xtava Auto Styler – Professional Auto Rotating Curling Iron Rerviews

The auto curl offers an excellent curling hair for the users. It has the high power of bi-directional rotating management, has a hair clip and the LCD monitor to display, only to press the button you will get the desired styles of the hair.

There is tourmaline ceramic technology which makes the distribution of heat and the clip secure free from making a different curl. Read the entire article on best curling iron for black natural hair so that it will be very easy to take decision wheater you buy it or not.

xtava Auto Styler - Professional Auto Rotating Curling Iron

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 Features of the best curling iron for black natural hair

  • The Xtava 1 inch automatic rotating curler creates large curls just by the press of a button – This hair curler kit features a heat resistant glove and zip.
  • Just wrap your hair around the barrel for loose waves, or make use of the clamp to maintain your endings set up. Push the R or L button to place your curl direction – Great for long hair!
  • This hair curler wand includes a ceramic tourmaline cone that protects your hair while styling. It includes an LCD digital screen, 60 minute auto shut off function and 8′ 360 degree swivel cord.
  • Pick from 11 temperature configurations in an LCD digital display, which ranges from 210 F – 430 F. Not sure which temperature is ideal for you? Start involving 210 F – 290 F for beautiful or delicate hairstyles, 290 F – 370 F for ordinary hair and 370 F – 430 F for thick or coarse hair types.
  • Universal dual voltage (110 – 240V AC) will automatically adjust to the correct voltage when combined with a compatible adapter.


  • Xtava Professional is very simple to use, so I get the desired style of my hair by using this. I easily handle the curler by the left and the right button.
  • It has an LED display so I can see the settings of the temperature of the device
  • There are 11 temperature settings by which I can select the actual temperature for the texture of my hair.
  • Offers healthy curls which last for the whole day.
  • There is a long swivel cord to handle the device quickly
  • Automatic shut-off system helps to stop the device if I forget to turn off the system
  • Barrel clip never holds the hair
  • It is faster than the traditional manual irons


  • I unconsciously pressed the rotating button to remove the clip of the barrel. Then suddenly I was able to remove my fingers from the button as I am a panicky person. If I fail to do so, then the heat iron touches my scalp and the ear.

xtava Auto Styler – Professional Auto Rotating Curling Iron

Description of the best curling iron Xtava professional product

Xtava Professional is the best curling iron in the market. There are eleven different heat settings in this iron. The range of the temperature is 210 to 430 which is perfect for all types of hairs.

For thick and coarse hair highest temperature is needed. There is LCD of the heat setting so you can easily see the reading of the temperature. It has a long swivel cord of eight feet which is best for the great outlet.

So you need not bring the extra cord with you to use the device. There is an auto turn off the system so you need not return to your home in the morning if you forget to switch off the device.

There is dual voltage system so you can carry this with you at the time of your tour. 

Xtava is the best kind of curling iron as this has been made by adding the tourmaline ceramic technology. It is very straightforward and easy to use. Try to keep yourself away from the iron as too close to the system may burn your hair or body. This shampoo ensures the accurate heat for the hair so you will get the best kind of hair by using this Xtava iron.

How to Use xtava Auto Styler Curling Iron

There is an easy way clamp to hold the hair in its position. Left and right button to make the spiral curl. There are three buttons on this device namely the power button the raised temperature button and the lesser temperature button.

The cord is tangled free. The iron takes full temperature within two minutes. The setting of the temperature is 210 to 430 so you can choose your desired temperature within this range.

Xtava Professional is indeed the best iron for all types of hairs. One can make the desired curl with the help of this iron.

The reason to buy xtava Auto Styler 

The ceramic Tourmaline method is applied here, so the curl of the hair remains for a long time. There is a long swivel cord which is easy to handle the device and helps to reach far outlets.

What does other says about xtava Auto Styler – Professional Auto Rotating Curling Iron

This curling iron includes a swivel cord that makes it so much simpler to navigate around your head. It gets extremely warm, but it consists of a glove that aids in tackling the heat. I have never identified anything like this before. This is a fantastic help!

It was bizarre at the beginning since I have never used anything like this before. But I thought it was cool when I pushed the different button to unwind it. I can continue to hold the barrel while clip curling.

I use clips to hold the curl following the iron. It allows them to last longer. Using segments of my hair I have been able to utilize big or smaller segments. That is fine based on the look I am choosing. I’ve found this curling iron simple to use plus it generates nice large curls.

As a whole, it’s big, probably as a result of the engine mechanism indoors. However, I did not find this to be awkward in any way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of xtava Auto Styler – Professional Auto Rotating Curling Iron

Question: Can it be created for 12-year-olds?

Answer: No, it has a security issue

Question: If you release the button will it cease bending?

Answer: Releasing the button will block the wand.

Question: Plenty of questions regarding the diameter of the curling iron….what can it be?

Answer: Pretty sure it is approximately 1″. I’ve a curling iron that’s 1 1/4″ and that will be smaller. Takes a couple of tries to get used to it. But up to now I’m loving it!

Question: Can it float in the two directions?

Answer: Yes, it can!

Question: Could I use it in the U.K.?

Answer: If you purchase the USA edition of the product, then you would require a UK converter/adapter plug, which you may purchase on Amazon. Ensure that you purchase the one which converts electricity and adjusts the plug in fashion. You’d need this for almost any electric apparatus such as a hairdryer too.

Final Verdict

There is an automatically rotating ceramic tourmaline barrel for which you can use the device easily and comfortably. Just clips the hair on the barrel, then other things will be automatically done. Xtava Professional is the best selling curling irons on the market, and people like to have this.

The heat performance to the curling iron is excellent. Let me know if you have any query and thank you very much for reading the article on the best curling iron for black natural hair.

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