How to Scrunch Short Hair| The Hair Industry’s Best Kept Secrets Revealed

The Epic Formula To Achieve Perfectly Scrunch

Scrunchie is not just a ‘90s staple anymore.

Just look at the Instagram, red carpets, or fashion magazine, the much-mocked scrunch hair is seriously on-trend. Whether you are after a trendy bob, pixie, or chic, a scrunch waves win every time.

Wondering How to Scrunch Short Hair?

With a little help of hair care products, you are just minutes away from rocking this trendy, chic look. The good news is doing it in short hair is easy and more fun to do.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Hell No! I’ll walk you through the whole process with you, I promise.

So let’s get started.

Scrunch Short Hair

How to Scrunch Short Hair: You’ve Been Doing It Wrong for Years

Scrunched hair is a trendy yet classic look for those with curls and wavy. In the meantime, it’s also one of the coolest, no-fuss ways to style.

With some easy techniques, you can achieve a head full of beautifully defined scrunch. Here I’m gonna talk about two different methods.

Stay along.

Before You Get Started

Before we go any further, ensure that you are fully prepared.
Here’s the point:

1. Wash and condition your hair

We want to achieve our desired Scrunch without heat.

For that, you need wet hair.

You need to wash your hair very well to use scrunch, as wet hair is great to work for scrunch. If you attempt to scrunch your dry hair, the end will seem to be a ball of frizz.

So How to deal with it?

Use a volumizing shampoo that will ensure your scrunched locks texture and body. Then use a small amount of conditioner, and then be sure you have washed your hair well to resist it from being weight down for the product.

  • First of all, use a wide-tooth comb to remove tangle from the hair. Rinse your hair with shampoo and apply a good amount of conditioner. The conditioner makes the hair tease out any tangles and may minimize the damage to hair, make it’s less prone to frizz.
  • Part the hair like the way you like- at the side, down the middle, or zig-zagged by keeping in mind that scrunched hair may seem messy, and a good part that is not essential.

2. Towel Dry your hair

Once you washed your hair, stepped out for the shower, wrap the large, absorbent towel around the head for two minutes. After that, unwrap the towel and then pat excess moisture from the hair.

You may do it by grabbing small parts of hair, squeezing them before the towel. This will ensure some pre scrunching curl.

A word of caution:

  • Be sure you want to pat your hair with the towel instead of rubbing it. Rubbing them dry may cause hair breakage or damage, which leads to frizz instead of sleek or smooth curls.
  • Do not make the hair too dry. You need to wet fro scrunching; you do not want it to drop as the styling product will drip out.
  • Do not use a hairdryer to remove more moisture, as it will dry quickly and leaves a straightening effect on the hair and makes the curl scrunch.
Use your favorite shampoo and rinse out conditioner

Method 1: Without Heat, Simply By a Towel

It’s probably the best way to scrunch hair; especially, it works great in wavy hair.
We all know how much damage heat cause in the end. If you like to develop the natural texture, use the enhancing product mix such as PhytoCurl that aids a styling spray or define curls that were originally developed for scrunching, creating waves, or blow-drying.

Remove all the shampoo and conditioner from the hair totally

Remove excess water from hair carefully. Do not rub wet hairs. Apply a combination of technologies to remove excess water and blot strands with the towel. Detangle the hair.
Use hair products like mousse on the end of the strands or in the middle of the strands. Do not use the product on the root.

Remove all the shampoo and conditioner from the hair totally

How to scrunch the hair with mousse?

You would like to enhance the texture and block frizz simultaneously. This is possible to make the glaze, mousse, or paste. Try Shea Moisture Sheamoisture Frizz-free Curl Mousse, one of the best mousses for scrunching hair. We just love it.

If the hair is well prepared, use both hands to the side of around your hair and scrunching the apart section of hair.

You may use the blow dryer or long finger diffuser to set scrunched sections. If you use it, you should use low speed to escape blowing out the newly formed texture. The best way to use the long diffuser is to rest on the base of the bowl.
Keep in mind:

Scrunching is just like the crumpling up a piece of paper. Select individual sections of hair, squeezing the strands of the fingers and after that is crumbling, and the last of the stand up to the roots, makes it crinkle.

Using a Diffuser

Method 2: Using a Diffuser

Add long finger diffuser to your hairdryer. The attachment will aid in keeping the curl intact by lessening the straightening or pulling effect of blow-drying. The long diffuser has a cup or bowl to sit at the time of drying and permit small movement or creates less frizz.

Back to what I was saying:

Turn on your hairdryer and use the lowest temperature settings. Use a diffuser; you can set the desired heat and speed to set low temperature.

The low temperature will save the hair from burning, and the hair sits on the diffuser, near to the heat source. The low speed minimizes the air movement and prevents frizz.

Good for you!

Dry the hair. Start the hairdryer on and use the flow of water upwards, the lift the roots. Hold a section and scrunch the hair up to the scalp, hold it with the finger to the diffuser as long as it dries. Rotate the diffuser in a circular way.

Then take another section and do the same thing, up to dry all the hair. Do not forget to move the head upside down for drying the underside.

Sound’s simple, and really it is!

Use some hairspray or gel. If the hair is dry, you may spritz it with some hairspray to keep the curl in the fixed place; demi size gel will give the curls some definition. You will find some best scrunching gel on the market to achieve scrunched short hair.

Scrunching for a natural look

Scrunching For a Natural Look

  • Wash the hair with the same procedure. Apply clarifying shampoo and then skip the conditioner.
  • The hair will get natural waves after washing it. Do not brush the hair to lose it.
  • You may use a microfiber towel to make the hair dry. Escape from the dripping wetness and keep it damp as the hair will very dry; it would not scrunch.
  • Shake the head to flip the hair upside down. Use a finger to comb the hair, start from the scalp.
  • Keep your hand underneath the hair; begin moving from the back as well as forth. This will also aid in reducing the time to make the hair dry after using any hair care product.
  • Hold your head up and use the styling product. This may be mousse, hair gel, or curl activating sprays. For avoiding too much on your head, take some on your hand and use on your small sections as you practice back as well as forth scrunching speed.
  • As you like to have a natural look, do not use any spray after you have done it.
  • Wait to make the hair air dry. Do not use your hand on your hair. Any disturbance may pull or the waves of your hair and would create messed up appearance. To make the hair scrunch touch only for one time. They would ensure some more weaves.

How to Scrunch Short Hair FAQs

1. What are the best hair scrunching products?
Answer: Hair mousse is considered as the best hair scrunching products. You will find some Scrunch Hair Spray or gel, which also works pretty well.

2. Can you scrunch dry hair?
Answer: Oh, yes, you can do it. But you have to apply scrunching products like gel, mousse, or spray to achieve it. For do scrunch naturally or without heat, you will need wet hair.

3. Is diffusing hair damaging?
Answer: Unfortunately, yes. But diffusing is least likely result in heat damage, as it attached to a blow dryer.

4. Is scrunching your hair damaging?
Answer: Well, Scrunching your hair can rough up the cuticle, which later leads to frizzy, dump, dry-looking strands.

5. Is gel or mousse better for scrunching hair?
Answer: Honestly speaking, none is a good option as these are actually chemical. However, mousse is preferable for achieve volume and sculpting. On the other hand, the gel is suggested to hold it. Better use some natural ingredients like coconut oil for healthy hair.

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The Verdict

As you can see, to achieve a gorgeous, frizz-free scrunch is not that tough if you have the right products and products at hand. For an effortless look, try to use the products specially designed for scrunching.

As I mention earlier, scrunch in short hair is the easiest. So don’t worry.

Good luck!