Beginners Guide On How To Cut Short Hair

Short Hair

Short hair describes a haircut with very little span. It can fluctuate from on top of the ears up to below the chin. If a person’s hair reaches the chin, then it might not be regarded as short. For a girl, however, short hair can vary from close-cropped to just over the shoulders. Various manners of short hair can be the bob cut, the harvest or the pixie cut.


Short hair is simpler to take care of than long hair. For that, many girls cut their hair short to save time.


For guys in Europe or adjacent locations, short hair is currently a general standard. Long wigs or hair reaching down to the hip were common at different times from the past.

Sino-sphere cultures used to maintain a tradition of growing the hair without trimming.


Short hair for girls became a fashion including the bristle cut (a blunt cut into the chin front). Following the 1953 movie Roman Holiday, short hair became rather popular during the 60s. Although the 70s and 80s saw different favorite hairstyles, it became popular again at the 1990s and remains so to this day.

Try to get a picture of a hairstyle that you like to make. If you cut hair short, simple style is the best style. Try to get a type of hairstyle that is fit for your hair texture. This will not make you more anxious by altering the structure of the natural hair.

Moisture your hair. To cut wet hair is easier than to cut dry hair. Remember, if the hair dries, it will shrink somewhat. So find a good length to wear. Cutting more wet hair may make your hair style very short. Fill a bottle with spray and keep your hair wet until it dries.

Then use sharp scissors to cut the hair. Start by cutting a small section of hair. Select the desired section to cut, and the natural size of the hair will ensure even cut. You are advised to see the whole process through the mirror.

Keep it mind that the short cutting may add the length. Therefore cutting a small section of hair will aid to achieve the perfect length.

Trim the lock first. Use pin on the top of your head to get the underlying layers easily. The layers are close to your neck. Cut the layers and remove the pin and start to cut the layers that develop from the crown of the head.

Trim the bangs at last. This will aid to determine the style and length of the hair. Use a towel over your head before trying to make style.

Make the final improvement by checking both sides of the hair are even. Trim the longer pieces in the front and to the back. You may use the hair product to hold the style in the fixed place.

Specialist Recommendation

Specialist Recommendation

Now I like to give light to two tips that I am cutting your hair for the first time to short. This is a great mistake as women nowadays like to cut their hair short for the first time and they get a bit intimidated.

They think they cut the hair short not short enough. They like what they consider to be safe and safe length; they cut it to the desired length.

What would you prefer to do after completing your hair cut, you are feeling safe. I think you are thinking about the soccer mom or very old for the age, consider the length you like to have.

I can say you are going to cut your hair short, just do it. Keep trust over your stylist. Talk to her to get your desired style. There are many pictures of it to see.

Do you know any celebrity whose hair is just like you and have you any idea how much texture do you have? If you have similar structure or pattern of your hair, this is the best way to get the best finest for your hair as this will do great work for you.

I suggest you be tactful to choose your haircut naturally. Do you like to wear wavy or curly, mention that? If you like to wear straight mention that.

I like to require for tips. You have got your hair styled by the stylist, do not feel afraid to go. What do you do? What do you like to do there? Is there any different way to wear it? There are some better ways to get a short haircut for your hair.

How to cut short hair