.

What is pyt hair straightener?

The flat iron is very affordable, and the quality features to match the heat to design.

The additional technology of the latest brand, you can do with the hairstyles fit for the various occasion. The iron has a ceramic design with ceramic plates and makes the hair shiny and soft.

If you like the tight spiral as well as large waves that bounce when you move, the flat iron is a must to deliver.

It has 100% high-grade plates, 10 seconds is enough to take the heat, and you may adjust the temperature as you like.

It has Titanium Hair Style which works with the infrared, ensures a good result.

How to care pyt flat iron?

You need not clean your iron very regularly. The thing you need to clean it is a bottle of alcohol and a cotton pad. You need not use a Vodka alcohol. Just select the denatured alcohol. You can use the toothpick for more cleaning. You need to be sure that your flat iron is turned off.

Dab a little amount of alcohol with the cotton pad over the plate of your iron. Quickly you see the dirt is removing gradually. You can clean the side with the plate. There a lot of filth. You can use the pad and the toothpick between the sides and the plates. Some people like to use some old toothbrushes.

How Often?
If you desire to keep your iron clean, you need to clean once a week. I clean my iron after two times uses, as I look it helps to make a style for my hairs with a flat iron.

2 Non-Alcoholic Alternatives
If you have no desire to work with alcohol, or you are afraid of alcohol, there are many other alternatives you can use. I would like to use the alcohol trick, as it is the easiest way.

You have the chance to buy the stick, and to make the iron clean. Warm up the flat iron with the low setting of temperature and rub the stick well. The product will melt on the rod be sure of it. Wipe it with a piece of towel or paper for the remainder of the product.

You can make a paste with the soda and hydrogen peroxide. You can rub the dirty area with the paste over your finger and then wipe or clean with paper.

Pyt flat iron Review (FAQs)

1. How to replacement pyt flat iron plates?

Answer: well, you can do it without their help; I mean the Brand, Pyt. They will do the best to replace the tool or plate with a new tool, except it’s out of stock. So contact with them with the warranty replacements as quickly as possible.

2. How to spot a fake pyt flat iron?

Answer: well, it’s pretty tough actually because the fake one and real one look like the same, the size and weight are the same. The easiest way, in the fake one, shows all the instructions on a sticker, which is actually well written on the plate? Another indication, look at the cord. At the end of the cord, where you will find the plugger, the real one has a breaker box with an on/off switch.

3. How to curl hair with pyt flat iron?

Answer: first of all, make sure the flat iron is ceramic plates which ensure less damage. Separate your hair in the smaller section. Use some heat protectant or serum on the hair. Then clamp around your hair and twist it around and over the tool, gently tug the iron down.

PYT Ceramic Styling Tool

Final Words and Recommendations

Pyt flat irons allow you to try multiple hairstyles with a single tool. Their jaw-dropping features make them the ultimate styling tool for them who love to be up-to-date.
I have reviewed some of my hot favorite flat irons from Pyt. I hope this list helped you to get the right one for you.
If you ask me to pick the best one among them, I would mention Pyt Ceramic Flat Iron. It’s handy, easy to use, and, most importantly, gives excellent value for the money.
Now it’s your turn. The choice is yours.
Pound the pavement! And rock the floor.

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