Top 5 Xtava Curling Iron Reviews

For most ladies, the quest to have their hair look good, tidy and attractive is their utmost priority. What could possibly keep their hair attractive, curly, and looking all-natural? The use of an xtava curling iron. That is why we have published this article on xtava curling iron reviews.

The worst damage you could possibly do to your hair is by using the wrong curling iron. It's a disaster waiting to happen. Your hair could possibly be permanently damaged if you use a curling iron the wrong way or use the wrong one.

Today and thanks to technology, there are curling irons that are abundant in the market that are quite simple to use.  They give women options and offer an array of flexibility in the way women want to create hairstyles and appear differently in public.

While most modern curling irons are not difficult to use, using the right one for your hair is what's paramount. You should know that curling irons are for curly hairs, so they can't be used for natural hairs. That brings us to who xtava is.

Who is xtava?

Xtava is a haircare company in New York City that designs hair care products and accessories, including flat irons, serums, curly irons, etc. Xtava provides for ladies the opportunity to create different hairstyles with their products. Should you have straight hair, natural hair, or curly hair, xtava has everything catered for you.

What's the Technology Behind it?

Xtava curling iron makes use of a specific heat technology to make curls on hair. Curling irons come in different sizes that can fit perfectly into your hair. For example, thicker hairs will make use of bigger sizes, while you can use a smaller barrel size for tight hair. Each barrel size is used according to the hair type.

The xtava curling iron will absorb heat at a specific temperature of about 300°f to 410° after being plugged to a socket for about two minutes and then, you can use it to make curls on your hair. Allowing it to read above that temperature would mean harm to your hair. However, you should try to purchase models that have spring clamp that you can use to hold your hair, while the tool curls your hair.

The Best xtava Curling Iron Reviews

Our Top Picks The Best xtava Curling Iron Reviews

These products below are our top 5 picks of xtava curling iron:

1. Xtava 5-in-1 Professional Curling Iron and Wand Set

5 in 1 Professional Curling Iron and Wand Set - 0.3 to 1.25 Inch Interchangeable Ceramic Barrel Wand Curling Iron - Dual Voltage Hair Curler Set for All.

What sets this wonderful product apart from the rest of other xtava products is the fact that it has the ability to turn the shape of your hair to any type of curls that you desire. The heating power from the barrel size, plus the wand set is enough to make your curly hair last. So, you don't have to worry about your hair not looking beautiful or unkempt.

Any style is possible with this product. You can combine two hairstyles and this xtava product will deliver. The swift-heating technology plus temperature control ensures that you don't make any mistake on your hair. What more can you get from a product comes with five barrels to suit any type of hairstyle that you want to make?

Also, you don't have to worry about the curling wand sets and barrels not coming with a cool tip. That is because they are designed to be topnotch. However, the sets come with gloves for those who would be using the curling iron for a long time. This product is arguably the best professional curling iron out there.

Pros & Cons of Xtava 5-in-1 Professional Curling Iron and Wand Set


  • Comes with five-barrel sizes.
  • Adjustable heat or temperature control.
  • Comfortable in the hands while use.
  • Heats up quickly.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Great value for money.
  • Lightweight and portable.


  • Sometimes, it gets pretty too hot and can burn your hands even with the gloves on.

2. Xtava Twist Curl Curling Wand 1 to 1.5 Inch Professional Hair Wand

 Xtava Twist Curl Curling Wand - 1 to 1.5 Inch Professional Hair Wand with Ceramic Barrel Cool Tip and Auto Shut Off - Dual Voltage Travel Curling Iron

For tighter hairs, this is the most ideal choice of a curling iron. This 1-1.5 inch wand comes with a ceramic barrel that gives you amazing curls on your tight long or short hair. With a digital heat or temperature control, choose between the different temperature settings and enjoy creating a variety of cool curls hairstyles.

Protect your hand on-the-go with gloves and ensure you stay as long as possible to get your hair perfectly done. This product comes with an automatic shut off feature that activates after 60 minutes of use and a swivel cord, all packaged in a travel case.

Keep your hair healthy and curly with this xtava curling iron.

Pros & Cons of Xtava Twist Curl Curling Wand


  • It's great for short and long tight hairs.
  • Has a cool tip.
  • Comes with an easy-to-read display.
  • Enables precise temperature control on your hair with adjustable heat settings.
  • Packaged conveniently.


  • It’s difficult to use, especially for a first-timer.
  • It's not a huge durable.
  • It stays too hot and possibility to burn the hand carelessly.

3. xtava IT Curl Curling Wand 0.75-1.25 Inch Professional Dual Voltage Hair Wand

xtava It Curl Curling Wand - 0.75-1.25 Inch Professional Dual Voltage Hair Wand with Ceramic Barrel Cool Tip and Auto Shut Off - Travel Curling Iron

If you want to get that perfect curl wave on your hair, the xtava IT Curl Hair Curling Iron is your ideal choice. With an oval ceramic barrel, you can get those natural waves that you have been dreaming about. Whether you have short or long hair, this curling iron will work great on your hair. Simply adjust the barrel size to the required hair type and you are one way from achieving your perfect wave.

With a heat resistant glove, you can choose a suitable temperature range of 200°f to 400°f  plus the required size of the barrel and use on your hair without feeling the burning nature of the iron. Moreover, this curling iron comes with a cool tip and other smart features like auto shut function and rotatable swivel cord.

Using this oval-shaped hair wand at the right voltage will quickly get your hair done in minutes, irrespective of the hairstyle and look you want your hair to be. Xtava IT Curl hair curling iron makes beach waves effortlessly.

Pros & Cons of xtava IT Curl Curling Wand


  • It’s a powerful hair curler.
  • Perfect for short and long hair.
  • Enhances safety with the addition of a protective glove.
  • Adjustable temperature control to suit the different types of hair.
  • Shuts down after 60 minutes to reduce the hotness of the curling iron.


  • The heat can be too extreme for the glove some times and lead to some burns on the hand.

4. Xtava Twirl Curl Curling Wand - 0.5 to 1 Inch Professional Curling Iron

Xtava Twirl Curl Curling Wand - 0.5 to 1 Inch Professional Dual Voltage Hair Wand with Ceramic Barrel Cool Tip and Auto Shut Off - Travel Curling Iron

This curling iron was made for ladies to achieve tighter, short curls. The xtava twirl wand is 0.5 and 1 Inch that features a tampered ceramic barrel that you can use to create small to mid-size curls on your short or long hair. Whatever style you plan to use this for, this xtava product is equal to the task.

You are free to choose from 22 different temperature control settings to bring those curls to perfection. Enjoy other smart features like auto shut function, rotatable swivel cord, a universal dual voltage that adjusts automatically for compatible use, and cool tip that suspends heat from reaching your hand immediately. It also comes with gloves to protect users from burns due to long usage, and a travel case.

Pros & Cons of Xtava Twirl Curl Curling Wand - 0.5 to 1 Inch Professional Curling Iron


  • Quick-heating technology.
  • Creates perfect small and mid-size curls.
  • Suitable for long and short tighter hairs.


  • Difficult to use on coarse hairs.

5. Xtava Hotness 3-In-1 Hair Styler

xtava 3-in-1 Straightener Curler and Brush - Professional 1 Inch Flat Curling Iron and Straightening Brush - Ionic Ceramic Hair Curler and Round Brush

Call this product multipurpose and you won’t be mistaking. The xtava hotness 3-in-1 hair styler curling wand is all that you need to get that hair glowing, straight and curly.

This hair straightener has a curling round brush that you can use at the end of your hair to create some curls. You can unlock the styler and use it to straighten your hair. It comes with tourmaline plates, designed in ceramic that protect hair roots while styling your hair. This hair straightener is good for both long and short hairs.

Like previous xtava products, this professional all-in-one combo comes with a cool tip, adjustable temperature control settings, heat resistant gloves, auto shut function, and 360 rotatable swivel cord.

Pros & Cons of Xtava Hotness 3-In-1 Hair Styler


  • It’s versatile.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Heats quickly.
  • Protective against burns.
  • Protects hair root with the ionic ceramic tourmaline plates while styling.


  • It takes time before it can create curls, depending on the hair type.

Xtava Curling Iron Review: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Reasons Why the Satin Wave 5-In-1 Curler Set Should Be a Part of Your Beauty Routine

The satin wave 5-in-1 curler comes in a complete set to cater to your hair needs. The makers had in mind a product that will be multipurpose and not just limited to one function. Whether you have long or short hair, tighter hair or coarse hair, this curler set can practically turn your hair into a marvel of curls.

How to Choose this xtava Curling Iron

Below are the features you need to look out when buying the right xtava curling iron.

Temperature Control

Your curling iron should have adjustable temperature control settings to suit the type of hair that you have.

Heat Resistant Gloves  

While most curling irons come with cooling tips, buying a curling iron with a heat resistant glove will offer extra protection to your hands. If you are a hairstylist, chances are that you will be using a curling iron for long hours. This is why a heat resistant glove is vital.

Automatic Shut Function

In addition to preventing too much heat radiation and burns, curling iron has an auto shut function that shuts the iron down after 60 seconds of use.

Ceramic Tourmaline plates

Sometimes, the thickness of your hair can damage a curling iron. This feature makes it possible for your hair root to be protected while using the iron.

How to use xtava curling iron

Within two minutes heat rises. You need to clean your hair, make the hair dry. Keep the curler on the flat surface. Firstly plug on the switch and press the on button.

Wait for 2 minutes and the device is becoming ready. Make the section of the hair. And dry your sections of hair. You can use your finger comb to make the hair tangle free.

Must be careful to use so that the iron does not touch your scalp as this may leave damage to your hair and head.

You need to keep the iron on the head for 8 to ten second; this depends on upon the texture of your hair.

Use smaller barrels for the thick hair. And for bigger size use the bigger barrels. To set a new barrel, turn the old one and set the new one. After replacing the barrel lock the back of the barrel.

Press the clamping arms to remove hair from the curling iron or for the release of the hair. To set the curl, at first, makes the hair cool. We will suggest you keep the iron far from the hair.

At last, unplug the device then wait for sometimes to make the device cool. Then keep the device into the packet. The xtava is made for only using in the house.

There is a dual voltage system with this device and temperature is from 100 to 240 volts AC. The system will adjust automatically with the voltage.

You can use the adapter to maintain tension with this device. There is a safety system which ensures auto turn off. The device will be off after 60 minutes.

Replacing the Spring of a Curling Iron

Sometimes the barrel may break down, and you need to replace the spring. You can get the torsion spring in the beauty supply stores or directly from the manufacturer.

Remember that the manufacturer of each iron makes their torsion spring, so before buying, be sure you are buying the best model and the right brand.

The manufacturer has made the right torsion spring. If you need a replacement, you need to do it by the instruction of the manufacturer of the package. You could do it by viewing the video tutorial of the product.

Who Should Buy This Product

If you’re the person who wants to have alternatives, I would certainly recommend this item. I am thinking about getting it for myself since I’ve one curling wand and a single iron. I never actually branched out since I always do my hair the exact same way. It’s sort of difficult to resist wanting to buy it!

There is another fantastic thing about this item. There is no requirement for a drawer filled with curling irons. This contains five interchangeable hair ion barrels in one package. It is much more attractive for someone who shares hair iron and it can impress anyone.

In addition, I think this could be a really fantastic alternative for a school student due to the simple fact that it comes in a simple-to-store-case!

Xtava  Curling Iron and Wand Set

This is certainly a revolutionary product in my view. I just adore the fact that you may have all you need (a curling iron and a curling wand) in 1 product! It’s a very long cord, 9 temperature configurations and also an auto-off feature. It is actually the entire package in a single easy-to-store traveling situation. This is handy!

  • Technology: The Xtava 5 in 1 has exactly the same critical attributes as any other nicely constructed curling wand or iron. It is available in a handy travel case along with the barrels. These barrels are made from ceramic tourmaline – possibly the ideal substance for hair styling tools. Besides, it has a lengthy, detachable cable to provide you with plenty of space to do your own hair.   The unique quality of this merchandise is certainly the fact that it includes 3 curling iron sets for use. Each has one clamp for simple control, and two clampless curling wand attachments. Among those wands is a good diameter and the other one is tapered to be larger in the bottom and smaller in the tip. Each of those attachments fits easily on a single foundation, one at a time. So based on the afternoon, you are able to decide on a different appearance, without needing to plug in numerous irons!
  • Efficiency: This item is flexible and provides you with a lot of alternatives, based upon your hair length, depth or what kind you’re considering the day. This flat iron heats up fast and is ready to work in virtually no time!. The barrels can also be readily interchangeable. But there’s one warning with this nifty choice, DO NOT swap the attachments before it’s COOLED OFF. In the event you decide to be overly fussy , you’ll undoubtedly get burnt.
  • Type of Hair: This is very good for any sort of hair loss. It has 9 different temperature configurations for customized use. I believe it’s important to get temperature choices because when I lived at my parents’ home I used to share my own hair styling tools together with my mother and sister. So we cannot use the exact same temperature for secure and efficient styling.
  • Multiple Hair Benefits: I like the fact that this item is constructed from ceramic and tourmaline. There is not as much damage with this substance than you’d expect from the alternate ceramic or metal coated options. The tourmaline helps frizzy and static hair. However, no matter how good the substances make your hair look, it may do some real harm too.
  • Curling Process: Truly, This is precisely the identical procedure like any other. If you have never curled your hair before, I would advise you to leap on YouTube and view some tutorials. You have a good deal of choices here. The choices are excellent in my view. It just depends upon what look you’re trying for!

Design Flaw: What I saw in other reviews of the item, the tool may find a fairly hot spot near the top. Just watch out for it! It’s easy to prevent cutting your palms if you understand beforehand. Besides, it doesn’t have a trendy suggestion; so it requires a bit more ability to prevent burning your hands or face.

5 minute curls with XTAVA auto curler

Xtava Curling Iron Reviews (FAQs)

Is buying a model with a clamp necessary? 

Yes, it is. The clamp will make it easy for you to hold the curling iron on your hair because it does gets hot while in use due to the heat. Most models come with gloves, but most people prefer to use a clamp.

Can I use an xtava curling iron on any hair?

Yes, you can use the xtava curling iron on any hair. All you need to do is to adjust the barrel size to suit your type of hair.

How long does it take an xtava curling iron to get hot? 

It becomes spontaneously warm in a few milliseconds and gets hot in the next few seconds.

What is the exact temperature the curling iron should reach before I can use it? 

There is no exact temperature the curling iron must reach before you can use it. Once, it gets fairly hot, you can begin to use it. For best use, it should exceed 410°.

Does the texture of the hair determine the length of time the curling iron should be on your hair? 

Yes. For people that have coarse hair, it is recommended that you leave the iron on your head for about ten seconds.

Final Words and Recommendations

Xtava has made some of the best curling irons out there. If it happens that you need your hair to have those lovely curls to look attractive, you can go ahead and purchase any of the products that are in this article on xtava curling iron reviews.

Above all, choose the product that you believe is suitable for your hair needs and not the other way round. Wrongful selection and use could be deadly and may leave your head in perpetual damage.

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